Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 480

“What is mutual sensitivity?”

Xi Nuan Nuan is really a talkative kid, Xi He tried to stop her: “Nuan Nuan, Uncle Mu is driving, don’t you disturb him. He needs to concentrate. Sit down well. If not I will punish you to not be able to eat cake for a week.”

“A……!” Xi Nuan Nuan’s eyes turned big. She was worried that she will not able to eat cake for a week, it’s make life hard for her. She immediately covered her mouth and sat down well beside Xi he. She sticked her face close to Xi He’s arm : “Mama I will not say anything more.”

“Good.” Xi He stroked her hair and looked at the window, she noticed it’s not the way back home: “Mr Mu, you take the wrong road.”

Last time it was the first time Mu Chu Cheng came to An City, this should be his second one. It’s no wonder he was unfamiliar with the road.

“No mistake.”

“……. the road to my home is not this one.”

“Who tell you that I will take yopu home? I will take you guys out for a meal.” Mu Chu Cheng said it and turned his head to see Xi Nuan Nuan: “Nuan Nuan, eat with me okay?”

Xi Nuan Nuan is already immersed in Mu Chu Cheng’s charm. No matter what Mu Chu Cheng did, she always nods.

So without Xi He’s approval, she just nodded: “Okay.”

Xi He refused: “Thank you for Mr Mu’s good intention, it’s better for two of us to just go home and have dinner at home.”

“Xi He, last time I helped Nuan Nuan, you promised that if you have a chance you will treat me a meal…” Mu Chu Cheng reminded her.

“….. I treated you a meal at home last time……”

“I helped you to find your kid, you just used one meal to repay me?”

“…….” Xi He tried hard to control herself’ “Then Mr Mu, what do you want to eat, I will treat you.”

“You are the expert of An City, you arrange it, I will just drive.”

Xi He thought abut it and said a restaurant name. Mu Chu Chen just typed it on the GPS and let the GPS guided him.

Since Xi Nuan Nuan met Mu Chu Cheng, it’s clear that Xi Nuan Nuan regarded her as invisible. In her eyes, she only has Mu Chu Cheng, she just followed him everywhere.

Xi He chose a restaurant, it is a restaurant that she frequently visited. She knows it’s not too expensive but the food is good.

Mu Chu Cheng looked at the menu and frowned: “Xi He, you are really stingy.”

Xi He didn’t mind it: “Mr Mu, I am very poor.”

Xi Nuan Nuan spoke out; “Mama said that little Auntie will go to university soon, so we should save money for her. Uncle Mu, you shouldn’t eat too much.”

Xi He realized for the first time today that Xi Nuan Nuan is her close little cotton-padded jacket (someone that really cares for someone). She felt touched that her eyes felt teary. She really wanted to kiss ruthlessly that little meatball.

Mu Chu Cheng raised his head to see her: “Then what if I am not full?”

Xi Nuan Nuan put her chin on her hand and considered seriously about this matter. She immediately turned to be sweet and placed the menu in the front Mu Chu Cheng: “Uncle Mu, just do as you wish.”

Xi He: “………”

In the next moment, Mu Chu Cheng just ordered without any modesty. He noticed that Xi He stroked her wallet for several times.

Mu Chu Cheng said: “Don’t worry. If you have no cash, then you can just swipe your card. If your card doesn’t allow then you can stay here and wash the dishes.”

Xi He rolled her eyes at him and looked at the table full of dishes. She felt it’s such a waste to not eat it so she just ate it.

In the middle of their meal, Xi He went to the restroom and when she’s back to sit down, Mu Chu Cheng moved his face close to her and pointed to the other side: “Your husband is at that side.”

Xi he looked over and noticed Chen Xian Fei sat down in the not faraway table. Beside him, there’s a woman. He was flirting with her and didn’t notice them.

Xi He looked at him and she thought whether she should take a photo of it or not for the divorce procedure?

It’ll be a long time for Chen Xian Fei to agree to the divorce!

But isn’t Chen Xian Fei impotence? How can she flirt with the woman? Could be he already be well now?

Because she was looking at Chen Xian Fei for a long time, Mu Chu Cheng extended his hand and clutched her chin. He narrowed his eyes at her: “Why is it? You feel so heartbroken to see it?”

Xi He sighed and nodded: “Yes, so heartbroken. Very hurt.”

Mu Chu Cheng didn’t laugh, he asked seriously: “Who do you love?”

Xi He pointed at Xi Nuan Nuan: “I love Nuan Nuan’s Papa.”

Mu Chu Cheng looked at Xi Nuan Nuan and lowered his head to think. He didn’t say anything more.

In the past he let Ying Tong to run a background check on Xi He. From the first response of Ying Tong, he knows that Ying Tong knows Xi He so he couldn’t trust the materials he gave to him. In the back, he asked someone else to check but everything about Xi He had purposely wiped out. There’s nothing.

That night in Xi’s family, the first time Xi Hang met him, her response made him really certain he knew Xi He.

He started to think that the girl in his dream, perhaps is Xi He.

If not why would he feel so familiar the first time he saw her. He feels interested and possessive about her.

He never had that kind of feeling for a woman. It’s too strange.

He admits that Xi He is very beautiful and also tempting. Her body is really good. But in his side, he also has a lot of celebrities and models around him.

This time Chen Xian Fei noticed Xi He and Xi Nuan Nuan, he watched her for a long time and his face turned ugly, but he still controlled himself to not come over.

Xi He didn’t want to stay anymore, she felt something was wrong.

She waved at the waiter, the waiter came over: “Miss, excuse me. What can I help?”

“Bill, please.”

The waiter was startled: “Your bill is settled, this Mister has paid.”

After the waiter left, he said: “You still owed me one meal.”

Xi He didn’t know what did he plan. She just helped Xi Nuan Nuan to wear her coat and carried her down from the chair. She held her little hand to leave. Before they left, they passed Chen Xian Fei’s table. Chen Xian Fei just glared at them.

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