Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 496

“In the past you’d eaten together. I’ve also met you and Mu Chu Cheng. It’s not hard to know your name.” Chen Xian Fei said.

“Today you came to me to tell me about their relationship?”

“Ms Jiang, your boyfriend and my wife have an affair, don’t you care?”

Jiang Xin Yan was worried about this, how can she not care about it. But she just showed her expressionless face: “Mr Chen, did you see it by yourself? Perhaps they are just ordinary friends?”

“Hah, ordinary friends?” Chen Xian Fei’s laughed coldly: “Even though you hit me to death, I will not believe it. I think Ms Jiang is a smart one, you will not just believe it. If not, how can you show your worried face?”

Jiang Xin Yan touched her face and pursed her lips: “Mu Chu Cheng has a lot of women indeed.”

“But Xi He is not ordinary woman. You need to be careful. Don’t you regret it if Xi He successfully make him fall in love with her.”

“But I cannot see what’s so special about her.”

“Ms Jiang you should do as you see fit. You also don’t hope that your man falls in love with another woman. I also wish that my wife can stay by my side, perhaps we can work something out, what do you think?”

Jiang Xin Yan looked at him. “Mr Chen, you can leave me your contact details, if there’s anything, I will contact you.”

Chen Xian Fei noticed that Jiang Xin Yan started to believe his words. He wrote down his contact detail: “If there’s anything please contact me as soon as possible, don’t be too modest.”

Jiang Xin Yan kept the paper and watched Chen Xian Fei leave. She then dialed a number: “It’s me, help me to check on someone.”

Xi He got off the work and went to train station. Suddenly a car stopped in front of her. She just stopped.

The window’s of the white car lowered down, it showed Jiang Xin Yan’s beautiful face. She was wearing a sunglasses: “Ms Xi, are you getting off work? Let’s find some place and have a chat?”

Xi He smiled: “I’m sorry, Ms Jiang. I have no time, I need to pick my daughter up.”

“Ms Xi, I can send you to the kindergarten.”

“I accept your good intention, but no need.” Xi He kept on being polite and just walked away.

She could guess what would Jiang Xin Yan talk t her.

She picked XI Nuan Nuan from the kindergarten and went to the market to buy some ingredients. Now there’s no Chen Xian Fei and his mother. Xi Hang was also in school. There’s only Xi He and Xi Nuan Nuan. She just wanted to cook simple dishes.

She went to go to the market to buy vegetables, Xi He and and Xi Nuan Nuan came home in the late afternoon. Xi Nuan Nuan sang the songs that taught in the kindergarten.

Xi He cheered on her and clapped for her.

“Mama, I can sing very well. In the future, I will be a singer.”

“Okay, if you have ability, you can be one.” XI He held her hand and got inside the elevator.

Xi He didn’t expect that Jiang Xin Yan to be able find her to her house. Xi He just came forward and asked Xi Nuan Nuan to call her: “Nuan Nuan, this is Auntie Jiang, greet her.”

Xi Nuan Nuan immediately greeted her politely: “Hi, Auntie.”

Jiang Xin Yan was just twenty four years old, she is not used to be call auntie. But she just hold it because Xi Nuan Nuan was just four years old girl: “Nuan Nuan, hi.”

XI He took out her keys: “Ms Jiang, come inside.”

Xi Nuan Nuan always be mature girl, she took Jiang Xin Yan to get in to the apartment: “Auntie, come inside.”

Jiang Xin Yan came inside and sat down on the sofa. She examined the house. The house was simple.

Xi He poured a glass of water to Jiang Xin Yan: “Ms Jiang, drink some water please.”

“Thank you.”

“If Ms Jiang doesn’t mind, tonight you can stay and eat.”

“I will not disturb you.”

“No, it’s okay. It’s just two of us.”

Jiang Xin Yan wanted to ask her about Chen Xian Fei, she just kept to herself: “Sorry to trouble you.”

Xi He noticed Jiang Xin Yan’s disgusting expression.

After the dinner, Xi He asked Xi Nuan Nuan to the room to draw. They sat down on the sofa: “Ms Jiang, what do you want?”

Jiang Xin Yan didn’t drink any water, she said: “I want to ask what are your relationship with my fiancee?”

“We’re just ordinary friends, will you believe?” Xi He smiled.

Jiang Xin Yan didn’t say anything, Xi He arranged her hair and smiled.

Xi He said again: “See, you don’t believe me, since you don’t believe me, don’t why should you aske me?”

“Are you having affair with him?”

“Yes,” Xi He nodded “I don’t know how many time have we slept together.”

Jiang Xin Yan laughed coldly: “If I don’t remember wrongly, Ms Xi seems to be married woman? You have husband right? How can you do something wrongfully toward your husband? You are having an affair.”

“Ms Jiang checked on me?” Xi He smiled: “I don’t feel sorry toward anyone. Of course, I don’t need to explain to you. Ms Jiang just needs to tell me why do you come here. It’s not early anymore, my daughter need to take shower and sleep. I don’t have a long time to chat with you.”

“Okay. Let’s just take straightly.” Jiang Xin Yan nodded and took a card: “Don’t show up again in front of Mu Chu Cheng.”

Xi He took the credit card and swayed it several times: “In Ms Jiang’s eyes, how much Mr Mu worth?”

“He is a priceless treasure.”

“Since he is a priceless treasure, then why should you take a card to kick me out?”

“Inside there’s ten million.”

“O.” Xi He smiled brightly: “Ms Jiang is really great. Let me thank you. But you have free time, why don’t you mind your man? If you can handle him, why should you afraid that he will find another woman?”


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