Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 465

Xi He extended her hand to snatch the bowl away. This food was Xi Nuan Nuan’s effort and idea to leave some food for her. She didn’t eat and just gave it to him. Unexpectedly he disliked it.

Mu Chu Cheng quickly took two scoops of rice with veggies into his mouth. Then he smiled: “If you want to eat it, then just eat it. If you don’t mind my saliva…..”


Xi He stood there speechless for a while: “Just eat it.”

Mu Chu Cheng smiled. He didn’t eat too much.

She understood that this food wasn’t suit for his taste. She didn’t say anything and just took out two boiled eggs from her bag. She peeled it and put it on the bowl: “Eat these two.”

Mu Chu Cheng raised his eyebrows: “It’s late at night, you still come out to send me food. Now you also peel the skin for me. Wouldn’t your husband me jealous?”

Xi He tidied up things and went to the restroom to wash it. She ignored him.

“Mr Mu, have you remembered your relatives’ phone number? Call them.” Xi He passed her phone.

Mu Chu Cheng looked at her phone and took it. He typed several numbers and suddenly put it down. He looked at her: “Temporarily I cannot remember it.”

Xi He knew that he did this in purpose. Though he couldn’t remember the phone number but someone should be already found him.

She just wanted to know why should he do this?

Xi He took a chair and sat down: “Mr Mu, let’s have a chat.”

Mu Chu Cheng looked at her seriously. He noticed her face is getting even more beautiful, but her eyes were swollen.

Mu Chu Cheng narrowed his eyes and thought for a while: “Did you have a fight with your husband?”

Xi He avoided his gaze: “This is our family matter, Mr Mu.”

Mu Chu Cheng kept on watching her: “What do you want to chat with me?”

“My husband bumped you, we should take responsibility so I ask one of the nurse to come and take care of you. If you don’t like a woman, I can ask a man. He will take care of your life and food until you are healthy. Don’t worry, I will take care of your medicine and hospital bill.”

“Bumped me until I lose my memory and you want to leave me?”

“…. you don’t lose your memory, you know it very clear.”

“But I cannot remember my family.” Mu Chu Cheng folded his hands.

“Mu Chu Cheng!” Xi He was furious.

Mu Chu Cheng was startled. He felt the sense of familiarity when Xi He called him by his full name. No matter it is her tone or expression, it’s just like what he had in mind.

Xi He noticed it. She bit her lips and worried. She didn’t want to stay here anymore. She tidied up her things and wanted to leave.

Mu Chu Cheng said seriously: “Ms Xi, are you sure you don’t know me?”

Xi He wanted to answer him with certainty: “I’m sure.”

But in reality she was just paced quickly and left the room.

She simply ran away!

Xi He ran and found a seat to sit down. She tried to control her heartbeat.

She silently scolded herself.

Mu Chu Cheng always feels familiar with Xi He.

Since the time he met her.

Especially her eyes, it gives him some feeling.

Although he found it weird and didn’t believe it before. But he is sure that he had lost his memory before.

He leant on his bed and pondered. Then he took out his phone from the shelves. He dialed a number: “Ying Tong, help me to check something.”

Ying Tong said: “Mr Mu, tell me.”

“A woman called Xi He, she has four years old daughter. Help find her data. Also, whether I know her or not in the past.”

“Xi He?” Ying Tong was so surprised, but he quickly gathered himself.

Xi He isn’t a common name, it’s rarely people have a family name of Xi. Also this name, maybe, this Xi He is the Xi He that used to be Mu Chu Cheng……

“Em, Xi He, I will take a look of it.”

Ying Tong hung up and checked it.

Mu Chu Cheng noticed something wrong with Ying Tong. He was aware from their conversation before that Ying Tong’s report couldn’t be trusted fully!

He thought about it and dialed another number.

Xi He went home. When she switched on the light, there’s someone waiting for her. She was surprised.

Chen Xian Fei turned his head and looked at her: “Where did you go?”

Xi He put her shoes on the shelves: “I went out and strolled around.”

“Strolled around?” Chen Xian Fei yelled. “You went to the hospital right? You visited Mu Chu Cheng? I found that you guys acted strangely today…”

“What is strange between us?” Xi He laughed coldly: “Chen Xian Fei, let me tell you. You can live here, but it’s better that you don’t control me.”

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