Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 482

The ambulance came quickly. Xi Nuan Nuan was taken to the hospital. She kept on clutching her hand and followed her.

Xi Nuan Nuan was sent to the operation so Xi He was stopped outside the door. She couldn’t get in, she could just wait outside.

Her phone rang this time, she took it out and noticed it was a call from Mu Chu Cheng. She didn’t have heart to answer it so she just denied it. Mu Chu Cheng called again so she just directly turned it off.

Xi He couldn’t sit still now. She walked around the front of the operation room. She thinks that she will just kill Chen Xian Fei.

She waited lonely outside the operation door.

Xi Hang was at school. She couldn’t call her because it’ll make her worried.

Chen Xiao Lin was also in vacations.

Su Ran was also busy for Song Ting Yu’s matter. Xi He couldn’t call her.

She sat down again and covered her face with her hands. She felt so sad. After a while, she heard steps. She noticed that man came toward her.

Mu Chu Cheng sat down beside her.

“Are you stupid?” Mu Chu Cheng pinched her face.

Xi He regained herself: “How can you know that I’m here?”

“Is it hard to know where are you?”

Xi He couldn’t say anything else. Mu Chu Cheng just sat there and watched her. He noticed the fragility in her. She always a hard and stubborn woman, but she also has the fragile side.

Mu Chu Cheng just hug her shoulder without saying anything. He pressed her head to lean down on his shoulder.

In the beginning Xi He refused and struggled but Mu Chu Cheng didn’t let her go. “You should be tired just lean on my shoulder for a while.”

Xi He didn’t move again.

She leant on his wide shoulder and watched the door.

Mu Chu Cheng felt his back of hand was wet. He looked at her and noticed teas in her face. He wiped her face and said simple words: “Nuan Nuan will be okay.”

Xi He nodded. Actually this moment she is happy that Mu Chu Cheng comes, Xi Nuan Nuan is his daughter. Though he didn’t know it but the time Xi Nuan Nuan was in accident, he could come. She’s really happy.

They both waited for a long time. Finally the door was opened. Xi He immediately stood up and paced forward: “Doctor, how is my daughter?”

“How can you be so careless? There’s a hole in your daughter’s forehead. It’s deep and bled a lot. Now it’s treated and the bleeding had stopped. In the future, you need to be careful.” The old daughter sighed. “Now how can young parents not able to take care of kid….”

He said it and left.

Xi Nuan Nuan was pushed out. Her eyes were close, her face was paled. Xi He followed her to the sickroom. She felt so heartbroken for her daughter.

She covered Xi Nuan Nuan with blanket and touched her wounded forehead. She noticed Mu Chu Cheng was still there.

“Why aren’t you leaving?”

Mu Chu Cheng frowned and sat down on the sofa: “Aren’t you staying to take care of Nuan Nuan?”

Xi He nodded.

“I also stay here….”

“No need.” She said: “No need to trouble you. Nuan Nuan is okay now. It’s late, you should go back and rest.”

Mu Chu Cheng yawned and just laid down on the sofa. He is tall so the sofa couldn’t accommodate him well.

“It’s late. Don’t disturb me. There’s a bed there, you can sleep there.”

Xi He: “……”

She just went there to sleep. She couldn’t’ sleep so she just took a chair and sat down beside the bed.

It’s getting really late, but Xi He still couldn’t sleep but Mu Chu Cheng had slept deeply. She came over to see him. She noticed one of his leg fell to the ground. She raised it and put it on the sofa. She took his coat that he took off before to cover him. The night was quite cold and this man just slept o the sofa.

She let him to go home, but he didn’t want. She was helpless!

After she covered him, Xi He wanted to leave but her wrist suddenly clutched.

She was surprised and thought he wasn’t sleeping. She lowered her head to see his face, his eyes were closed.

She used her other hand to move his hand away but his grasp is strong. She couldn’t get free.

She heard that Mu Chu Cheng said something. She tried to hear it clearly.

She heard that Mu Chu Cheng said: “Because your chest is small…..”

These words are too familiar!

Xi He was furious that she blushed. She didn’t expect that this man still remembered those moment. In his dream, he also loathed her chest to be small.

She was so angry that she didn’t care anymore and tried to sway it away. It disturbed Mu Chu Cheng’s sleep. He reacted fast when he noticed that Xi He was beside him. He hugged her and pressed her down on the sofa.

Xi He yelled, Mu Chu Cheng covered her lip: “Lower your voice, you want to disturb Nuan Nuan?’

Xi He pushed his chest. She glared at him to tell him to let her go.

He smiled: “Let me kiss you then perhaps I will let you go.”

Xi He wasn’t willing and kicked him ruthlessly. But this man’s response was so quick. Her kick was taught by him, how can she attack him?!

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