Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 486

Xi He went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. She took out a slice of strawberry cake roll. She put the fork on the top of the plate and took it to Xi Nuan Nuan: “Eat it here, eat it slowly…”

“I will, Mama!”

Xi He didn’t want her to see Mu Chu Cheng’s wound. She took a first aid kit.

The time she went over, Mu Chu Cheng was standing up. “Come over.”

Mu Chu Cheng went to sit down beside Xi He.

“Give me your left hand to me.”

Mu Chu Cheng gave it. Xi He helped him to take care of his wound.

Mu Chu Cheng kept on watching her expression, he enjoyed it.

“Xi He, it’s such a waste that you didn’t become a doctor.”

“In the past I really wanted to become one.”

“Then why didn’t you? Why did you become a secretary?”

Xi He pursed her lips: “That time I wanted to become one because I wanted to take care of someone, he had wounded for several times…”

“Who is it?”

Xi He raised her head and said nothing.

“Is it Nuan Nuan’s Papa? Nuan Nuan’s Papa is not that Chen? Xi He, I am right?”

Xi He didn’t say anythign.

“You keep on waiting for him? Where is he?”

She already done with his wound and let his hand go: “okay, remember that in the next three days, you shouldn’t wet this one.”

“Don’t shift the topic.” Mu Chu Cheng clutched her wrist.

Xi He looked at him: “Mr Mu, don’t you mind too much. It’s my private matter.”

She said it and moved his hand away. She took the first aid kit and stood up.

She could feel that Mu Chu Cheng kept on watching her.

Mu Chu Cheng said that he was in An City because of work, he even bought a house there. He bought a hosue that he could move right away with just his suitcase.

Xi He didn’t know what kind of work he had. He would be busy for several days and didn’t meet or look for her. But the time he appeared, it will be noiselessly. He could appear the time she go to pick Xi Nuan Nuan up, or the time she went to the market. Anyway, he could appear anytime and anywhere he wanted. As long he was happy.

Xi He really wanted to move away!

This moment she was in her office. She put her pen down and rubbed her tired eyes.

Chen Xiao Lin knocked on her table: “What happened to you? I noticed that you are daydreaming in quite sometime.”

Xi He shook her head.

“Is it Chen Xian Fei? Chen Xian Fei came and harrassed you?”

“No.” That day both mother and son went out, Xi He really asked a locksmith to change all the lock. She thought that she will get back her quite life, but she overlooked that Mu Chu Cheng.

“What are you thinking?”

Xi He looked at Chen Xiao Lin and sighed. She didn’t know whether she should share it or not.

“There’s a bit of problem. Oh right, you’re looking for me?”

Chen Xiao Lin looked around for a while and lowered her head to talk on her ear: “It’s Chief Huo, he is looking for you.”

Xi He was startled for a while, couldn’t that Huo Si Che just call her, why should he ask Chen Xiao Lin to find her….”

Chen Xiao Lin knew that Huo Si Che had some feelings for Xi He. She patted Xi He’s shoulder: “Be careful.”

Xi He laughed: “He can eat me out?”

“Ay, don’t say it. I always notice that he wants it. Just watch it. The time he has his chance, he will!”

Xi He stood up: “I’ll not chat with you any longer. I’ll go first.”

“Be careful, white bunny.”

“Go away!”

Xi He took elevator to the top floor of Huo Si Che’s office.

Xi He knocked on the door: “Chief Huo, you are looking at me.”

Huo Si Che put down his pen and looked at her: “come inside.”

Xi He nodded and stood in front of her: “Chief Huo, what is it?”

“Tonight accompany me to a banquet.”

Xi He smiled and wanted to refuse: “Chief Huo, this is regarding company’s responsibility.”

Huo Si Che looked at her: “it’s regarding one of our project.”

“Shouldn’t you take Mrs Huo? It’s her duty.”

“Xi He, my wife doesn’t like that kind of occasion. It also the work’s order. You as my secretary, shouldn’t you appear with me too. It’s part of your job!”

Xi He bit her lips and be silent.

She understood it clearly that she was afraid to lose this job. Job isn’t easy to find.

She wasn’t willing to accompany him./

“Is there anymore problem?”

Xi He shook her head: “No.”

“Then go out. Get ready after you get off the work. We will take my car.”


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