Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 495

Jiang Xin Yan also didn’t know what happened to herself. Since she met Xi He that day, all day her heart cannot be relieved.

Mu Chu Cheng wasn’t a man that keep himself pure. In the past, she knows that he had a lot of women and she never cares about it. But today when she met Xi He, she felt so panic about it….

Actually thinking carefully about it, Xi He isn’t someone that is so special, she is just a bit beautiful?

Xi He is just an ordinary woman compared to those women that existed around Mu Chu Cheng.

Jiang Xin Yan sat down on the sofa inside Mu Chu Cheng’s apartment. Mu Chu Cheng was taking his shower. She heard the shower stopped and thought about something. She walked toward the bathroom barefooted.

The door was unlocked, she pushed the door and got inside.

Mu Chu Cheng’s back was facing her. His muscle is so enchanting and manly.

Jiang Xin Yan came over and hugged him fro behind. Her hands started to lower down….

Mu Chu Cheng turned off the tap and looked at her hands. She stood tip-toe and talked on her ear: “A Cheng….”

How can Mu Chu Cheng not notice her intention, it’s just he has no feeling toward her. He pushed ehr hand away and took the towel to wipe his body. He was cold toward her. He wrapped his lower part with the towel.

Jiang Xin Yan noticed her expressionless and be furious. She bit her red lips: “A Cheng!”

Mu Chu Cheng ignored her and just wiped his hair with another towel and left. Looking at this situation, Jiang Xin Yan started to be very angry but she knew she could explode it.

She followed him and noticed Mu Chu Cheng changed into his casual clothes. She noticed scars on his back. He also has on his heart position because of his previous heart surgery.

Jiang Xin Yan came over and touched his scar and lowered her head to kiss it: “A Cheng….”

A woman’s initiative to take action, it expressed clearly about her intention. She couldn’t believe that Mu Chu Cheng doesn’t understand it?

Mu Chu Cheng just turned his body and carried her up. She was happy and started to hug his neck, she smiled so brightly.

Mu Chu Cheng clutched her chin: “You want it?”

She nodded and moved closer to his chest. She thought that Mu Chu Cheng will carry her to the bed but he unexpectedly took her out to the door. He let her go and smiled: “I have no interest right now, goodnight.”

He said it and closed the door. He also locked it.

Jiang Xin Yan was stupefied and just stood there for a while!

How can this be? How can Mu Chu Cheng has no interest?

She was so furious and kicked the door. She went back to her room.

Jiang Xin Yan came to An City for Mu Chu Cheng, she had nothing to do here. So this time at three o’clock in the afternoon. It should be still working time for some people, but she just sat down on the cafe and had her afternoon tea.

Jiang Xin Yan is a daughter of wealthy family, wherever she goes, there will be few people that came by and tried to flattering and fawning over her. So the first time she came to An CIty, she quickly got some friends.

Now she was having afternoon tea with two other daughters of wealthy family, though their status cannot be compared to her. They accompanied her to go shopping and eating.

Jiang Xin Yan found it quite happy thing to do, but after meeting Xi He, her mind was full of Xi He, she felt worried.

That two women looked at her and frowned. One of the asked: “Xin Yan, what happened?”

Jiang Xin yan looked at them, she felt it’s useless to chat with them so she just took a gulp of her lemon tea and said: “Nothing.”

“Xin Yan, if you have some problems, no need to hide it. Although we just know each other but we can be familiar at the first sight? Now we are good friends, you don’t need to hide things from us? Is it Mr Mu?”

Jiang Xin Yan frowned.

Looking at her reaction, they both knew that they guessed it right: “Indeed it is Mr Mu? Is Mr Mu getting close to a new woman? Honestly, a good man as Mr Mu, it’s not strange that he has a lot of women, but at least you are his fiancee, what’s the point of caring for other women?”

Jiang Xin Yan noticed the brightness of their eyes when they mentioned about Mu Chu Cheng. This made her even more worried. She pointed at the door: “You both just go away!”

Both of the women were startled, they were just having a good shopping and stroll, now she started to become hostile. “Xin Yan!”

“Go away!”

Both of them just left.

After they left, someone sat down in front of Jiang Xin Yan.

“Are you blind? Who asked you to sit down there?”

“Ms Jiang, Hi.”

Jiang Xin Yan noticed it was a male, she raised her head and looked at the refined man in front of her: “Who are you?”

“My name is Chen Xian Fei, Xi He’s husband.”

“Xi He?” Jiang Xin Yan looked at him: “you are her husband? You are married?”

“Looking at Ms Jiang’s response, it seems that you’ve met Xi He.” Chen Xian Fei smiled: “Right, Xi He is married. She has also four years old daughter. Today I come to find you to talk to you about Xi He and Mu Chu Cheng’s problems. But it seems that you’ve met Xi He.”

Jiang Xin Yan asked: “How do you know my family name is Jiang? Also how do you know that I am connected with Mu Chu Cheng


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