Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 481

Xi Nuan Nuan was surprised with it, she didn’t even call him. Her little hand just cluthced Xi He’s hand and followed her to leave.

On the way home, Xi Nuan Nuan was so sleepy. Mu Chu Cheng passed his coat from the passenger seat to Xi He: “Cover Xi Nuan Nuan.”

“Thank you.” Today Xi He only wore a sweater, she didn’t wear any clothes. The restaurant was quite far from her house. She worried that Xi Nuan Nuan will be cold, it’s good that Xi Nuan Nuan had Mu Chu Cheng’s coat.

Without Xi Nuan Nuan’s chatter, the car was so silent. Xi He broke the silence: “Mr Mu, why do you come to An city again?”

“You don’t welcome me?”

Xi He smiled: “Mr Mu is joking, An City is not mine. It’s not up to me.”

It’s the red light, Mu Chu Cheng stopped the car and turned his head to see her: “Of course because I am not willing to separate with you so I come again.”

The light turned green so he started to move his car again.

Xi He’s heart roared because of his words.

This time meeting him again in An City, she just felt it was too complicated and in a mess……

She really didn’t know if this keeps on going, what would that old Madame Mu do….

She really didn’t want to leave An city.

It’s so hard for her to be a new life. She has work here. If she leaves, she needs to start over.

This time Xi He didn’t let Mu Chu Cheng to get in the apartment complex gate. She just let him to stop in the front. She carried Xi Nuan Nuan to leave.

Mu Chu Cheng wanted to help her but she refused: “I can do it by myself.”

Mu Chu Cheng frowned at her: “Xi He, you are really afraid of me?”

Xi He said: “no.”

She said it and left him. She said before she left: “Mr Mu, in the future please don’t look for me again. Also don’t appear in front of me. Mr Mu, you are too flamboyant and high-profile, I just want my simple life.”

“Whether I want to look for you or not, it’s my own problem, do you think your words are powerful?”

Xi He: “……”

She was so angry that she bit her lips and paced quickly.

Inside the apartment, she placed Xi Nuan Nuan on the sofa. She wanted to give her a glass of water to drink. When she came to the kitchen, she felt a sound.

The time she came out with a water of glass. Chen Xian Fei was home.

Chen Xian Fei just looked at her expressionless.

She knew that he went back because he saw her and Mu Chu Cheng.

Chen Xian Fei really thought he is Xi He’s husband so he was possessive to her, but Xi He cannot accept it!

They were just couple in legal view, but they didn’t have any connection. They even kicked her and Xi Hang out five years ago. They left and moved to An City. Now with their good life, they wanted to join them. If they could just live peacefully without disturbing her, she will just accept it and be fine with them want to live here.

But she really hates that every day she needs to face with fighting.

Chen Xian Fei asked: “You just go back after dinner? You don’t check in to a hotel?”

Xi He just regarded him as a crazy one and didn’t want to mind him. She took the glass to Xi Nuan Nuan and carried her. She wanted to go back to the bedroom.

Chen Xian Fei noticed the male suit on Xi Nuan Nuan’s body. He was so furious and suddenly pulled that suit.

Because of the movement and noise, Xi Nuan Nuan woke up.


“It’s okay. Nuan Nuan.” Xi He kissed her face and glared at Chen Xian Fei: “What crazy act are you doing?!”

Chen Xian Fei was a bit drunk.

Xi He knew that Xi Nuan Nuan was really sleepy, she stroked Xi Nuan Nuan’s face: “Nuan Nuan, let Mama take you to the room to sleep.”

Looking that how Xi He treated him like an invisible one, Chen Xian Fei was extremely angry and dragged her back. With her carrying Xi Nuan Nuan, she cannot find a balance. Both of their body swayed and Xi Nuan Nuan bumped into a table. Blood seeped out from her forehead.

Xi He was overwhelmed with terror and came over: “Nuan Nuan!”

She hurriedly looked for first aid kid and helped to wrap the wound. She felt her hand was trembling.

Xi Nuan Nuan called her weakly: “Mama……” Then she fainted.

Xi He took her phone and called the police.

Zhou Zhen came out because of the noise and looked at the scene. She was startled and stood there.

Chen Xian Fei didn’t expect this to happen, he bowed down and wanted to touch Xi Nuan Nuan. Xi He glared at him: “Don’t touch her!”

Chen Xian Fei was shocked: “Xi He, I don’t do it in purpose…”

Zhou Zhen came over and asked; “What did happen?”

Xi He lost her control and took things from the table and threw it at them. She threw it all to them. Her eyes were red: “Go away all of you, go away right now! If not I’ll call the police, go away!”

It scared ZhoU Zhen and pulled Chen Xian Fei: “Xian Fei, let’s go.”

Chen Xian Fei didn’t want to leave, but Xi He was emotional now. She kept on throwing things at him. He left with Zhou Zhen.


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