Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 443

Gu Dong Cheng hates Song family so much. Moreover because Song Ting Yu had trapped him and reported him to police. These days, he was blocked. The polices had looked for him anywhere and also Song Ting Yu’s people also forced him out!

Gu Dong Cheng just stayed outside of An City.

He arranged for a while and bribed Wu Zhen. They are unable to get inside the Song house so they just wanted to catch Song Wei Xi through Wu Zhen.

Wu Zhen was Song Wei Xi’s teacher. She was favored by Song Wei Xi. Auntie Fang and Su Ran also believed him, she should be able to take her out.

Those two men didn’t think that Wu Zhen will be quick.

Song Wei Xi was trembling.

“Little guy, you know what is it right.”

The man showed him the handkerchief that was wet. It’s too smelly. Song Wei Xi cried louder and struggled.

“What are you doing? Hurry up make him sleep!”

“Okay.” The man pulle Song Wei Xi and covered his mouth. At the beginning Song Wei Xi started to struggle but suddenly he fainted.

“Finally he can be quiet.”

“I think this little guy cannot speak. Is there something wrong with his brain? Will this medicine harm him?”

“Harm him?” The man laughed; “You think that Gu Dong Cheng will return him to Song Ting Yu again?”

“It cannot be true. This kid is so little….” The man was surprised.

After the drug effect disappeared, Auntie Fang was awake. She noticed that she was leaning on the sofa. She didn’t know what had happened, how can she fall asleep suddenly?

She sat up and looked around. Song Wei Xi and Wu Zhen were not at home.

“Young Mister, Teacher Wu?” Auntie Fang stood up from the sofa. She thought that they went upstairs. She looked for them upstair and at the study room. But she couldn’t find them. She started to be worried and suspicious. She ran around the house and went outside. She kept calling Song Wei Xi’s name and immediately called Su Ran’s phone.

“Mrs, it’s not good. Young Master is gone.”

Su Ran was helping Qiao Qing to drink her medicine so her phone was in speaker mode. Hearing this, the glass on her grip almost fell down: “What happened? How can he is gone? Did you bring her out?”

“No.” Auntie Fang said.

“Then how can he be gone?”

“Today Teacher Wu, she, she said that she wants to take young master out. I said no, later on I went to the kitchen……”

Because Auntie Fang was worried so her voice was trembling. Her words were unclear. Su Ran frowned: “Don’t rush it. Say it slowly and clearly. No, I will go home now. Wait for me. I will call Song Ting Yu now. Auntie Fang, wait at home.”


Because Su Ran used speaker mode so Qiao Qing also heard their conversation.

Her face turned pale and looked at Su Ran : “Ran Ran, what happened?”

Su Ran shook her head. She also didn’t too understand what had happened: “Ma, I will go home first. Auntie will take care of you.”

“Hurry up go home. You don’t need to worry about me.” Qiao Qing told her and looked Su Ran had left. She said: “Call me if anything bad happened.”

“Okay.” Su Ran immediately called Song Ting Yu: “Ting Yu, Wei Xi in trouble.”

Song Ting Yu said: “What happened?”

“I don’t know it in detailed. I am still at the hospital. Auntie Fang called me before. She said that Wei Xi is gone. I will go home now. You should go home now too.”

“Okay. I will.”

Su Ran hung up and got inside her car. Because she was too worried so she asked the driver to be faster.

When she was at home, Song Ting Yu also just arrived home. They both came inside the house. Auntie Fang walked around the house and worried.

The time she noticed both of them, she immediately said: “You guys are back.”

“Auntie Fang, what happened?” Song Ting Yu asked: “Didn’t I tell you guys to not go out?”

“I didn’t take him out.” Auntie Fang shook her head: “I know the condition. How can I dare enough to take him out? After the lunch, Teacher Wu came. At first she wanted to take young mister out to paint the nature. I said that young master cannot go out for period of time. Teacher Wu agreed. Afterward she played game with young master outside. I came inside the kitchen then I drank a bit of water. I didn’t know what happened next suddenly I woke on the sofa. Young mister is gone so is it Teacher Wu who took young mister away? I tried to call her, but her phone is off…”

Without thinking, it should be Wu Zhen who took Song Wei Xi away.

Song Ting Yu pursed his lips and went toward the computer. He replayed the CCTV recording. It showed clearly that Wu Zhen took Song Wei Xi away.

“Why should Wu Zhen do this? Is Gu Dong Cheng’s order?” Su Ran said with her hoarse voice.

Auntie Fang felt guilty: “I’m sorry, Mrs. It’s my fault.”

Su Ran waved her hands. How can they forget that Gu Dong Cheng might be able to bribe Wu Zhen.

Su Ran wanted to look for Song Wei Xi immediately, but Song Ting Yu pulled her back: “Where are you going? Just wait at home first, don’t run anywhere. wait for my news…..”

Song Ting Yu’s phone rang. Su Ran noticed from the screen, it was a call from Gu Dong Cheng.


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  1. Can someone stop this maniac permanently?With all of the news of Dong Cheng how could the teacher take part in the kidnapping?


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