Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 448

She came toward Gu Dong Cheng’s front: “Put your gun down, let Su Ran go. If not I will just stab my belly, your kid will be gone immediately!”

“I don’t believe you!” Gu Dong Cheng said it one more time: “I don’t believe that you are still pregnant. You just lie to me because you want me to let them go. I tell you, I will not believe you!”

“I said it, it’s up to you whether you believe it or not. But if you dare to shot Su Ran, I will stab my belly immediately! That time please don’t regret that your kid die because of your action!”

“Tian Mi!” Tang Zi Chu yelled her name.

Gu Dong Cheng didn’t believe this. He felt that Tian Mi was lying to him. The kid was dead, how can he still be alive?

He kept on telling himself that Tian Mi was lying to him but he was afraid. He was afraid that Tian Mi is still pregnant. He was afraid the time he shot Su Ran, his kid will be gone.

He understands her too well, she will do everything he say.

“Come here!”

Tian Mi came over and he hugged her shoulder, but his gun still pointed to Su Ran.

Tian Mi looked at him and kept on pressing the knife on her belly: “Let her go, now let her go!”

He hurriedly let Su Ran go.

Su Ran came toward Song Ting Yu and pressed his injury. She felt his injury bled heavily. Song Ting Yu’s face was pale now. His legs and hands started to turn cold.

Su Ran clutched one of his hand. She cried:”Ting Yu, you should be okay…”

Gu Dong Cheng hugged Tian Mi and took her to the stairs. His gun now pointed to Tang Zi Chu: “Don’t chase after us!”

He already hear the police’s siren. The polices should be near. He knew that if he didn’t run away now, it would be too late.

Tang Zi Chu was injured too. He tried hard to endure the pain because he was unable to see Tian Mi being taken away by Gu Dong Cheng.

The moment Gu Dong Cheng turned his body and noticed the man that fainted before because he fought with Tang Zi Chu had woken. He pointed his gun to her. The man pressed the trigger to Tian Mi’s direction. Gu Dong Cheng was fast and tried to block Tian Mi to be hurt.

His body trembled and Tian Mi just watched him fall down. Gu Dong Cheng was shot on his back.

Gu Dong Cheng started to lose his consciousness, but Tian Mi was standing there unmoving. He clutched Tian Mi’s ankle: “Give birth to the kid, let…. the …..kid….. live….”

Tian Mi lowered her head and looked at him….

Gu Dong Cheng fainted.

Tian Mi had loved him before, but now she hates him throughly. Gu Dong Cheng was bleeding too…..

The polices came and called the ambulance.

Song Ting Yu and Gu Dong Cheng were brought to the hospital.

Su Ran and Song Wei Xi followed Song Ting Yu, Tian Mi and nurses helped Tang Zi Chu.

Inside the ambulance car, the doctor treated Tang Zi Chu wounded. They could only wrap it, they couldn’t take out the bullet out. It should be done in the hospital.

Tang Zi Chu held Tian Mi’s hand and just watched her.

Tian Mi asked him: “Is it hurt?”

Tang Zi Chu shook his head: “It’s nothing to the pain I felt when you were about to being taken away by Gu Dong Cheng.”

Tian Mi smiled at him and said nothing.

Song Ting Yu was fainted. He was quite in critical condition.

Su Ran followed him. She watched the doctor used oxygen mask on him. She clutched his hand tightly, she felt he got weaker.

Song Wei Xi was also in miserable condition. He was dirty. He stayed quite beside Su Ran .

“This kid is so good.” The nurse said.

Su Ran looked at Song Wei Xi: “Wei Xi, call Mama again.”

Song Wei Xi immediately said: “Mama.”

Su Ran smiled. Her Wei Xi is well now.”

Song Wei Xi’s eyes were red, he pointed at Song Ting Yu: “Mama, Papa he…”

Su Ran didn’t wait for him to finish his words, she said to him: “Papa will be okay. Because he will be unwilling to part with Wei Xi and little sister, and also Mama.”

Both of them accompanied Song Ting Yu to the hospital. Lu Zhan was waiting in the hospital. He was Song Ting Yu’s doctor-in-charge today.

Song Ting Yu was brought to the surgery room. They waited outside the door.

Lin Cheng Huan and Ding Chen rushed to the hospital too.

Su Ran didn’t want Song Wei Xi to stay with her to wait. He should have a rest after experiencing those thigns.

She asked Ding Chen: “Chen Chen, please help me to send Wei Xi home. Auntie Fang is waiting for him at home.”

Ding Chen nodded and stroked Song Wei Xi’s head: “Wei Xi, go home with me okay?”

Song Wei Xi shook his head, he moved closer to Su Ran: “I will not go. I will wait until Papa come out first.”

Ding Chen sighed: “Sis-in-law, if not let Wei Xi wait here first…”

Su Ran nodded.

Ding Chen said: “Sis-in-law, Bro Ting Yu will be okay. Don’t be too worried.” She noticed Su Ran’s face was really pale.

“I and Nan Zhu will buy some foods for you. Wei Xi should be hungry now.”

Su Ran nodded: “Sorry to trouble you.”

Qiao Qing heard news too. She tried hard to come over and visit him. But Song Ting Yu was still in the surgery room so she didn’t know his condition


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