Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 487

Xi He returned to her office room. Chen Xiao Lin immediately came over: “How is it? What is he looking for you for?”

“He asked me to accompany him out to join a banquet.”

Chen Xiao Lin sympathized with her: “It seems the big bad wolf starts to act, he wants to eat the little white bunny….”

Xi He laughed coldly: “Don’t let my thorn get to him!”

“Xiao Lin, tonight please help me to pick Nuan Nuan up. After the banquet I will pick her up at your place.”

Chen Xiao Lin waved her hand and smile: “Okay, you don’t have a car, why should you run to my place? It’ll be troublesome. When you are done just give me a call, I will send Nuan Nuan back to your place.”

Xi He nodded and felt grateful: “Thank you.”

“Why are you so modest to me!”

Chen Xiao Lin finished her words and went back to her cubicle. Xi He gave a call to the kindergarten teacher. She told her that Chen Xiao Lin will pick Nuan Nuan up. She asked the teacher to talk with Xi Nuan Nuan.

Xi Nuan Nuan is quite close with Chen Xiao Lin so Xi Nuan Nuan just agreed: “Mama, I know. I will wait for you to come home to pick me up.”

The time to get off the work, everyone left. Xi He waited at the office room for Huo Si Che.

Finally Huo Si Che came down after everyone was left. Because Xi He was tired, she fell asleep on her desk.

In her sleep, she felt someone stroked her face. She immediately stood up and looked that Huo Si Che was in front of her. He looked at her with his joking expression.

Xi He frowned.

“Chief Huo, what were you doing before?”

Ho Si Che pointed at her face: “Your hair got inside you mouth.”

“Then let me thank you.”

Xi He laughed coldly inside her heart. Why should he touch her face if it’s only her hair?

Huo Si Che nodded and took Xi He’s bag: “Let’s go.”

Xi He wore her coat and paced forward. She took her bag from his hand: “Thank you Chief Huo, I can bring my own bag.”

Huo Si Che glanced at her and didn’t say anythign.

Is she purposely making a distance from him, how can he not see it clearly?

At first their relationship is normal, it’s just about work. Now Xi He sat on his car, Xi He just stayed quite and looked at the window.

The car stopped and she looked outside. Huo Si Che stopped in front of an expensive clothes store. She was startled. Huo Si Che got off the car and opened her door: “Get off.”

Xi He got off the car and looked around: “Chief Hou, this is?”

Huo Si Che examined her body: “you will wear this kind of clothes to the banquet?”

Xi He looked at herself, this is her work clothes. She didn’t find it’ll be a problem. Huo Si Che just got inside the store: “Let’s get in.”

Xi He understood that Huo Si Che planned to buy her clothes. She didn’t want it but she understood that Huo Si Che wouldn’t let her work clothes to the banquet.

In this kind of business banquet, there would be a lot of celebrities, models. Today as his companion, he surely wouldn’t let Xi He embarrassed him.

Xi He frowned and got in. Actually she felt complicated. First, she didn’t want Huo Si Che to buy clothes for her. Second, she didn’t want to waste her money for that kind of one-time clothes!

Huo Si Che didn’t mind her, he chose clothes for her. At last he chose a gold clothes and passed it to her: “Your skin is white, it’s good to wear this one.”

Xi He looked at it and didn’t take it: “Chief Huo, should I wear this kind of clothes?”

“If you wear your own clothes, you will embarrass whole Huo company.” He said: “You are representative of our company too. What are you worrying about that I buy you a cloth?”

Xi He nodded: “Right>”

She didn’t want to waste her money. She also didn’t want him to spend money on her. She decided to return the clothes after.

She didn’t take the clothes. She just took a simple black dress: “Just this one.”

She searched for the fit size and changed it. She put her work clothes on the plastic.

Huo Si Che felt uncomfortable with her action but he didn’t say anything, he just took out his credit card to pay it.

“You also need to do your makeup.”

Xi He thought that he will take her to a makeup store so sh said: “No need, I have it.”

She only wears simple makeup for work, she just needed to redo it now. She took out her foundation and lipstick and did it. The time she finished, the car had arrived in front of five-star hotel.

Tonight it was a charitable banquet.

Someone came over and opened their door: “Mr Huo.”

Huo Si Che nodded. Xi He got off the car. Huo Si Che signaled Xi He to wrap his arm with his eyes. She knew that she should do it in this occasion.

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