Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 442

Wu Zhen put down the game console: “Wei Xi, play your game first. I will accompany you later on. I will check your worksheet first.”

Song Wei Xi passed her his own worksheet then sat down in front of the TV to play game.

Wu Zhen took the worksheets and sat down near the coffee table.

She glanced at the kitchen. She looked at the glass that Auntie Fang drank before and took out a pill out off her bag. She then put it inside her glass.

This moment Auntie Fang went out from the kitchen and went back to the living room.

Wu Zhen then pretended to be seriously checking on the worksheet.

Then Auntie Fang drank the glass on the coffee table.

Wu Zhen sighed and went back to Song Wei Xi’s place.

She took the game console and accompanied Song Wei Xi to play. She turned her head to see Auntie Fang and noticed she was asleep.

Song Wei Xi felt confused and went over to shake Auntie Fang.

Wu Zhen stopped him: “Wei Xi, let Auntie Fang to sleep for a while. She should be tired.”

Song Wei Xi nodded. Wu Zhen said: “Wei Xi, do you want to go outside?”

Song Wei Xi pointed at himself and looked at Wu Zhen confusedly. He remembers that Auntie Fang asked them to not go out.

Wu Zhen clutched his hand: “Right, you. Sister will take you out to paint. Today I especially come here to take you out to paint.”

Song Wei Xi pointed at Auntie Fang.

Wu Zhen immediately understood him: “It’s okay. Before when you played game, I went to ask Auntie Fang. Auntie Fang agreed to it. If not, let me call your Mama to ask?”

Song Wei Xi nodded.

Wu Zhen took out her phone and punched a number then she placed her phone on her ear in front of Song Wei Xi: “Sis Su Ran, today can I take Wei Xi out to paint? Auntie Fang should be too tired so she falls asleep…”

“Em Em, okay. Don’t worry. I will take a good care of him, it will be okay…”

Wu Zhen hung up and went to Song Wei Xi: “Look, I’ve called your mother. She said yes so let’s go out now? Don’t be afraid. I’ve taken you out before, you can hold on to my hand.”

Because she was worried that Auntie Fang will wake up, also worried that Song Ting Yu or Su Ran will back so Wu Zhen didn’t tidy up her things and just helped Song Wei Xi to wear his shoes and went out.

Usually there would be bodyguards waited in the house. But because today Su Ran was out so the bodyguards followed her.

After Wu Zhen took Song Wei Xi out, she paced faster.

Song Wei Xi was so afraid. Why should she walk so fast. He was unwilling and wanted to release her hand. But Wu Zhen just carried her up.

Song Wei Xi struggled. Why should they be so fast?

“Wei Xi, don’t move around. The car is here.”

A sedan car stopped in front of them. Wu Zhen was not strong enough. She couldn’t withstand Song Wei Xi’s power. She tried hard and put him inside.

There’s a man inside.

Song Wei Xi didn’t know any of them so he was afraid.

He recalled the past experience when he was in Thailand. He looked at Wu Zhen and patted the window. His eyes were red.

Wu Zhen took an envelope full of money and looked at Song Wei Xi. She felt sad for him.

She didn’t dare to move closer and looked to him. Actually she really likes him after interacting with him for several time, but she had no way.

She shifted her gaze and looked at the man in front of her: “Where will you take him to? What will you do? You will not harm him right?”

That man laughed coldly: “Mr Wu, don’t forget who gave him to us? Now you have gotten your money, just go away. As for what will we do, it’s unrelated to you.”

The man got inside the car: “Puiih, teacher!”

Wu Zhen watched the car drove away. Song Wei Xi kept on looking at her and patted the car’s window. But what’s the use of it?

Wu Zhen cannot help him, those men will not let him go….

Song Wei Xi started to cry loudly.

“Think of away to shut him up, it’s too noisy!”

“Mr Gu doesn’t instruct us to do anything to him, you dare to do anything careless?”

“Who will do anything careless? You have that thing right. Get it out. Spray it to the towel, it will solve the problem right?”

He did it to Song Wei Xi: “Sit down well. What’s the point of crying. Let me tell you, little guy. You should blame yourself as you are Song Ting Yu’s son!”


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