Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 438

Gu Dong Cheng opened the folder and read it. His face turned deathly pale.

“Gu Dong Cheng, you and your father are the same. You guys are self- opinionated. Without investigating anything throughly, you guys always think that everyone has wronged you and the whole is betraying you.”

“Your Gu family’s downfall, actually it was decreed by fate!” Song Ting Yu laughed coldly.

Gu Dong Cheng slapped the table and pointed at Song Ting Yu: “What about our Gu family? Song Ting Yu, you are too hilarious. Now the failure one is your Song family. Look, I even change the name of your Song company. Don’t you feel shameful because of it?”

“How can I be shameful? Gu Dong Cheng, you are too self- opinionated…..”

Song Ting Yu took out his phone and gave him a look of photos: “Look at these.”

Gu Dong Cheng lowered his head and looked at the photos. His face changed: “What is this? How can you have these?”

Song Ting Yu took the phone away when Gu Dong Cheng tried to snatch it.

Gu Dong Cheng glared at Song Ting Yu’s phone.

Song Ting Yu smiled: “Gu Dong Cheng, you’ve never thought of it right? You think your action is so flawless but you didn’t expect there are photos right? I already gave the photos to the police. You are done. Oh right, I forget to tell you who gave me these photos. Do you know who is it?”

Gu Dong Cheng thought of someone, yet he didn’t willing to think too much.

Song Ting Yu smiled and said: “Song Zhen Hai told me that his lawyer had looked for you. He wanted to negotiate with you. It’s a pity that you are unwilling to meet him. Now I think I need to thank you. If that time you went there maybe I cannot catch you?”

Gu Dong Cheng’s eyes turn furious: “Give me the photos….!”

He extended his hand to snatch it, Song Ting Yu let him to snatch it. Then laughed: “What is the use of having my phone, you think I only have a copy of it? These important photos already being copied!”

“Song Ting Yu, you really block my way out.”

“Gu Dong Cheng, you still have face to say that word to me?”

Gu Dong Cheng suddenly stood up and took a bottle of wine. He smashed it and in next second he wanted to attack Song Ting Yu.

Song Ting Yu had anticipated it, he pursed his lips and avoided it. He used a chair to smash his body.

Gu Dong Cheng didn’t expect that after his hand was smashed. He looked that she was surrounded by polices as they rushed inside.

“I’ve reported to the police.” Song Ting Yu said calmly.

He pointed at Song Ting Yu: “Song Ting Yu, you’ve arranged to frame me!”

“I already reported to the police.” Song Ting Yu said calmly.

Gu Dong Cheng noticed the polices moved closer to catch him. All the people inside the restaurant were screaming and running way because of the polices. Gu Dong Cheng retreated several steps and suddenly caught a woman. He took one of the fork and pointed at her neck.

The woman was terrified and started to cry, Gu Dong Cheng yelled at her: “Don’t make a noise!”

Her neck was pressed by the knife and bled a little. She immediately didn’t dare to move around and said: “I will not, I will not make a noise…”

Gu Dong Cheng said to them: “If you move any closer, I will kill her.”

“Don’t act carelessly.” The chief of the police said.

“Let’s see whether you will move forward or not. Go away, go away now.”

The chief of police told the other polices to stop moving and just stood there.

“What do you want?”

“I don’t want anything. I just want save my own life. Give me a way out.”

“Gu Dong Cheng.” The other police said. “We have surrounded this place. You have no way out now. You cannot run away. Let her go now!”

Gu Dong Cheng was impatient. He just laughed coldly: “You will nog go away right? Don’t blame to hurt her!”

He said it and stroked the knife to that woman’s neck. The woman immediately cried in pain.

All of the polices watched him and startled.

“Stop, don’t act carelessly.”

The woman was bleeding.

Gu Dong Cheng said once more: “Move away. I can do anything, don’t force me to do anything crazier!”

The polices knew that Gu Dong Cheng can kill that woman.

“Move away.” The chief of police ordered.

“Chief Chen.”

“Move away!”

The polices moved away. Gu Dong Cheng slowly went toward the door with his hostage.

Song Ting Yu wasn’t willing to let Gu Dong Cheng to run away. He silently followed him.

Gu Dong Cheng slashed Song Ting Yu when he noticed that he followed him outside. Gu Dong Cheng pulled the woman’s hair and got inside the car.

The woman asked him: “Where are you taking me to?”

Gu Dong Cheng didn’t say anything and drove quickly.

The polices chased after him


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