Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 489

Mu Chu Cheng took her to a corner and raised her chin high. He let her to see him.

“Mu Chu Cheng……” She swallowed her saliva.

Mu Chu Cheng lowered his mouth and bit her lips. She frowned in pain. It’s too sudden that she screamed.

It’s too surprising that two women came over and knocked the door: “What happened inside?”

Xi He bit her lips. She said: “It’s nothing, I just saw a cockroach.”

“It shouldn’t be any, this is five-star hotel.” A woman immediately said loudly.

“Yes, it’s a high class hotel.”

“Let’s go.”

They both said it and left.

Xi He breathed loudly. It’s hard to endure. She pushed him away: “Move away!”

But Mu Chu Cheng stood still and didn’t let her leave.

Xi He’s phone rang at thsi time. She took it from her bag. It’s a call from Huo Si Che. Supposedly he wanted to know where she was.

Xi He answered: “Chief Huo.”

“Xi He, where are you? Why haven’t you come back? Is there something happen?”

Xi He hadn’t answered it and suddenly Mu Chu Cheng hugged her shoulder and placed his face on her neck. He kissed her lips too when she was unaware.

Huo Si Che noticed something was wrong: “Xi He, what happened? Xi He?!”

Xi He poked Mu Chu Cheng’s chest and the phone fell to the ground. But she couldn’t break free from Mu Chu Cheng.

That man is too strong.

Huo Si Che kept on calling her: “Xi He? Xi He!”

Mu Chu Cheng let her go. One of his hand gagged her so she act carelessly. One of his hand snatched the phone away and smiled: “She is with me. We, a man and a woman, are in a small narrow toilet cubicle. Tell me what are we doing? Mr Huo.”

“Who are you?” Huo Si Che asked coldly.

“Mu Chu Cheng.”

Mu Chu Cheng said it and hung up. Xi He snatched her phone away and glared at her: “Mu Chu Cheng, you are too much!”

Mu Chu Cheng clutched her face: “For what?”

“Dammit, why should you mind me? What’s your right? Why should you do this to me?!”

“Just because I like you.”

Xi He laughed coldly: “You like me so I need to like you? Mu Chu Cheng, perhaps you are too good. But not everyone will like you. I don’t want to have any relation with you so please stay far away from me. Don’t appear in front of me okay?”

She said it then pushed him away. She opened the door. But Mu Chu Cheng pulled her back. This time he carried her up and separated her legs. He placed her on his waist. He pressed her back on the wall

“Mu Chu Cheng!” Xi He yelled; “let me go!”

“Let you go?” Mu Chu Cheng smiled: “Xi He, I’ve been playing with you for too long. I don’t have any patience anymore…”

Xi He bit her lips and glared at him: “Mu Chu Cheng, you promised me that you will not force me! Why don’t you keep your words!”

Mu Chu Cheng laughed and looked at her: “Xi He, should I regard you as too naive? Or too stupid? I like a girl, except I have no interest to her, do you think I will let her go?”

“Even though you need to force her, you will not let her go?”

“So what?”

“A man like Mr Mu, why should you use force?”

“For you, I don’t mind.” Mu Chu Cheng stroked her face.

Xi He wanted to avoid his touch. Her breath quicken. Her hair was in a mess: “Mu Chu Cheng, don’t you act recklessly. You need to think carefully what this place is!”

“It’s a female restroom.” Mu Chu Cheng said it calmly: “If you cannot control it then you can just scream, I dont’ really care if anyone comes.”

She bit her lips and said lowly: “Mu Chu Cheng, don’t be too over.”

Mu Chu Cheng looked at her face. Her phone rang again.

Mu Chu Cheng took the phone and let her answer it: “Xi He, where are you? What happened? Are you really be together with Mu Chu Cheng? Let me find you now.”

Xi He heard it and just be quiet because this time, someone got inside the restroom.

Mu Chu Cheng took the phone and pushed her back again to the wall.

Xi He couldn’t endure it anymore, she made a certain noise. The call was still connected.

Xi He noticed that a person got inside the restroom left.

Xi He hurriedly said to the phone: “Chief Huo, I’m okay. I will call you later.”

Mu Chu Cheng smiled and said: “guess, whether he heard it or not.”

Xi He said: “Mu Chu Cheng!”

Then suddenly the clothes were tore.

She glared and stared blankly at the man in front of her.

She planned to return this clothes to Huo Si Che, now it’s broken…

The important thing, how can she leave this restroom in the torn clothes…… she didn’t respond for some time because of thinking…

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