Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 455

Xi He’s face changed awkwardly: “Between husband and wife, there should be a bit appealing act, don’t you think so?”

“You guys are too dangerous!” Tian Mi was still surprise: “You guys always play SM right?”

“Is it exciting?”

“Previously we did several time, now we don’t.” Xi He shook her head.

“When was it?”

“Years ago, when we were teenagers…”

Tian mi looked at Su Ran : “Ran Ran, you need to hold me. This is too provoking. Xi He, I think I don’t know you too well. I think you hide yourself too well!”

She felt that all people were looking at them, Xi He moved close to them, her face was red: “Mu Chu Cheng in the past had some quite special fetish…”

“Ckck….” Tian Mi didn’t speak anything, Su Ran just patted her hand: “Don’t talk about this anymore, hurry up choose one.”

Tian Mi nodded.

“Just this one.”

Tian Mi chose a box. Inside it was nurse costume with needle, stethoscope,….

She observed it curiously and said: “This thing seems to be like child toys, do you ever play this?”

“You want this?” Su Ran asked.

“Yes, just this one. Let them be able to play happily during their wedding night!” Tian Mi took the box to the cashier: “You choose by yourselves now.”

“Can I just give it together with you?”

“No, this is my choice! You need to choose by yourselves.”

Su Ran chose another lingerie with Xi He’s help.

Xi He and Ding Chen weren’t close, so she shouldn’t send her these things. She will give her wedding envelope with Mu Chu Cheng.

Tian Mi was satisfied with her present because her box is really big! The time she brought it to her car, everyone was watching her. She said: “They should think this is a baby doll. That time when Ding Chen got this, she shouldn’t be able to tell what is inside…”

“With Cheng Huan’s cold personality, it’s hard to guess what response he will show…”

“If you want to see his response, you should buy one and play with Tang Zi Chu.”

“I will not play that kind of game with him, if he is addicted to it, he will want to play it everyday, wouldn’t I be very tired?”

Su Ran initially thought that Lin Cheng Huan and Ding Chen’s wedding will be held in Singapore, but they chose to hold it in An City.

Ding Chen loves outdoor wedding, now it was summer, the weather is really good.

It’s a private wedding.

Ding Chen doesn’t like strangers to attend her wedding so all the reporters were blocked outside. Only the one that has invitation can get in.

Before the wedding started, Su Ran and Tian Mi went to the dressing room to give their presents to her.

Tian Mi instructed her: “You should open in tonight! Remember you should open this tonight!”

Su Ran nodded beside Tian Mi. If Ding Chen opened the present now, supposedly it will be an embarrassed moment for Su Ran and Tian Mi.

Looking at both of their response, Ding Chen was so curious. She wanted to pull the bow: “What is it? I really want to see it now.”

“No way!” Su Ran and Tian Mi yelled at her at the same time. There’s also a crowd of people in the dressing room: the make up artist, group of Ding Chen’s bridesmaids. They all turned their head to see them when they heard their yelling.

Su Ran said hurriedly: “The wedding will start soon. You need to get ready. You shouldn’t be rushing to open the present, you can open it later.”

“But I really want to see. Your present is really big, I really want to see what’s inside.”

The time Su Ran and Tian Mi were helpless, the dressing room’s door was opened, the wedding planner came inside: “Ms Ding, are you ready? We will start soon.”

“Okay.” Ding Chen said immediately.

She put down the present.

Because Ding Chen’s father has passed away so this time the one that accompanied her on the wedding and passed her hand to Lin Cheng Huan was Ding Zhen Ye.

Though Ding Chen and Ding Zhen Ye are not too harmonious with each other but they are related. Moreover, they need to show the public that they are in good term.

Ding Zhen Ye was waiting outside.

Today the flower girl and the flower boy were Song Wei Xi and Xi Nuan Nuan. They both dressed up prettily and handsomely.

Now Su Ran had a big stomach, she tried to kneel down and helped Song Wei Xi to wear his tie. Song Wei Xi pointed to Xi He: “Mama, let Auntie Xi help me to wear it.”

Xi He took the tie from Su Ran’s grip: “Let me do it.”

Tian Mi felt she was ignored and felt dissatisfied: “Why don’t you ask me to help.”

Song Wei Xi laughed: “I don’t believe that you can do it.”

“…..” Tian Mi was furious: “Ran Ran, why your Song Wei Xi is getting more and more like Song Ting Yu. Do you ever mind him?!”

Su Ran smiled and said: “He is Song Ting Yu’s son, he should turn like him.”

Tian Mi: “…..”

Xi He helped Song Wei Xi to tidy his outfit and also Xi Nuan Nuan’s outfit. Xi Nuan Nuan was so beautiful: “Mama, am I pretty?”


“Wearing like this, do I like I am going to marry Brother Wei Xi?”

Xi He hadn’t answered, Song Wei Xi said immediately: “You are dreaming!”

Song Wei Xi went outside.

Xi Nuan Nuan looked at his leaving figure, she was sad. She looked like she almost cried: “Brother Wei Xi hates me.”

Su Ran was afraid that she will cry soon: “No, Nuan Nuan. Let me tell you. Your Brother Wei Xi is shy. Really, he is shy. I saw before that he blushed. If you don’t believe it, then you can go and see it.”


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