Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 458

“My appetite is slightly greater.”

Tang Zi Chu picked one slice of beef to her bowl: “You need to eat peacefully. I already told my grandma and Ma about your great appetite so they especially cooked a lot.”

Mother Tang rolled her eyes toward Tang Zi Chu: “What are you talking about, a girl should eat more. It’s good to be a bit fatter. It’s not good to be so skinny so Tian Mi should eat more.”

Tian Mi felt down, is Mother Tang saying that she is fat?

Inside the car on the way to Tang Zi Chu’s house, Tian Mi noticed the beautiful scenery of the town. She wanted to see more of it so after the dinner, she held Tang Zi Chu’s hand and let him to accompany her to stroll around.

The people here lived relaxedly, there’s no people walked so fast.

Tian Mi likes this place a lot, she was a bit curious: “Why did you choose to leave this and move to An City at the first place?”

“For meeting you!”

Tian Mi blushed: “Too much.”

“No.” Tang Zi Chu smiled naughtily: “If I don’t go to work in An City, how can I meet you? I am really grateful for my dream to study at An City university and work there so I can meet you.”

Tang Zi Chu’s words were too unreasonable, but Tian Mi loved it.

They walked around for several others. Actually Tian Mi was still hoping to walk around but the sky was dark. They needed to come home. Moreover, she would stay here for a few days, she had time to stroll around.

After they were back, they noticed no one was in inside the living room.

“Where’re your Pa Ma?” Tian Mi said confusedly.

“They should be sitting on the balcony. They really love to sit there. Let’s go. I will take you there.”

Tang Zi Chu held her hand and took her to the balcony.

Three of elderly were sitting there with their tea.

Father Tang was reading his newspaper, Mother Tang and Grandma Tang were chatting with each other.

When Tian Mi was about to greet them, she suddenly heard Grandma Tang said: “Tian Mi, that girl is quite good, I really like her. But it’s a pity, she is a divorcee.”

“Yes, I also heard about this thing. Our Zi Chu is really good, he could get any girls. Though TIna Mi is quite good, but I am still unsure about it…”

Father Tang put down his newspaper and his glasses: “So what if she is a divorcee? If they are really sincere about each other, than so what?”

Mother Tang frowned: “You cannot say it that way, I think our Zi Chu is worthy for better one.”

Hearing up to this point, Tang Zi Chu clutched Tian Mi’s hand and opened the door and got inside.

Three of them suddenly turned awkward.

“Zi Chu, Mi Mi, you are back. You must play well outside…”

Tang Zi Chu kept on clutching Tian Mi’s hand and looked at his own parents and Grandma: “Pa, Ma, Grandma, in my heart Tian Mi is the best. I am afraid that she will not want to be together with me. I love her. She is worthy of all of my love. This lifetime, I will not marry anyone but her.”

Tang Zi Chu said it and held Tian Mi’s hand to leave together, but Tian Mi wasn’t willing to leave. She slowly freed her hand from Tang Zi Chu’s grip. She went over them. She smiled and bowed to them.

“Grandma Tang, Uncle, Auntie, I know that I had a lot of experiences that can make you mind my worthy. But that’s not my fault. I also hope that the time I be together with Zi Chu, it will be the best of me. It will be the time that I never experienced bad things, I never loved anyone else, never be with another one. But it’s a pity, that I don’t. It’s all my past, but it doesn’t show my future. Is my past with other meaning that I couldn’t love Zi Chu sincerely? I am very clear that I now love Tang Zi Chu. In the future, I will love him too. I couldn’t avoid or hide my past but it’s just a short part of my life. Tang Zi Chu is my future.”

“I hope that you guys can believe me, accept me, and bless us.” Tian Mi said and bowed again.

Three of them were moved by her words. This young woman can say that kind of words. It really showed her maturity and love to Tang Zi Chu.

Mother Tang was embarrassed, she held Tian Mi’s hand: “I’m sorry, Mi Mi, we are too close-minded. What you said is right. You couldn’t change your past, but your future, is in your control. We believe you. You will be happy together with Zi Chu. Ma bless you guys.”

Mother Tang accepts Tian Mi and likes her so much.

Grandma also accepts her.

That night Mother Tian called Tian Mi and asked her about her in-law?

Tian Mi didn’t tell her everything, she just smiled and said: “It’s very good.”

“Great! Can you give the phone number of our in-law? I will call them tomorrow.”

Tian Mi didn’t have a good feeling about it: “What will you do?”

“I and your Papa has checked around. Next week Wednesday is a good day, you should register your marriage there with Zi Chu!”

“Ma!” Tian Mi was unhappy: Isn’t it too quick!”

“How can it be too quick? I think Xiao Tang is impatient too about it.”

Tian Mi snorted: “I think it’s you guys that are impatient.”

“Then so what? Hurry up and register your marriage. Then you guys go back to have wedding. Tell me the phone number.”

Tian Mi didn’t want to hear about it anymore, she just hung up. When she wanted to turn her body, suddenly her body was hugged from the back.

She knew who was it: “What are you doing?”

Tang Zi Chu took her right hand. Tian Mi noticed he was holding a ring and put it on her ring finger. Then he kissed her lips: “What auntie said is right, I am impatient.”

Tian Mi snorted: “Tang Zi Chu, you are too simple, you just propose this way?”

Tang Zi Chu smiled: “Tomorrow I will do it in the tallest and most ancient place. I will let everyone in this town hear it.”

Tian Mi felt goosebump: “No, just like this, I accept it.”

Tian Mi didn’t expect that though Mother Tian didn’t get the phone number, she could contact Mother Tang. She should get it from Tang Zi Chu. Both families had discussed and agreed. They chose the day for marriage register. Mother Tian sent over Tian Mi’s residence registration booklet. Tian Mi and Tang Zi Chu registered their marriage there.


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