Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 473

Xi He came over to take her, Ying Tong pass Xi Nuan Nuan.

“Nuan Nuan is okay right?”

“She is okay. She just being drugged. She will be awake soon.”

“Thank you, Ying Tong.” Xi He thanked him sincerely.

Lei Zi, the other Mu Chu Cheng’s man, also came inside. He just followed Mu Chu Cheng for several years so he didn’t know Xi He.

He knew that Mu Chu Cheng heard about their conversation before, he came forward to talk to him: “Mr Mu, before….”

Mu Chu Cheng looked at him: “I heard it before.”

Lei Zi immediately said: “I didn’t say it in purpose.”

Mu Chu Cheng smiled and asked him to come forward with his hand. Lei Zi immediately asked: “Mr Mu, what do you want?”

“In your eyes, am I a pervert that like four years old kid?”

Lei Zi really wanted to dig the hole and bury himself.

“Mr Mu…”

Mu Chu Cheng watched Xi He and Xi Nuan Nuan. He said to Lei Zi: “Go away.”

“Okay, I’ll go away immediately.”

Lei Zi finally understood that Mu Chu Cheng likes the mother of the little girl.

Xi He carried Xi Nuan Nuan and wanted to return Ying Tong’s coat. Ying Tong waved his hand: “Ms Xi, just cover her. She should be cold.”

Mu Chu Cheng took the coat from Xi He’s hand: “Take it.”

Ying Tong took it.

In next second, he noticed that Mu Chu Cheng took his own coat and covered Xi Nuan Nuan with it.

Xi He: “……..”

“I have coat too.”

Mu Chu Cheng ignored her and took Xi Nuan Nuan from her. He covered Xi Nuan Nuan tightly.

Xi Nuan Nuan woke up at this moment. She wiped her eyes. At the first time she was so shocked and panic because she remembered what happened last time.

Xi He immediately clutched her face: “Nuan Nuan, it’s Mama.”

Xi Nuan Nuan looked at Xi He and hugged her. Her voice was hoarse. She was so sad: “Mama, I thought I will never see you again.”

“No, now we meet right? It’s okay. Uncle Mu and his people helped you out.”

Xi Nuan Nuan stayed in Xi He’s embrace and turned her body to look at everyone: Mu Chu Cheng, Ying Tong, and Lei Zi.

“Uncle Mu, Uncles, thank you.”

“This girl is really good.” Lei Zi praised.

“Thank you.” Xi Nuan Nuan replied in timid manner. At first she wasn’t someone that afraid of stranger. But after that day, now she was a bit of scared.

Mu Chu Cheng stroked her hair: “Do you want cake?”

Xi Nuan Nuan immediately nodded: “I want.”

Xi He was startled for a while.

Mu Chu Cheng noticed that in Xi He’s embrace, Xi Nuan Nuan’s gaze fell on the cake shelves.

Mu Chu Cheng called the waiter and ordered several slices of cake. Xi Nuan Nuan was happy. She wanted to bring it home.

“Let’s go.”

She carried Xi Nuan Nuan and wanted to go outside. She looked at Mu Chu Cheng: “Thank you for today. Next day if there’s a chance, I will treat you a meal.”

“You guys will go home now. How will you go back?”

“I will take a taxi.”

Then a car stopped in front of the coffe shop, Mu Chu Cheng came over to the car and opened the door: “Get on, I will send you back.”

Xi He didn’t say anything, Xi Nuan Nuan just answered: “Mama, I want to get on Uncle’s car.”

Xi He thought that it’ll also won’t be easy to look for taxi here so she carried XI Nuan Nuan inside the car: “Sorry to trouble you.”

Ying Tong is a driver, Mu Chu Cheng sat on the passenger seat. Xi He and Xi Nuan Nuan sat on the backseat.

Ying Tong asked for her address and drove. At first Xi He wanted to just get off on the entrance gate, but Ying Tong just drove the car inside.

“Ms Xi, which building are you?”

“East tower, block B.”

Ying Tong stopped the car on the lobby. Xi He carried Xi Nuan Nuan down, she noticed Mu Chu Cheng also got off the car: “You….”

Mu Chu Cheng smiled: “I’m hungry.”

“……..” Xi He was silent: “Let me treat you a meal outside.”

“No. Since we are here, if not you can cook for me.”

X He frowned: “Mr Mu, it’s inconvenient.”

“What’s so inconvenient about it?” Mu Chu Cheng greeted Xi Nuan Nuan. Xi Nuan Nuan was carrying her cake and came toward him: “Uncle Mu, you are looking for me?”

“Nuan Nuan, I want to go to your house to eat. Is it convenient?”

Xi Nuan Nuan immediately nodded and said loudly: “Convenient!”

“But your Mama said inconvenient?”

“We are convenient with it.” Xi Nuan Nuan immediately held Mu Chu Cheng’s hand and looked at Xi He: “Mama, Uncle Mu helped me. You should repay him. My teacher said that we should be grateful.”

Xi He: “…..”

“Nuan Nuan is a good girl.” Mu Cu Cheng was so satisfied: “Let’s go, what floor are your home?”

“My home is at fifth floor, 501.”

“Xi He, this…..” Ying Tong looked at Mu Chu Cheng and Xi Nuan Nuan’s figure and felt helpless.

Xi He sighed and chased after them to the elevator.

“Mr Mu, I am a married woman.”

“I know.” Mu Chu Cheng nodded.

“So it’s inconvenient for you to come to my home…”

“Xi He, don’t you also take your friend to your home?”

“I do.”

“Then it’s okay.” Mu Chu Cheng raised his eyebrows and looked at her: “Am I not your friend?”

“Uncle Mu is really handsome, of course you are!” Xi Nuan Nuan intervene their conversation. Now in her eyes, Mu Chu Cheng is shining.

Xi He couldn’t say anything more, she bit her lips: “My cooking is not really good.”

“It’ts good, who say that it’s not.” Mu Chu Cheng said.

“…… When did you taste my cooking?”

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