Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 497

Jiang Xin Yan’s face changed, she glared at Xi He: “You mean that I cannot control Mu Chu Cheng?” Xi He smiled: “Ms Jiang, since you understand it, then should I repeat myself?”

Although in front of Mu Chu Cheng, she is quite obedient. Yet she should remember that she is from wealthy family. How can she accept this kind of treatment?

“Xi He, don’t you think too highly about yourself. Let me tell you, Mu Chu Cheng just plays with you. How can he fall in love with you? Also, today I don’t get mad at you because I respect you, but don’t’ respect me. Don’t be surprised if I lose my control.” Jiang Xin Yan pointed at her and said loudly.

Xi He stood up and went to open the door: “Ms Jiang, if you think you will lose your patient, what will happen? I don’t really understand, but I can tell you that I am not in any relationship with Mu Chu Cheng. If you don’t believe it, then no need to ask me? Ms Jiang, it’s not early anymore, we need to rest, please.”

“Okay, very good!” Ms Jiang pointed at Xi He and laughed coldly. She took her bag and wore her high heels to leave.

Xi He smiled at her: “Ms Jiang, take care!”

Jiang Xin Yan just left.

Xi He went back to her room and her smile was gone. She felt so tired.

She took her pajamas and Xi Nuan Nuan. “Nuan Nuan, let’s take a shower.”

“Mama, Auntie Jiang is gone?”


“O.” Xi Nuan Nuan was also very tired. She followed Xi He to get inside. Xi Nuan Nuan was sleepy when Xi He took her out. Xi He placed Xi Nuan Nuan on the bed. Xi Nuan Nuan immediately hugged her little bunny and slept.

Xi He was so panic and closed the door. She came to the living room and took out her cigarette. She smoked it.

She leant on the sofa. She stayed there for a logn time and got up slowly. She tidied up her things and noticed Jiang Xin Yan’s card was there.

She kept the card.

Ten millions……… haha…….

Xi Hang needed to have revision class, she just had weekend holiday in the Saturday evening. Xi He planned to pick Xi Hang to go home.

In the afternoon before that, Xi He took Xi Nuan Nuan to leave from the zoo. Outside the exit room, Xi Nuan Nuan pointed out: “Mama, Uncle Mu come to find us.”

Xi He looked over and noticed that Mu Chu Cheng was on her black Bentley. He didn’t come with his green car anymore.

“Go, let’s go over.”

Originally she wanted to find an opportunity to find Jiang Xin Yan and returned her card. It’s just right that he came to find her.

Xi He held Xi Nuan Nuan and came over. Xi Nuan Nuan came forward and hugged his thigh. Mu Chu Cheng carried her up and she kissed his face: “Uncle Mu, I miss you so much, why don’t you come to find us for such a long time?”

Mu Chu Cheng pinched her little nose: “I am here now.”

“Let’s go, let me take you guys to have afternoon tea.”

Mu Chu Cheng opened the door. He put Xi Nuan Nuan inside. He noticed Xi He was standing there. He smiled: “Get in.”

Xi He just got in.

“Where do you want to have afternoon tea?”

“Uncle Mu, we can just follow you.” Xi Nuan Nuan smiled. Mu Chu Cheng looked at the rear-mirror view. Xi He kept on watching on the window.

At the cafe, Mu Chu Cheng bought her a cake. She just sat down on side to eat it. Xi He looked at Mu Chu Cheng: “I have something to tell you.”

Mu Chu Cheng looked at her: “Say it.”

Xi He took out the card and placed it on the table: “Let me return this to Ms Jiang.”

Mu Chu Cheng’s eyes narrowed: “She looked for you? When did she find you?”

“Two days ago.”

“What did she say?”

“Shouldn’t you know it clearly?” Xi He smiled: “Mr Mu, please can’t you guys not appear in front of us again? Mr Mu, you guys have a great life. I just want a peaceful life. I don’t want to play rich people’s game. I don’t want to join. I hope Mr Mu can understand my intention.”

“What do you mean?”

“Shouldn’t you understand? Since you have fiancee, you should just live with your fiancee. No need to intervene other people’s life, okay?”

“Nuan Nuan, let’s go.”

She said it and wanted to take Xi Nuan Nuan to leave. But Mu Chu Cheng clutched her wrist to stop her.

There’s action provoked a lot of attention. All the people in the coffee looked at them.

Xi He didn’t want to look bad in front of Xi Nuan Nuan, she bit her lips: “Let go.”

Mu Chu Cheng clutched her wrist and took his phone. “Come here to this cafe.”

Xi Nuan Nuan had finished her cake and licked her lips. She watched two adults in front of her. She didn’t know what did they do.

Xi He didn’t do anything, she just glared at Mu Chu Cheng. She couldn’t break free from his grasp.

Very quickly someone got inside the cafe.

It was Ying Tong, Ying Tong came over and noticed Mu Chu Cheng was holding Xi He’s wrist. “Mr Mu

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