Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 441

Mother Tian understood Tian Mi’s mood: The kid now is already two months old, it’s not a solution to wait any longer. We know that this kid couldn’t be born, but now Gu Dong Cheng is out! Let’s wait for several days. If he keeps on the run, then let’s not care about anything and just go to the hospital.”

Noticing that Tian Mi was standing there unmoving, Father Tian pulled her to the sofa to sit down: “Mi Mi, listen to us, Mama’s words are true. Let’s wait for two more days okay?’

Tian Mi was silent and just nodded.

Su Ran got a call from Su family’s butler. He told her that Qiao Qing had another heart attack and was sent to the hospital and let her to come.

Song Ting Yu wasn’t home. Su Ran ordered Auntie Fang to take a good care of Song Wei Xi and not take him out. Before she went to the hospital, she called Song Ting Yu. Song Ting Yu was worried about her and let her to take the driver and a bodyguard.

Su Ran followed his order. She also didn’t want something bad happened to her. She didn’t want to make things hard for Song Ting Yu, she wanted to take care of herself.

She went to the hospital. She waited worriedly outside the operation room.

Qiao Qing’s operation lasted for quite some time. Finally she was pushed out. The doctor told Su Ran that Qiao Qing had passed a critical condition.

Su Ran accompanied her to the sick room as she was worried about her condition. She would leave when she woke up.

After a while, Qiao Qing was conscious and looked at Su Ran. She shook her head: “Why are you here? Go home quickly. Don’t go out carelessly.”

Su Ran shook her head: “Just for a moment. I will accompany her for a while. Even if Gu Dong Cheng is aggressive, he will not show in public right?”

Qiao Qing was still unease about it: “Do you forget Madame Song’s case? Wasn’t it happening at the hospital? I’ve watched the news and noticed that he had harmed a lot of people. He also killed the girl that he held as hostage. He is too ruthless. So Ran Ran, it’s better for you to go home. It will be safer…:”

“Em. You also have a good rest. I will go when you are asleep.”

The butler and other maids also came forward. Althouth Su Ran knew that they can take a good care of Qiao Qing, she was still worried.

After the lunch, Song Wei Xi stayed at home and played game. Auntie Fang was in the kitchen and washing dishes.

There’s a bell. Auntie Fang came out of the kitchen and opened the door. She smiled toward the person: “It’s Teacher Wu.”

“Hi Auntie Fang. Where is Wei Xi?”

“Young Mister is in the living room. Come inside.”

“Okay, thank you Auntie Fang.” Wu Zhen changed her shoes and went toward the living room. She sat down beside Song Wei Xi: “Wei Xi, what game are you playing?”

Song Wei Xi pointed at the television.

Wu Zhen took the console: “Let teacher accompany you to play okay?”

Song Wei Xi nodded: “Okay.”

Song Ting Yu especially bought this game for him. Wu Zhen frequently helped Song Wei Xi to do worksheets, drawing, but never accompanied him to play game so Song Wei Xi didn’t know that she is good at game.

He remembers that his Mama, Su Ran, couldn’t play game well. She is worse than Xi Nuan Nuan. He thought that woman cannot play game, but today Wu Zhen changed his mind.

After a round, Wu Zhen said: “Wei Xi, am I great?”

Song Wei Xi raised his thum up.

Wu Zhen sat down on the carpet and folded her legs: “I frequently play game at school. I think this game is too easy. Next time I will show you my favorite game. But let’s study first. If you study well, then we can play game okay.”

“Okay.” Song Wei Xi nodded.

Auntie Fang served up a plate of fruits and put it on the table: “Teacher Wu, eat a bit of fruits.”

She took a slice of dragon fruit and passed it to Song Wei Xi.

Song Wei Xi took it and ate it.

Wu Zhen also took a slice of apple. She looked around and said: “Oh right Auntie Fang, why today Mrs Song and Mr Song are not home?”

“Mr Song goes to the office. Mrs Song’s mother seems to be sick, so she visits her.”

Wu Zhen nodded and finished her fruit. She took a tissue and wiped her hands. Then said to Song Wei Xi: “Wei Xi, in the past I was in the exam, so I couldn’t help you to go out and paint from nature. What about if we go out today and paint?”

Song Wei Xi nodded and felt happy.

Auntie Fang waved her hand when she heard it: “No No, young master shouldn’t go out side.”

Wu Zhen said: “Why is it Auntie Fang? Why cannot Song Wei Xi go out? I will look after him. In the past I also had taken him out, it will be okay..”

“No, Teacher Wu, I believe you that you can take a good care of young master. But these period of time Mrs and Mr had asked me to not let young master out. It’s safer to stay at home…” Auntie Fang explained.

“Oh…” Wu Zhen said: “What happened?”

Auntie Fang didn’t want to say too much: “Actually I don’t really understand it. But Mister and Misses had instructed so we need to obey it.”

Wu Zhen nodded: “Okay I understand. But it’s a pity. It’s a good day today. I think it will be better for her health.”

“Yeah it is.” Auntie Fang smiled: “But let’s do it next time. We will have another chance.”

“Okay.” Wu Zhen smiled and stroked Song Wei Xi’s face. “Wei Xi, then let’s go outside another day. Let’s just play at home today.”

Song Wei Xi felt a bit disappointed but he nodded.

Auntie Fang returned to the kitchen to stew a soup for Su Ran: “Teacher Wu, I will not disturb you guys again. I will go back to the kitchen.”


After Auntie Fang left, Song Wei Xi took the game console and passed it to her. His intention was clear, he wanted her to accompany him to play game again.


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