Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 463

Xi He returned home. Everyone had finished their meal. She opened the rice cooker and noticed there’s nothing left. She had expected this.

Zhou Zhen and Chen Xian Fei wouldn’t leave her any food to eat. There’s a lot of time she came home after overtime and found no food left for her to eat. She always cooks instant noodle for herself.

If it’s only for her, she could cook dumplings, but thinking about Mu Chu Cheng, who was in the hospital. She took out grain of rice and cooked dishes.

A small figure appeared and called her: “Mama.”

Xi He asked: “What is it?”

“I left you food before.” Xi Nuan Nuan ran to the dining room and opened a lid on the table. It was a bowl of rice. “Look, I left you some. Mama, come here hurry up. No need to cook anything.”

Xi He came over and looked at the bowl. It was rice with green vegetables and beef.

Xi Nuan Nuan sat down and waited for her praise.

Xi He laughed and kissed Xi Nuan Nuan’s face: “Thank you. Nuan Nuan is very good.” Xi Nuan Nuan was so happy: “Mama, hurry up eat it.”

“I will cook dumplings. I will take this for the uncle in the hospital.”

Then suddenly a sharp voice heard: “What? Now you still want to send food for him? I heard from Xian Fei that man is losing his memory. I think he does it in purpose! How can with just a small accident he forgets everything? He is acting! He wants money! Let me tell you Xi He, how much money have you spend on him? You want to keep on spending your money on him? Our family doesn’t have that much money!”

Xi He carried Xi Nuan Nuan back to the room and let her to draw by herself. The time she came out, she purposely locked the room. She then looked at the middle-aged woman with arrogant and despotic expression: “It’s my money. It’s my problem how I want to spend it.”

She said it then took the bowl of rice to the kitchen. She heated it for a while and also boiled some water for her dumpling.

“Your money?” Zhou Zhen was furious. “You still have face to say it? It’s my son’s money that he put at you, you really think that it is your money?”

Xi He laughed coldly: “When does your son give money to me? You guys live on my house, wear clothes that you spend with my money, and you still unsatisfied? Okay, then tomorrow you can move out. My little house couldn’t accommodate two honorable people like you. Your son has a lot of money, he will be able to buy you a big house, why should you live here?”

Zhou Zhen was furious, but Xi He also didn’t want to lose to her. Her words were sharp and rude. Zhou Zhen couldn’t say anything, she just retreated back. Chen Xian Fei looked at both of them and tried to hold his mother. He took his mother to the sofa; “Ma, what happened?”

Zhou Zhen cried and yelled. She pointed at Xi He: “Son, you heard it right. That woman said that you are weak and incapable. She said that you wear and eat from what she earn. She really makes me angry. She is happy that I am angry!”

“Ma, calm down.” Chen Xian Fei patted his mother’s back.

It’s not the first time it happened. Xi He finished cooking her dumpling and sat down at the table to eat it.

Chen Xian Fei was also angry for her rude behavior. He came toward her and clutched her hand: “Xi He, say sorry to my Ma. Hurry up apologize!”

Xi he looked at his hand and frowned: “Let me go!”

“Apologize to my Ma.” Chen Xian Fei pointed at the lying Zhou Zhen.

Xi He looked at him calmly and raised her eyebrows: “Did I say something wrong? Which one is wrong? Chen Xian Fei, your Ma and you has moved here for a month. This month, what are you doing? You even cannot find a work? I have three bedrooms here, but since you guys move here, you guys occupy two room. Xiao Hang needs to stay inside my room. You guys feel dissatisfied about it? Since you guys feel wronged, then why don’t you move out? There’s a lot of things better outside!”

“Also, who creates accident that people should come to the hospital? You were drunk and bumped people. You just try to avoid responsibility and let me to tidy up this mess. Then starting tomorrow I will not spend any more money on him, let the hospital kick him out. I want to see whether you, Chen Xian Fei, will go to prison or not!”

Chen Xian Fei was getting even angrier. He dragged her to the room.

Xi Nuan Nuan heard the noises outside, she already stood up and wanted to open the door. The time she came out she noticed that Xi He was dragged. She ran over: “Papa, what are you doing? Let Mama go!”

Xi Nuan Nuan hugged one of Chen Xian Fei’s leg, but this man had lost his rationality and tried to release her grip by kicking his leg.

“Nuan Nuan!” Xi He yelled. She wanted to be freed from his grip but she was not strong enough. Luckily Xi Nuan Nuan was okay. She stood up again.

Xi He was dragged inside the room and the door was locked.

Chen Xian Fei pushed Xi He to the bed. He pressed her down to the bed and put her hands up. He kissed her lips.

Xi He couldn’t use her hands so she tried to kick him. He was drunk. His mouth smelt alcohol.

Xi He felt nauseous. She kept on avoiding his lips.

“Chen Xian Fei, let me go!”

Chen Xian Fei didn’t want to hear her out. He bit her neck.

Chen Xian Fei’s gaze was calm.

Chen Xian Fei laughed coldly: “Can you feel it? In this moment, I couldn’t feel anything, why do you this happen? Xi He, you should know. That if it’s not because helping you, I can be a man.”

Xi He was sad. The light was so bright that she couldn’t open her eyes.


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