Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 471

“What are you afraid of? What are you worried about? Nuan Nuan will be okay. I will find her.”

“I’m afraid that she will be hurt.”

“Who will be daring enough to hurt her?”

Xi He looked at him: “Why are you treating her so good?”

Mu Chu Cheng’s fingers knocked on the table. She could see clearly that little fire tattoo on his back of hand.

She didn’t tell him. He also didn’t remember it. In her left chest, there’s an exact fire tattoo.

It’s his personal masterpiece.

“I love everything about you.”

Xi He lowered her head and stood up. She took her phone and dialed Zhou Zhen’s phone number: “It’s best if you tell me, when was the exact time Nuan Nuan gone missing? Was it in the market? Or kindergarten?”

Zhou Zhen yelled: “What do you mean? Do you mean that I lied to you? Nuan Nuan finished school at four o’clock, how can you don’t know? Did you think that I picked her early from the kindergarten? Why should I do it? Let me tell you Xi He, Nuan Nuan’s missing also make me worried. She is my granddaughter! Are you doubting that I am the one that made her gone?”

“I am doubting that you are lying to me. Auntie Zhou, what happened. I think you know it clearly. The kindergarten’s teacher can be the witness. That time I will report you to the police, then the police should find an evidence…”

Zhou Zhen turned panic and stammered: “I remembered it wrongly. I thought it’s four in the afternoon. Actually it supposed to be eleven o’clock…”

Xi He laughed coldly: “You remembered it wrongly? Hehe, you are really awesome, why should you pick her up at eleven o’clock? Where did you take her to?”

Zhou Zhen coughed: “Today I have a gathering with my friends. It started at the afternoon until the night. So I picked her up at eleven o’clock. The lessons in the kindergarten are not really important. It’s okay to miss it….”

“Where was Nuan Nuan missing?”

“Actually I also didn’t know…….” Zhou Zhen slowly lost her confidence: “I just played mahjong. There’s a high school student who helped to take care of Nuan Nuan to go arouynd…”

“Then she was missing?”

“Yes… Yes….” Zhou Zhen could notice the coldness in Xi He’s voice. If Xi Nuan Nuan is missing, supposedly she and Chen Xian Fei will be kicked out!

Even though Chen Xian Fei had been a saviour for both of mother and daughter but Xi Nuan Nuan is Xi He’s reason for living. If something bad happened to Xi Nuan Nuan, she wouldn’t go easy on them!

“Zhou Zhen, very good! You even could find that great reason! For your so-what gathering, you neglected Nuan Nuan. Let me tell you, if Nuan Nuan is hurt even for a bit, I will let you and your son take a responsibility for it! I will let you guys be buried together with ehr!”

Zhou Zhen was scared and trembled with fear.

Xi He hung up.

She shouldn’t trust Zhou Zhen to pick the kid. She just felt that her work finished around six o’clock, it will be too miserable for Xi Nuan Nuan to wait for her two hours. Though Nuan Nuan never said it our complained, but she knew that everyday she feels jealous of other students.

Xi He didn’t want her to feel that way. She always notices her sad and lonely figure every time she picked her up.

Xi He hung up and went to the restroom. She washed her face. When she raised her face, she noticed Mu Chu Cheng’s face too from the mirror.

She turned her body: “This is female restroom.”

Mu Chu Cheng took his smoke: “I know.”

He took one cigarette and smoked it. He leant on the door: “Do you want one?”


Mu Chu Cheng passed one from his mouth to her lips.

“You cried.”

Xi He didn’t deny it: “I was so angry that I cried.”

Mu Chu Cheng laughed; “Later on let’s give them a lesson.”

“Is there any news about Nuan Nuan?”

“Ying Tong will find her soon.”

“Please move away..” someone said.

Xi He and Mu Chu Cheng turned away at the same time.

That woman noticed both of them and wanted to get inside the restroom, after all it was female restroom.

Mu Chu Cheng looked at that woman, that woman noticed his handsome face and her eyes turned bright.

Xi He turned her body and left.

Mu Chu Cheng waved at this woman, the woman came over: “Mr….”

Mu Chu Cheng opened his lips sexily: “You make my girlfriend run away angry.”

“A……” That woman was surprised: “She is your girlfriend?”

One Reply to “Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 471”

  1. Mu Chu Cheng is making certain that Xi He doesn’t stray to far from him. And now once he helps her to find NuanNuan he will surely put her under lock and keep the key.

    Thank you


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