Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 449

Ding Chen held Lin Cheng Huan’s hand and got inside the elevator. She looked at Lin Cheng Huan: “Is Song Wei Xi’s teacher be caught yet?”

Lin Cheng Huan nodded: “Gu Dong Cheng gave her a large sum of money. She also didn’t run away. The time I found her, she was at the hospital. It seems that her mother needs money to have surgery. She knows that she couldn’t run away so she followed me calmly.”

“So she did it for her mother. She can play around with other people’s life? Wei Xi is her student, he liked her and believed her. I will not let her off easily.”

Lin Cheng Huan understands his future wife well, he smiled: “What do you want to do? I will let you handle her.”

Ding Chen thought about it seriously and said: “Just hand it to the police. She could be regarded as a kidnapper, she wouldn’t be punished by light sentence. She will go into prison. She will not live happily inside. Nan Zhu, do you know? She is beautiful woman, someone should like her and treat her wrongly.”

After several hours, the surgery room’s door opened. Lu Zhan came out, Su Ran immediately came toward him: “A Zhan, how’s Ting Yu?”

Lu Zhan smiled: “The operation is successful, he is very lucky. The bullet missed his heart. He should be okay. I will let the nurses send him to the sickroom. It’s better to let him rest, don’t let too many people inside the room.”

Su Ran nodded: “I understand.”

Su Ran turned her body and said: “Ma, go back to your room. You’ve stayed here for quite some time. You should rest. Tian Mi, please help me to send my Ma back, you guys should go home….”

Ding Chen said: “Sis-in-law, call us if something happens.”

“I will, Chen Chen. Help me to send Wei Xi home.”

Song Wei Xi was still unwilling to go home, Su Ran said to him: “Wei Xi, listen to us. You should go home, Papa is okay now. You should go home and have a rest. You can come here tomorrow morning, okay?”

Song Wei Xi finally nodded: “Okay.”

Everyone started to leave. Su Ran followed Song Ting Yu to his sickroom. She watched his sleeping face. She took a towel and wiped his face.

“Song Ting Yu, you should wake up soon…”

Through night, Su Ran held Song Ting Yu’s hand and kept on talking. She just realized that they have known each other so many years, they have experienced a lot of different things….

She knew him when she was twenty years old, twenty one years old, she gave birth to Sogn Wei Xi. Now she is twenty seven years old, she is pregnant with his kid, their third kid.

it’s been seven years.

Su Ran kept on holding his hand and accompanied him till five or six o’clock at the morning. She fell asleep.

Song Ting Yu woke up around seven o’clock. He opened his eyes and noticed Su Ran. He stroked her head.

The door suddenly opened. It was Lu Zhan. Because of Song Ting Yu’s condition, he didn’t come home and slept at his office. He went to visit him after he woke up.

“How do you feel?” He asked with a low sound.

Song Ting Yu nodded to show that he’s okay now.

He pointed at Su Ran: “Help me to carry her up to the bed.”

Lu Zhan put the thing on his hand and folded his sleeve. He carried Su Ran up. On the process because he was not careful, Su Ran almost woke up. Song Ting Yu glared at him.

Lu Zhan put down Su Ran and showed his innocent: “Even though your wife is quite skinny, but don’t you forget that she is pregnant now!”

Song Ting Yu pointed at the door to ask him to go away.

Lu Zhan smiled coldly: “You are ungrateful man. Don’t forget who saved you yesterday. If it wasn’t me, you will be dead. How can you glare at me at this moment?”

Su Ran heard voices and woke up. Her first response was getting up from the bed. She looked at Song Ting Yu surprisedly: “Ting Yu, you are awake?”

She was confused: “how can I am on your bed?”

Lu Zhan just wanted to run away now. He coughed and said: “I still have things to do. Su Ran, please take care of him. If there’s problems, call me anytime. I will go first…”

He hurriedly went outside. He was afraid that Song Ting Yu will kill him.

Su Ran knew what happened. She looked at Song Ting Yu: “You asked Lu Zhan to carry me up?”

“He is weak.” Song Ting Yu’s face showed his dislike: “He is not a man.”

Su Ran laughed: “Don’t you let him hear this words. He helped you a lot. He tried his best. Last night because of you, he didn’t come home. He stayed inside his office. At the midnight he came several time to look at you.”

Song Ting Yu snorted coldly and looked at Su Ran: “Where are you going?”

“Let me go down.”

“No need. Just lie down here. It’s still early. You should sleep.

“What if I touch your wound?” Moreover now she was a bit heavy, it will be a big chance that she will touch his wound.

“No. You can just sleep here. I want to hug and sleep.”

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