Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 484

After last night Xi He already be decisive that she couldn’t tolerate both Zhou Zhen and Chen Xian Fei anymore. Who dares to hurt her daughter, she will fight them.

Chen Xian Fei had harmed Xi Nuan Nuan, Xi He felt heartbroken for Xi Nuan Nuan. She was the one that gave birth to her, and raised her up. How can she tolerate this incident?

Even though Chen Xian Fei once rescued them and Xi He felt selfish because of it, but she couldn’t let this keep on going.

She wants to protect her beloved ones. She doesn’t care about anything else.

“Because this is my house. It’s my right.”

“Xi He, how can you be so ruthless?” Chen Xian Fei asked.

“Go out!” Xi He typed the police number: “Will you go or not?”

Chen Xian Fei and Zhou Zhen were reluctant. Zhou Zhen isn’t a daring person, she is quite coward. She was afraid that Xi He recorded their conversation. Moreover, Xi He also could do martial art. She and Chen Xian Fei couldn’t fight her.

“Xian Fei, let’s go.”

“Go back to your rooms and tidy up your things, I give you twenty minutes. After twenty minutes, I don’t want to see you again. Before you go, leave your keys on the table.”

Zhou Zhen’s face completely changed and just looked at Xi He.

Xi He laughed coldly: “Go please.”

In the twenty minutes, Xi He didn’t do anything, she just waited in the sofa for them to pack up.

He never expected that one day Xi He would drive out both of him and his mother with nothing but the clothes they have on. He felt ashamed.

Zhou Zhen came over to his room and looked that Chen Xian Fei was sitting on his bed.

Zhou Zhen urged him: “Xian Fei, let’s go. It’s for the best.”

“Ma, I don’t willing to accept it.”

“Me too!” Zhou Zhen bit her lips: “but what can we do? We should go out first.”

“Ma, I cannot accept that she can be so ruthless to me? I never forget her for so many years, but she never love me!”

“You are really immature! There’s a lot of women outside, why should you longing to just one? It’s good for you to divorce her now. You should ask her for half of the house! Now we should go…”

Then they came out. Xi He waited outside.

“Key.” Xi He knocked on the door.

“You are really ruthless!”

When they left, Xi He took out her phone and looked at it. Actually how can she record it? She just wanted to scare the moff.

Xi He then called Chen Xiao Lin and let her helped her to take a day off.

Chen Xiao Lin asked confusedly: “What is it?”

“Nuan Nuan is in trouble.”

“What is it? Is it serious? Is it flue?”

“No.” Xi He retold the simple version of what happened last night. Chen Xiao Lin was furious: “Chen Xian Fei, is he a man? Xi He, you need to divorce him immediately, why should you let that kind of man stay!”

“Let’s not discuss this first. I already kicked both of them out. Do you know any locksmith?”

“You want them to unable to get inside forever. Xi He, it’s great!” Chen Xiao Lin laughed: “But I don’t know one, but my mother-in-law should know. Later on I will ask her and tell you.”

“Okay, sorry to trouble you.”

Xi He hung up and went to her room to take a bath and change her colthes.

Xi Nuan Nuan supposedly would stay in the hospital for two days. Xi He tidied her clothes and came back to the hospital.

She went to the breakfast restaurant first to buy some breakfast. Xi He called Mu Chu Cheng: “What do you want to it?”

Mu Chu Cheng said directly: “Your cooking.”

“….. I didn’t cook….”

“You are home for so long and you are not cooking?”

“I kicked both Chen Xian Fei and his mother out, so it takes a lot of tiem.”

Mu Chu Cheng laughed “Then in the future, wouldn’t it be inconvenient for us?”

“Mr Mu, what are you thinking of?” Xi He cut him off: “What do you want to eat?”

“Just coffee.”

Just coffee in the morning?

Xi He hung up and frowned. She bought soy milks, fried dumplings, and also Xi Nuan Nuan’s favorite steamed dumpling.

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