Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 472

Mu Chu Cheng didn’t say anything else and played around with his cigarette. Then he threw it away. That woman noticed that he was leaving and wanted to approach him. She called him: “Mister…”

Mu Chu Cheng turned his body and looked at that woman’s smile: “Will you leave a phone number so I can contact you later.”

Mu Chu Cheng tidied his short hair: “I don’t like an ugly woman.”

Because of that words, that woman turned furious. That man unexpectedly told her ugly? She is a beautiful woman!

But this man unexpectedly said her to be ugly!


Mu Chu Cheng pushed her hand away: “You should understand yourselves if you are ugly.”

That woman was so furious.

Mu Chu Cheng just left and went toward Xi He.

She went back to her seat and watched the laptop screen. She was unconcerned with his approach.

He leant on Xi He’s shoulder. Xi He used her elbow to hit him: “Move away.”

Mu Chu Cheng didn’t want to let go and just looked at her and smiled: “Are you jealous?”

“Mr Mu is really good at joking, how can I dare to be jealous?”

“Why shouldn’t you be daring? You can do it, don’t be too modest.”

Xi He rolled her eyes and ignored him.

Mu Chu Cheng kept on leaning his head on Xi He’s shoulder and didn’t want to let go. Xi He was lazy to mind him and kept on watching.

Xi He now noticed that Ying Tong entered old house. Ying Tong kicked the door and there’s a lot of people inside it. A lot of men and women, little kids. Their face was full of fear and their mouth was sticked with adhesive plaster.

Xi He tried to look for Xi Nuan Nuan. Then suddenly she noticed that Xi Nuan Nuan was laying on the floor. She was wearing a blue dress.

“Nuan Nuan….” She poked the laptop screen.

A man was startled because of this, he quickly took a fruit knife and wanted to attack Ying Tong.

Mu Chu Cheng sat down and dialed a number: “Ying Tong, kill them all.”

“Yes, Mr Mu.”

Ying Tong wore a bluetooth handset. He was fighting when he got that call. Xi He knows that Ying Tong is really good at fighting.

After he’s done and tied everyone involved in trafficker back, YIng Tong gave a call to Mu Chu Cheng: “Mr Mu, what should I do to these kids?”

“Call the police and ask them to solve this. Take Nuan Nuan back.”


Ying Tong took off his coat and wrapped Xi Nuan Nuan with it. He carried Xi Nuan Nuan to his embrace cautiously.

Xi He then heard someone asked: “Bro Ying Tong, is this Mr Mu’s daughter?”

Ying Tong kicked that man: “Do you want to die, Mr Mu is not married yet, how can he have a daughter?!”

That man said innocently: “I just see that Mr Mu is too worry so….” He continued: “Could it be because Mr Mu likes little kid?”

Ying Tong just looked at him: “Lei Zi, I have tracker on my body.”

“What is it mean?”

Ying Tong smiled: “I mean that everything I see, everything I hear, Mr Mu can see it too.”

Ying Tong said it and carried Xi Nuan Nuan to leave.

Xi He and Mu Chu Cheng watched all of that. Xi He coughed lightly: “Where is Nuan Nuan?”

Mu Chu Cheng gulped his coffee: “Ying Tong will send her back.”

Then they both didn’t say anything. Honestly, Xi He felt so awkward. Her phone rang several times, it was Chen Xian Fei. She answered it.

Chen Xian Fei said: “Xi He, My Ma, she didn’t do it in purpose….”

“Okay, I don’t want to hear any of it. I already found Nuan Nuan.”

“You found Nuan Nuan?” Chen Xian Fei was shocked. It’s probably because he didn’t expect that in that short period she can find her.

Xi He is a smart woman, she noticed it. Chen Xian Fei doesn’t care about Xi Nuan Nuan. It’s not a strange thing.

“Chen Xian Fei, you earnestly wish that Nuan Nuan is gone right.”

Chen Xian Fei exploded: “How can you say it? Nuan Nuan she is also my daughter.”

“Your daughter?” Xi He laughed coldly for several moments. She noticed that Mu Chu Cheng was watching her, so she stopped talking.

She felt worried and just hung p.

“What is it?”

“Aren’t you tired of that kind of life?”

Xi He knew he meant life with Zhou Zhen and Chen Xian Fei.

“I am tired.”

These years living without both of them, she, Xi Nuan Nuan, and Xi Hang were so happy. But after they appeared, they turned their life upside down.

Actually there’s a lot of time, she really wants to kick him out, but she remembers that he had ever helped Xi Nuan Nuan, so…..

“Since you are tired, then why should you be together? You really love that Chen?”

“Right, I really love him.” Xi He didn’t want to explain anything more. Anyway it’s unnecessary.

Mu Chu Cheng smiled: “Liar.”

Suddenly the door of the coffee shop was opened. Xi He looked over and noticed it was Ying Tong. He carried Xi Nuan Nuan to come inside.


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