Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 440

But now when she is thinking carefully, dying together with a man like Gu Dong Cheng is to unworthy.

“Okay, let’s eat now. Don’t watch the news again. Help me to place the dishes on the table.”

“Pa, turn off the TV. You keep on watching news about Gu Dong Cheng.”

“I just want to know the progress….”

“How can it progress? It will be hard to catch him.”

Father Tian smiled coldly: “I am really find it strange. How can there’s still people that willing to help him?”

He watched from the news that Gu Dong Cheng did’t do it alone. There’re other people helping him to escape. Although there’s not a lot of them, but they are quite powerful.

Tian Mi was helping her mother to prepare the chopsticks and bowls. She raised her head: “If someone has a money of course, there will be helper. Those people supposedly take money from Gu Dong Cheng so they are responsible to help him to run away.”

Father Tian continued to laugh coldly: “They also don’t feel afraid that they will lose their life after taking his money?”

“How can gamblers think too much?” Tian Mi helped to serve out the soup then sat down: “pa, don’t think too much. Let’s eat. Don’t worry. Although he is crafty and ruthless, but he will be caught. Tang Zi Chu has said it right. “The guilty can never escape Heaven’s justice”.”

Mother Tian was done and sat down. She asked her: “Mi Mi, will Xiao Tang come to eat?”

“I don’t think so. Before I sent him a wechat. He said that he is busy. He will eat alone.”

“Ahyoo, it’s not good to eat outside. Xiao Tang needs to eat no matter busy he is. It’s better for him to go here and eat….”

Tian Mi cut her off: “Ma, mind yourself. How can I feel you care more about him than your own daughter?”

Mother Tian rolled her eyes: “You just notice it? Xiao Tang is really good and obedient and you always let me worry.”

“Pa, scold Ma please. She is too bias!”

“It’s okay. Your Ma is always be like that. Eat your food. Calm down.” Father Tian said and picked a slice of red-cooked pork to her bowl.

Tian Mi usually loves to eat this dish, but today she seemed to have no appetite. The time she wanted to bite it, she felt it was too oily. She felt unwell.

Father Tian noticed something was wrong. Mother Tian glared at him.

“Mi Mi, how are you?”

“……” Tian Mi waved her hand and covered her mouth with her other hand. She frowned and wanted to vomit.

At the beginning, she thought it will be okay. But she felt something was wrong and unwell.

Mother Tian passed a glass of water to her: “How do yo feel? Drink a bit of water.”

Tian Mi took it and finally got better. She leant on her chair and frowned.

Mother Tian and Father Tian were watching her and said nothing.

Tian Mi just stood up and said: “Pa Ma, you guys eat first. I am not to well. I will eat later on, I will go to my room to have a rest.”

“Mi Mi……” Mother Tian was worried.

Father Tian stopped Mother Tian, Mother Tian said: “You still want to talk. It’s all your fault.”

Father Tian told her to be silent.

Tian Mi went upstair and went back to her room. She laid down on her bed and touched her belly. Actually she couldn’t feel anything. But today the time she smelt the red-cooked pork dishes, she felt it was too oily and felt unwell……..

Could it be?

Could it be she didn’t lose Gu Dong Cheng’s kid? It still lives inside her?

If it’s real, then she is…..

She sighed and looked at the ceiling.


Mother Tian also had lost her appetite, she put down her chopsticks: “The kid inside Tian Mi will be three months old soon. Now her body has recovered, she needs to do the surgery soon. But with Gu Dong Cheng’s situation now, we even don’t dare to come out, how can we go to the hospital…”

“Em.” Father Tian also thought about it: “I’m afraid that if we go to the hospital, it will provoke Gu Dong Cheng. Although he is on the run. But without caring about anything and his crazy thinking, it will be troublesome, if he knows….”

Suddenly Mother Tian pulled Father Tian’s sleeve, he frowned and wanted to ask her what happened. He noticed that Mother Tian was looking at somethign.

He looked over too and noticed Tian Mi was on the stairs.

He was surprised and stood up: “Mi Mi!”

Tian Mi also looked at them: “So it turns out that I’m still pregnant right? Right?”

Father Tian and Mother Tian were looking at each other.

“Why should you guys lie to me?”

Mother Tian said: “We also thought that you would lose the kid because of the accident, but it still alive. That time the doctor advised us to not have the abortion immediately. I was worried that you will be stubbornly asking for surgery so I just thought to hide it from you…..”

Tian Mi didn’t want to hear her anymore and went toward the door.

Father Tian asked her: “Where are you going?”

Tian Mi changed her shoes: “I am going to the hospital.”

Mother Tian pulled her: “You want to have abortion now? You shouldn’t go now. Mi Mi, listen to me. Gu Dong Cheng is on the run! Moreover, I always feel that he is around. If you go to the hospital and meet him, what will happen? What will happen if he knows that his kid is still alive?”

“I….” Tian Mi bit her lips: “Why should I live under his shadow and control? Why should I be afraid of him? Why should I run away from him?”

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