Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 460

Chen Xiao Lin actually felt sorry for Xi He, it’s supposed be her today to go and meet Chief Lu but she had some family matters so she asked Xi He to send it.

“Then old man didn’t do anything to you right?”

Xi He told her the simple version of it, Chen Xiao Lin snorted: “I already told you before that you are too beautiful! Everyone thinks you can be a mistress?”

“Okay, Chen Xiao Lin. Are you taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune?”

“I’m not dare enough!” Chen Xiao Lin said immediately: “But you also can control someone like Chief Lu. I just praise to be someone that who is not easy to play around. He just needs to dream on!”

“Okay, I will not talk to you again. Let’s talk tomorrow. I will go home first.”

She hung up. Xi He took a taxi and thought about having a detour to a dumpling store to buy a pack fo dumpling for Xi Nuan Nuan for midnight snack.

Xi Nuan Nuan eats a lot, she couldn’t sleep if she is hungry.

After she bought the dumpling and wanted to get a taxi back home, her phone rang. She looked at the screen and answered though she was unwilling: “What is it?”

Chen Xian Fei’s voice was strange: “Xi He, I have an accident. I bumped pepople…”

Xi He was shocked: “Where are you?”

Chen Xian Fei said hurriedly: “At the hospital. I am at the hospital. I followed him because there’re eyewitnesses…”

“So it means if you don’t have eyewitnesses, you will run away?” Xi He’s voice was cold: “Chen Xian Fei, are you drunk?”

“I just drank a bit.”

“A bit, he…”

Xi He hung up. She really didn’t want to mind that man. But thinking about the past, she bit her lips and took a taxi to the hospital.

Chen Xian Fei was waiting outside the operation room. He couldn’t sit still. He came over to her when he noticed that she was coming: “Xi He, you are here.”

“How’s the condition?”

Chen Xian Fei shook his head: “I don’t know…” He was really afraid: “Xi He, do you think he will die?”

XI He thought that it wouldn’t be too serious. She sat down on the chair and put down her bag. She looked at her so-what husband: “Chen Xian Fei, if that person die, you will be charged by drunk driving, you should be inside for several years.”

Chen Xian Fei was shocked and his face turned pale: “XI He, I don’t want to die…”

Xi He looked at hiM: “You should go home and take a shower. Change your clothes. Tell your mother to give you medicine to wake you up. Then come hre…”

“Later on the police will come here.”

Xi He looked at him coldly: “That’s why I ask you to go back.”

Luckily their house was quite close to the hospital.

Xi He waited outside, the nurse came over and asked for the operation fee. The operation fee was not low. It’s her month salary! She already thought about it,m how can that man give money!

Xi He paid for it and noticed the operation was finished. The patient had sent over to the sickroom.

XI He asked about the condition and being told that the patient experienced fracture, but there’s no other major issues.

Xi He sighed and wiped her sweat. She entered the sick room.

Xi He wanted to know who was being bumped. The time she saw the man, her face was paled.

She could see his features. His hundred ninety meters tall body.

Looking at him, she remembered the past: “Xi He, do you know why I don’t like you? It’s because your chest is small.”

This time Chen Xian Fei came inside and looked at him: “How is he?”

Xi He shook her head: “He is okay.”

Chen Xian Fei came over and looked through that man’s clothes.

“I am looking for ID. I will look for the phone number. We shouldn’t pay for the hospital fee right?”

Xi He was furious: “You are the one that bumped him, you also want to avoid to pay it?”

Chen Xian Fei rubbed his nose: “Before I met the police, I proofed that it was an accident, how can I know that he will appear suddenly…”

Xi He waved her hand and didn’t want to hear him anymore.

Chen Xian Fei continued to search: “There’s no ID, no business card. No wallet. There’s only a broken phone, how can we contact his family? Could he be pauper? But the clothes are…”

Xi He didn’t mind him anymore. She came out of the room. Luckily it wasn’t too late, she could find the nurse to pay her to take care of the man at night.

After she paid, Chen Xian Fei came over and glared at her: “Are you crazy? Why should you pay that much for that man?”

Xi He laughed coldly: “If not you want to stay here and accompany him?”

Chen Xian Fei didn’t say anything moe…

Xi He told the nurse the room number and left.

She took a taxi back home. Chen Xian Fei also followed her. She didn’t want to say anything to him.

She looked at the window.

This is An City, she’s been here for twenty years.

An City is far from Nan City. Five years ago, Xi He met Mu Chu Cheng here.

Back at home, Xi He took her shoes off and went to her own bedroom. She closed the door. Zhou Zhen just snorted and asked her son: “What is it about her? Who did provoke her?”

Chen Xian Fei sat on the sofa and drank water: “She is okay. Today she paid for the hospital bee?”

“So what? You guys are husband and wife, is her money not your money?!” Zhou Zhen was dissatisfied.

Xi He could hear their voice outside. She frowned and didn’t want to mind both mother and son.

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