Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 444

She looked nervously at him.

Song Ting Yu used the hands-free mode.

Gu Dong Cheng said:”Song Ting Yu, now are you looking for your son everywhere? He is in my hand now.”

“Gu Dong Cheng, what do you want?”

“I don’t want anything.” Gu Dong Cheng laughed: “You and the polices has blocked my way. You guys don’t give me any way out. Don’t blame me to be too ruthless. now you should go immediately to Lin Jiang city area. I will wait for you. Oh right, don’t report to the police or you will not see your son anymore. Bring your wife too.”

“Gu Dong Cheng, let me go there alone. If you want something, just get if from me.”

“How can it be?” Gu Dong Cheng laughed loudly: “Bring Su Ran over, do you hear me? If not, I will Song Wei Xi to not be able to see the sun again. I tell you the truth. If you don’t trust me, you can try me. It’s just a pity that your six years old son will die soon….”

Gu Dong Cheng said it and just hung up.

After a while, Song Ting Yu got a video about Song Wei Xi. he was lying down on the dirty place. His eyes were closed.

Su Ran took a look and her hands trembled: “Wei Xi….”

Didn’t know what would Gu Dong Cheng do, Song Ting Yu called Tang Zi Chu and took the key to go out.

He was unwilling to take Su Ran together with him, but Su Ran heard their conversation before. Gu Dong Cheng already expressed clearly his wish to meet her too. How can she stay at home?

She persisted: “Let me go with you too. Don’t think of leaving me. Gu Dong Cheng will do anything worse to him if you don’t obey him. You know it clearly….”

Song Ting Yu couldn’t say anything more.

Su Ran clutched his hand: “Let’s go, let’s go now.”

Song Ting Yu knew that there’s no other way so he brought Su Ran too. Then suddenly Gu Dong Cheng called again: “oh right, I don’t mind for you to call Tang Zi Chu to come too.”

“What do you want?”

“At this moment, I really want to meet the man that is having affair with wife, don’t be too nervous…”

The time Tang Zi Chu knew about this, he was at Tian Mi’s house. He was eating. After received the call, he hurriedly tidied up and went away.

Tian Mi heard Song Ting Yu and Tang Zi Chu’s conversation: “Gu Dong Cheng brought Wei Xi away?”

Tang Zi Chu didn’t directly answer her: “I will go first. You should stay at home with Auntie and Uncle. Don’t go out.”

“Let me go with you.”

“No need, just stay at home. Listen to me!”

He then left.

After Tang Zi Chu went out, she sat down on the sofa and pondered. She looked at her belly and thought about something.

Actually she heard the address given to Tang Zi Chu before.

She knew where did Gu Dong Cheng take Song Wei Xi to.

Mother Tian came over and sat beside her: “Mi Mi, what are you thinking now? Will you follow him now? Don’t be stupid, what can you do there?”

Tian Mi regained herself: “Ma, I don’t know where are they going. How can I follow them?”

Mother Tian nodded and patted her hands. Then she stood up and tidied up.

Father Tian went upstairs. Tian Mi looked at the kitchen and when she was certain that her parents weren’t watching, she quickly changed her shoes and drove her car to leave.

After the drug’s effect diminished, Song Wei Xi woke up. He watched his surrounding and noticed it was unfamiliar. His face showed fear and panic.

Gu Dong Cheng stood in front of him: “Wei Xi, you are awake?”

Song Wei Xi doesn’t have a good impression toward him. Two years ago, he kidnapped her and threw him to the lake. He still remembers that moment.

When he noticed Gu Dong Cheng, he started to move his butt toward the wall.

Gu Dong Cheng moved closer to her slowly and knelt down in front of him: “Wei Xi, you’re afraid of me?”

Sogn Wei Xi was trembling. He could feel that he will extend his hand. He lowered his head and didn’t dare to look at his eyes. Then he waved his hands to block him.

Gu Dong Cheng enjoyed it and suddenly laughed coldly: “Song Wei Xi, you are really disgusting like your father!”

Indeed he extended his hand to touch Song Wei Xi. Song Wei Xi cried loudly and curled up.

Song Ting Yu and Su Ran rushed inside as they could hear the crying of their son upstairs.

She looked at it and screamed.

“Wei Xi, Wei Xi!” Su Ran wanted to come closer but Gu Dong Cheng’s people stop her. She watched them.

She knew that he was afraid, but she was unable to come closer and comfort him.

“Mama!” Song Wei Xi looked at Su Ran. He raised his head. He wanted to go to her but he was stopped by Gu Dong Cheng.

Behind Gu Dong Cheng was a window. Gu Dong Cheng hugged Song Wei Xi. Gu Dong Cheng pointed at Su Ran and Song Ting Yu’s legs: “Don’t come any closer, if not, I will throw Song Wei Xi off the window? Do you want to try it?”

“No No, calm down. We will not go there.” Su Ran stopped.

Song Ting Yu hugged Su Ran : “Gu Dong Cheng, we are here, what do you want?”

“Why are you rushing it? It’s not complete? Where is Tang Zi Chu? Isn’t he wanting to give a fair retribution for Tian Mi?”

Song Wei Xi was still crying: “Papa, Mama!”

Su Ran was surprised. It’s been a long time since he called her as Mama. Why should she hear it under this situation.

“Wei Xi, Wei Xi…..”


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