Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 476

“Then in the future, let’s return to Nan City…”

“We will not going back.”

Staying faraway from Nan City, it’s better to keep the secret safe. This secret is a scandal for Mu family. As for Xi He, she just wants to protect Xi Hang. Her only sister.

“Sis…” Xi Hang frowned.

“Okay. Help me take this out. I am finish.”

Xi Hang knew that Xi He didn’t want to chat anymore and also Mu Chu Cheng was here, it’s not a good time to chat.

She nodded and took the dishes out.

“Oh right, where are brother-in-law and Auntie Zhou?”

“They are out. No need to mind them. They will go back later.” Xi He was sure of it.

Chen Xian Fei didn’t have any place to go. His things were here. If they would leave, he wouldn’t leave it.

Xi He served soup for each of them, Xi Nuan Nuan covered her mouth: “Mama, I don’t want to eat.”

Xi He looked at her: “How many slices of cake did you eat?”

Xi Nuan Nuan raised three of her fingers. Xi He was angry: “You ate three slices? Didn’t I ask you to eat just one? Xi Nuan Nuan, how many have I told you? Don’t eat too many snack before meal.”

“Then can I eat it after meal?” Xi Nuan Nuan asked.

“No, because you shouldn’t be too full…” Wait, it’s not the point, the point is: “Xi Nuan Nuan, don’t change the topic!”

“Mama, I’m wrong. But the cake is too delicious. Moreover…” Xi Nuan Nuan came closer to Mu Chu Cheng. She sticked closed to his arm: “I also fed some to Uncle Mu, I’m not eating three slices by myself….”

Mu Chu Cheng looked at that little meatball and raised his eyebrows. He clearly just ate one bit. This little meatball for escaping from rage and blame, unexpectedly wanted to blame him.

“You are lying!” Xi He’s face turned serious; “Uncle Mu doesn’t like dessert….”

The time she said it, she felt something wrong. She immediately stopped. But it’s too late. Mu Chu Cheng put down his chopstick and looked at her with a smile: “How can you know that I don’t like sweet things?”

Xi He tried to calm herself: “Man doesn’t like dessert.”

She said it and Xi Nuan Nuan immediately cut her off: “Who said it, Papa also loves sweet things. Last time, grandma bought three slices of cake and he ate two….”

Xi He: “………”

It’s clear that Mu Chu Cheng knew why doubting Xi He.

Xi Hang noticed it and said hurriedly: “Nuan Nuan, you ate too much cake. If you couldn’t eat then just finish the soup.”

“Okay, little Auntie.”

Xi Nuan Nuan drank the soup.

Even after the meal, Zhou Zhen and Chen Xian Fei hadn’t returned.

Because Xi Hang was in the last year of senior high school, she was so busy with her homework and study. Xi He tidied up and washed the dishes.

Xi Nuan Nuan was in high spirit and hugged Mu Chu Cheng’s arm: “Uncle Mu, I really want to take you to visit my room but little Auntie is inside and studying. Mama said that she is the last year of senior high school, I shouldn’t disturb her.”

Mu Chu Cheng asked carelessly: “You and little auntie stay in one room?”

Actually this apartment is quite big, there’s three rooms. Supposedly Zhou Zhen stayed in one room, Xi He and Chen Xian Fei in one room, then Xi Nuan Nuan and Xi Hang in one room.

“I and my little auntie and Mama stay in one room. Grandma and Papa stay in one room each.”

Mu Chu Cheng smiled: “You and your mama always stay in one room?”

“When Papa comes back, we always stay in one room.”

“Where did he go before?”

Xi Nuan Nuan pouted her lips: “I am not really sure. But I never met grandma or him before. They just came back recently. In the past, Mama always told me that Papa is working in other city so he just come back recently…..”

Mu Chu Cheng asked: “Nuan Nuan, do you think that your Mama like your Papa?”

Xi Nuan Nuan shook her little head and showed her afflicted expression: “I am not really sure too. They both alway fight.”

Xi Nuan Nuan said it and Xi He came outside from the kitchen. She untied her apron and came oe to the sofa. “Why are you still here?”

“Why, are you kicking me out?”

Xi He pointed to the clock and forced a smile: “Mr Mu, it’s not early anymore. We need to rest. Nuan Nuan need to go to school tomorrow. Mr Mu, you are a sick person now, you should go home and rest.”

Mu Chu Cheng waved at her, she asked: “What is it?”

“Didn’t you say that I am a sick person, why don’t you help me to go down?”

Xi He: “….. But you come upstairs by yourself before?”

“It’s just because I walked too much this morning so my leg is hurt. Why don’t you come and help me, what should I do if it’s going limp? Will you raise me?”

Xi He: “…….”

She came over helplessly. She helped him stand out from the sofa. She asked Xi Nuan Nuan before she came out: “Nuan Nuan, you wait at home for Mama, Mama will send Uncle Mu down first.”

Xi Nuan Nuan waved her hand at Mu Chu Cheng: “Uncle Mu, good bye.”

Xi He helped him to get inside the elevator and pressed the button. She noticed that Mu Chu Cheng was watching her intensely : Why are you looking at me?”

Mu Chu Cheng’s long finger wander around her ear and lips. He moved close to her ear: “Honestly, Xi He, I really miss and want you.”

Xi He raised her eyebrows and smiled: “I have a lot of people missing and wanting me, why do you think you can get me?”

Mu Chu Cheng smiled: “Everyone that I like always like me back, Xi He, why do you think I cannot get you?”

“Mr Mu, you really like married woman?”

“It’s good.”

“Theres’s a lot of married woman outside.”

Mu Chu Cheng’s finger played with her chin: “but I just like you.”

Xi He noticed his profound gaze: “If you dare to touch me, my husband will kill you.”

Mu Chu Cheng thought that he was just listening to the biggest joke: “That weak coward, what do you think he can do?”

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  1. Mu Chu Cheng!!!!!He is working hard to get this piece of candy. He doesn’t care who knows it. He won’t be let out in the cold. I thought he would try to stay the night,even if he had to sleep on the sofa.


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