Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 479

Xi He opened the door. She didn’t expect that it was Chen Xian Fei, who had disappeared for sevral days.

He was drunk.

Xi He frowned: “What do you want?”

“Xi He…” Chen Xian Fei pulled Xi He’s hand. Xi He couldn’t break free from his grip. She worried that they will disturb Xi Nuan Nuan. So she just came out and closed the door. They went to the living room.

“What do you want?”

Chen Xian Fei laid down on the sofa; “These days that I was gone, do you miss me?”

Xi He felt it was too funny: “Chen Xian Fei are you so drunk that you become so stupid?”

Chen Xian Fei looked t her: “Xi He, these years why don’t you have any feelings toward me? I thought that year you left, I could forget you, but I keep on loving and missing you, but you clearly don’t have me in your heart.”

“It’s good that you know it.” Xi He was so calm: “Your Ma said that I am heartless so why should you waste any more time on me? Chen Xian Fei, let’s divorce. You should look for your own happiness, I will live my own life…”

“Divorce?” Chen Xian Fei laughed. He grasped Xi He’s hand: “Since the day you married me, you have decided to divorce right? You let me to find my own happiness, but with my current condition now, how can I find happiness? Xi He, you think I don’t know you, you just want to get rid of me that you have find a better one? Right?”

“Our problem is unrelated to Mu Chu Cheng, Chen Xian Fei, why should you involve him? You and your Ma don’t like me, I also don’t like you guys, why should we stay together? I know that year you already spent out the twenty thousand dollar that I gave you. Chen Xian Fei, I really don’t know what should I do except giving you money. But it’s pity now that I have no money. Xi Hang should go to university, I should save some money for her…”

“I don’t want money, I want you. Xi He, let me tell you. Dream on! I will not divorce you! Even though I am dead, I will not let you go!”

Chen Xian Fei finished his words and stood up. Xi he said: “What do you mean?”

Chen Xian Fei said “I am happy to keep on bothering you.”

Xi He laughed it off: “You should fix your brain.”

Xi He has expected it. It’s not easy to divorce.

That year he thought that she lied to him, used him.

Xi He hates to live with them because she always feels tired from work and needs to fight with them.

With their condition now, she also feels worried that it will influence Xi Nuan Nuan.

She really wants to leave without them.

Mu Chu Cheng has returned back to Nan City for a week. In that week, he didn’t give any information. If she didn’t hear Xi Nuan Nuan mentioned “Uncle Mu”, Xi He really thought taht she was dreaming.

Xi Nuan Nuan always asked her: “Mama, when will Uncle Mu come back?’

Xi He told her seriously: “Uncle Mu will not come back.”

“Uncle Mu will come back.” XI Nuan Nuan kept on repeating those words. She insisted it.

Until one day, she came by to pick Xi Nuan Nuan up from the kindergarten. It was so crowded outside the school entrance. Not far away from the school entrance, there’s an expensive car stopped. By.

That car’s color is especially flamboyant, it’s green!

Xi He casted a glance to it. Because of the crowd, she carried Xi Nuan Nuan up, then suddenly Xi Nuan Nuan suddenly said: “Mama, Uncle Mu.”

Those days Xi He had heard her say that name for several times. She patted her shoulder: “Don’t say nonsense. Let’s go.”

“I don’t. It is really Uncle Mu. He is back.” Xi Nuan Nuan yelled.

Xi He turned her body and looked Mu Chu Cheng got off the car. He waved at them. In the same time, all the parents and teachers watched them.

Xi He wanted to carry Xi Nuan Nuan to run away, but Xi Nuan Nuan didn’t want. She kept on calling: “Uncle Mu, Uncle Mu!”

Xi He felt embarrassed because of it.

“Nuan Nuan, be quite.”

Xi Nuan Nuan was so excited, how can she be calm?

“Mama, Uncle Mu is coming here.”

Mu Chu Cheng went to them. Without waiting for him to open his arms wide, Xi Nuan Nuan already took initiative to open her arms wide to hug him.

Mu Chu Cheng took her from Xi He’s embrace. Xi He wasn’t willing but Xi Nuan Nuan insisted to be carried by Mu Chu Cheng.

Mu Chu Cheng carried Xi Nuan Nuan to the car and didn’t afraid that Xi He will run away.

Xi He bit her lips and followed them and opened the car. She got in the car.

He smiled when he saw Xi He got in the car.

Xi Nuan Nuan couldn’t sit still. “Uncle Mu, your car is so cool!”

“You know what cool mean?” Xi He asked her; “Sit down well.”

Xi Nuan Nuan pouted: “I know, Mama!’

Mu Chu Cheng said: “Why do you say my car is cool?”

Xi Nuan Nuan pondered on this question: “The coolest thing about this is the color. I really love green. Uncle Mu, why are we the same?”

“Because we have mutual sensitivity for each other.”

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