Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 466

“I am your husband!”



Xi He felt that word is the most hilarious word she ever heard?

That year if it’s not because old woman of Mu family forced her without any way, how can she chose this kind of man to be his husband?

There’s a lot of things happened today, Xi He felt so tired. She also didn’t want to fight anymore with Chen Xian Fei. So she changed her shoes and went to her room. But Chen Xian Fei suddenly grasped her wrist, she wanted to break free from it: “What do you want now?”

“Do you like Mu Chu Cheng?”

His words made Xi He felt funny.

“Right, I like him. So what? He is so handsome, which woman wouldn’t like him? You also need to see yourselves, Chen Xian Fei, how can you compare yourselves with him? What do you have?!”

“Low class!” Chen Xian Fei was so angry and slapped her.

This time he pointed at Xi He: “Indeed you are a low class woman! At young you are pregnant with illegitimate child, no one wants you! then you find me! These five years, tell me, how many man have you seduced? Don’t you think that I am stupid, you should have affair with your Chief Huo! There’s a lot of rumors in the company…”

“What did they say?” Xi He didn’t care about th epain: “They said that with my kind of face, I should be a mistress right? Did they say that I use my face to be in the company? Then what about you? Chen Xian Fei, that time why did you want to marry me? Don’t tell me because of my face? If I am ugly, would you pursue me with so much effort? All man are the same. Also, do you think you can just hit me as you want?”

Xi He took a step closer. Then she kicked Chen Xian Fei until he fell down.

The time he fell down to the floor, he glared at him.

He felt that he was dreaming, but the pain in his chest was real.

Xi He unexpectedly could do Chinese boxing!

Zhou Zhen woke up because of the noise outside. The moment she opened the door, she could see clearly the moment Xi He kicked Chen Xian Fei.

She was startled and came to help her son.

Xi He said to them: “In the past I was thankful because you helped my daughter. But don’t you think that you are my husband! Also don’t you think to say bad word about my daughter! If you don’t like her that stay far away for her! I don’t wish that you can treat her well! You guys can live here, I don’t care what will or want to do! I hope that we can live peacefully. Don’t affect my life and my daughter. Don’t mind my business!”

Xi He said it then went to her room.

Zhou Zhen was surprised and also furious. But she felt she couldn’t do anything.

“What does she mean? What is her daughter, Nuan Nuan is also your daughter, why couldn’t you advise her?”

Chen Xian Fei coughed lightly for several time and stood up. He sat down on the sofa.

Zhou Zhen always thought that Xi Nuan Nuan is Chen Xian Fei’s daughter!

These years, Chen Xian Fei never told her the truth.

Xi He went back to her room and went to look at Xi Nuan Nuan. Xi Nuan Nuan was sleeping. She slept so soundly that she didn’t hear the noise outside.

Xi He watched her for several moment and lowered her head to kiss her.

Ying Tong looked at the report and felt surprised, it was the same Xi He!

Xi He had left for several years and lived in An City.

Ying Tong took the photo and noticed Xi He was helping a little girl tying her shoes.

This little girl looked the same as Xi He. This little girl is Xi Nuan Nuan, Xi He’s daughter.

He checked the birthdate of Xi Nuan Nuan, it was a match.

Can it be Xi Nuan Nuan is Mu Chu Cheng’s daughter?

But now Xi He has a husband?

Ying Tong didn’t know whether he should do the DNA test…

Ying Tong was confused whether he should tell the Mu elderly about this too! He was worried whether old Madame Mu would do anything to Xi He again!

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