Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 468

Everyone thought negatively about her, except Chen Xiao Lin.

Xi He said: “Chief Hou, this is my private matter.”

Huo Si Che put down his pen: “The company is so busy now, have you finished the schedule that I let you to do?”

“I finished it. It’s already in my computer. Later on I will ask Xiao Lin to print it and send it to you.”

Hou Si Che looked at it and looked at his watch: “How long do you need?”

“Just half day, tomorrow I will come to work.”

“Where will you go? Let me send you. I also need to go out.”

“No need. Thank you Chief Huo. I can go by myself, why should I bother you.”

“Xi He.” Xi He was panic and didn’t expect that this man kept on wasting her time: ” I know that you are worry about the gossip about us. We have nothing between us. I feel that you shouldn’t be bothered with it.”

“Chief Huo, you think too highly about me. I am also a person, of course, I will be bothered with that kind of gossip. If sometime Mrs Huo finds me, it wouldn’t be good. Chief Huo.”

Xi He said it and left the office.

Huo Si Che is a married man, she should stay far away from him.

Xi He returned to her office and before she left she looked for Chen Xiao Lin to let her help her.

Chen Xiao Lin looked at her confusedly: “Where are you going?”

“I have a problem, I ask for a half-day off…..”

Xi He didn’t finish her words and someone said bitterlY: “Chief’s secretary is really a good position, she can ask for day off easily, it’s not like us. It’s too complicated….”

Chen Xiao Lin was furious and wanted to rebuke but Xi He pulled her hand and turned her head to see that woman: “You find it unfair? Then you should work harder to take my position? Then you can have any day-off as you wish?”


Xi He just ignored her. She tidied her things up and left the office. She took the taxi to the hospital.

When she was at the hospital, she took the stairs to tenth floor because the elevator was broken. She ran to Mu Chu Cheng’s sickroom. She expected that she would see the spiritless Mu Chu Cheng. She didn’t expect to see Mu Chu Cheng was sitting on the bed and biting apple.

Xi He stood there and became furious. She rushed over with worried heart and found him to be relaxed.

She controlled herself and pointed at him: “You lie to me.”

Mu Chu Cheng admittedly honestly: “Right, I lie to you. If I don’t lie to you, will you come? You will just ask that male nurse to take care of me, you don’t care whether I want it or not!”

“What do you want?”

Mu Chu Cheng smiled and pointed at Xi He: “I tell you already, that I want you to personally take care of me.”

“Mu Chu Cheng, don’t you think you are too excessive?!”


When they were arguing, suddenly the door opened. Ying Tong coughed lightly: “You guys…”

Xi He noticed him and her whole body turned stiff.

Ying Tong came over: “Miss, Mr Mu, don’t you guys fight, let’s discuss it peacefuly.”

Xi He clutched her hands.

“I will go first.”

Xi He left…..

She was afraid that this will happened….

Now Ying Tong knows that she lives in An City, she wasn’t sure whether he will tell Old Madame Mu or not. She just found this place to live, she really didn’t want to leave here.

“Xi He.”

Ying Tong chased after her.

Xi He turned her body: “Ying Tong, long time no see.”

“Yes, I didn’t expect to meet you here…”

Xi He looked at the door: “How can you run outside, Mu Chu Cheng…”

“It’s Mr Mu asked me to go out and find you.”

Ying Tong pointed at the corner: “Let’s go there to talk?”

Xi He nodded and followed him.

“After that operation, Mr Mu doesn’t have any memory of the past….”

Ying Tong said first.

Xi He nodded. She knows that Mu Chu Cheng doesn’t remember her, he forgot what had happened to that time….

“Xi He, Old Madame Mu doesn’t hope you guys will be together…”

“I know, I also don’t want to be together with him…..”

Both Xi He and Mu Chu Cheng aren’t weak people. If it’s only because of Old Madame Mu’s rejection, supposedly they wouldn’t retreat. But there’s a lot of things going on between them. It’s been years, they couldn’t go back…

Ying Tong was satisfied with her answer. He remembered something: “Oh right, your daughter, is she…”

Ying Tong hadn’t finished his words, Xi He just cut him off: “No!”

Xi He knew that her response was too over. She smiled: “My daughter is not related with Mu Chu Cheng. I hope that you can help me. Ying Tong, don’t tell Old Madame Mu about you find me here. I don’t want to leave gain. This time I meet him not because of my willingness, I thought at first that this lifetime I will not meet him again…”

“I know, I will do it…”

“Thank you.”

Xi He thanked him and wanted to leave. Ying Tong stopped her: “You know Mr Mu’s temper, he asked me to chase after you. If you don’t return, that supposedly there will be something happen. Go back and look at him. If he is okay and his injury is healing well, I will use my best to let him leave An City…..”

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