Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 475

Xi Nuan Nuan opened the second box of cake and placed it in front of Xi Hang: “Little Auntie, eat it.”

Xi Hang shook her head: “I will not eat it, Nuan Nuan you just eat it.”

Xi Nuan Nuan blinked her big eyes:”You really don’t want it? Uncle Mu bought it for me. It’s really good. It’s your favorite mango cake.”

“No.” At first she was too tired after she looked for Xi Nuan Nuan, but she wasn’t hungry. Now she also didn’t have any appetite because she was confused.

Xi Nuan Nuan noticed that Xi Hang wouldn’t eat it so she took the cake over to Mu Chu Cheng. She climbed on a chair and placed the cake on the dining table. She scooped a bit and tried hard to rise it high to reach Mu Chu Cheng’s mouth: “Uncle Mu, eat the cake. I will feed you.”

Mu Chu Cheng was thinking before so he didn’t notice that this little meatball had moved to his side. Mu Chu Cheng noticed her stretched arm. He noticed it was quite difficult for her. He isn’t fond of sweet things. He also didn’t like kids. He felt that kid is too troublesome and likes to cry.

When he was about to push away Xi Nuan Nuan’s hand, he noticed her longing and black eyes. He didn’t move.

He remembered the day he woke up in the hospital, the first one he saw was Xi Nuan Nuan’s eyes. That time she lied on her stomach and watched him.

He felt something in heart that time because her eyes gives him a familiar feeling. Then Xi He appeared, it shocked him…..

These years he always dreamt.

In the dream he was fighting. Then a little girl came out from the top wall. She watched him fighting till the end. She was smiling evilly: “Mu Chu Cheng, you are fighting again. I will tell your grandma, except if……”

She jumped off the wall and hugged his arm. She tip-toed and kissed his face: “except if you be together with me.”

He shifted his gaze to her chest: “You are not my style.”

That woman still smiled: “But you are my type.”

Then that woman kept on asking him: “Mu Chu Cheng, why don’t you like me? What is your style?”

There’s a time she came around furiously and blocked his car.

“Okay, today I will tell you my type.” He pointed at the woman on his passenger seat car. It’s a twenty years old woman, it’s older that Xi He for several years. He hugged her and smiled: “This is my type.”

That girl examined the woman beside him and said with her blushing face: “Mu Chu Cheng, so you like a big-breast woman!”

He raised his eyebrows and looked at her t-shirt: “I don’t like a little girl. I’ll feel guilty.”

That girl was furious: “Mu Chu Cheng, just wait. One day I will be big-breast woman!”

It’s his dream since he woke up years ago. He didn’t know whether it was a dream or reality.

He couldn’t remember it and couldn’t find the answer.

This moment he watched Xi Nuan Nuan’s eyes and felt his heart melted. He lowered his head and bit the cake. It’s sweet and sticky. Mu Chu Cheng really didn’t like it. He frowned and swallowed it.

Xi Nuan Nuan kept on watching him: “Is it good, Uncle Mu?”

Mu ChuC heng nodded: “It’s good.”

“Then let me feed you again….”

“No need.” Mu Chu Cheng stopped her: “You can just eat it. I want to save my appetite for your Mama’s cooking.”

“O.” Xi Nuan Nuan then ate the cake.

Xi Hang watched both of father and daughter. They are clearly related but it seemed that Mu Chu Cheng didn’t remember Xi He even for a bit….

That year their relationship was really deep and strong, now they were just strangers….

“Xi Hang, help me to take this out.”


Xi Hang stood up and passed the dining room. She paced quickly to the kitchen.

When she was in the kitchen, she closed the door and asked Xi He quietly: “Sis, what happened/ Why doesn’t Brother Chu Cheng recognize us?”

“That time I met Ying Tong, he said that after the surgery, he doesn’t remember anything….”

Even though Mu Chu Cheng’s mother had a heart disease, they were all worried that Mu Chu Cheng would get it too. He was a healthy man, until when he was twenty one years old.

Xi hang felt this was too unbelievable: “But he doesn’t even remember you…”

Xi He pressed her little lips and looked outside. She smiled: “It’s better for him to forget me.”

Xi Hang felt heartbroken and guilty toward Xi He: “That year if it’s not because of my illness, you wouldn’t leave Nan City…”

Xi He didn’t say anything. These years she never told Xi Hang about the real reason of their breakup.

“It’s unrelated to you.”

“How can it be unrelated. You took Old Madame Mu’s money to cure me…”

“I didn’t. ” She just asked and begged Old Madame Mu to give the best doctor for Xi Hang.

The money for Xi Hang’s surgery, also the money she gave Chen Xian Fei. It was all from their Xi family: “I sold our old home.”

Xi Hang was surprised. She didn’t know about this. She thought her surgery fee was using Old Madame Mu’s money.


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