Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 437

“Right, let’s go to his house. I want to have those photos.” Song Ting Yu was somewhat emotional, he wasn’t as calm as before.

Madame Song’s case has been dragged for two years. He couldn’t find a way to punish Gu Dong Cheng according to the law. Finally he could find evidences, how can he not be emotional?

“If we just go inside like this, Song Zhen Hai’s wife, I’m afraid will not allow us. If we said that we want to take Song Zhen Hai’s things, supposedly she wouldn’t allow us anymore. I hear that his wife doesn’t care about him anymore. She hates him so much.” Tang Zi Chu said.

Song Ting Yu thought about it for a while: “Don’t you have someone you know from the police station? You should ask them to do it. Oh right, let’s not make it public first to avoid inadvertently alert enemy. We shouldn’t let Gu Dong Cheng know.”


Tang Zi Chu handled this thing. They know someone from the police. He went to Song Zhen Hai’s house by means of investigating his case. He went to his study room and found those photos inside his laptop. He passed it to Song Ting Yu.

Song Ting Yu and Tang Zi Chu were waiting outside. They looked at the photos seriously.

The photos showed Gu Dong Cheng was fighting and arguing with Madame Song. They were pulling and pushing each other.

There’s another photo which captured the moment Gu Dong Cheng pushed Madame Song.

The last photo was showing Gu Dong Cheng got rid of the evidence.

Those photos were discovered after two years. Tang Zi Chu pursed his lips: “Unexpectedly he can act so calmly after killing someone. He didn’t even show any guilty expression. He just went to wash his hand and tidy up all the evidence. He took the CCTV. What did he feel that time….”

“What did he feel?” Song Ting Yu laughed coldly for a while and took out his cigarette: “He hates Song family that much, what else can he feel?”

Tang Zi Chu didn’t say anything more. He just sighed: “Now what should we do? Chief Song?”

“I will handle it.”

“Chief Song, you will look for Gu Dong Cheng?” Tang Zi Chu asked.

Song Ting Yu nodded: “But I will not go now, tomorrow.”

Song Ting Yu went home and sat down on the sofa. He called Su Ran: “Let me show you something?”

Su Ran came over and sat down beside him: “What is it?”

Song Ting Yu took out his phone and opened his gallery. He passed the phone to Su Ran : “Look at it.”

Su Ran took the phone and looked at it seriously: “This is……”

“Song Zhen Hai gave it to me.”

“How can he have these photos?” Su Ran was very surprised.

Song Ting Yu hugged her shoulder: “Do you remember the time I was caught there’s a young nurse that testified against me?”

Su Ran nodded: “She said that she didn’t see what really happen. But she just heard some noises inside.”

“Em. Yet actually she is lying. She is the one that took these photos. That time she left something inside Grandma’s sickroom and bumped into Gu Dong Cheng. Then she watched Gu Dong Cheng killed Grandma….”

Su Ran asked: “How can these photos be in Song Zhen Hai’s hand?”

“Song Zhen Hai was in relationship with her. Gu Dong Cheng doesn’t know that the young nurse had these photos. The young nurse killed herself last year because she felt guilty. Song Zhen Hai found it strange so he investigated. He found out her diary and these photos.”

“Song Zhen Hai had helped Gu Dong Cheng to hide it…”

“Song Zhen Hai just wants to be prepared..”

Su Ran was confused: “Since it’s the way, then why didn’t he find Gu Dong Cheng, and just looked for you?”

Song Ting Yu smiled: “For this I should thank Gu Dong Cheng. Song Zhen Hai asked his lawyer to find Gu Dong Cheng, but he was unwilling to meet him so Song Zhen Hai asked his lawyer again to find me.”

“You met him today?”

Song Ting Yu nodded.

He hugged her: “today we can find a solid evidence. Gu Dong Cheng should have no way out. Su Ran, we’ve waited for so many years for solving Grandma’s case. Finally we can solve it….”

“It’s just…..” Song Ting Yu said: “Grandma used to be loving to Gu Dong Cheng. But he killed Grandma, he needs to be punished.”

Su Ran knew that Song Ting Yu was really sad.

Grandma died in the hands of her own grandson.

Grandma in her lifetime was strong and powerful, she also did a lot of awful things but she really wanted the best for Song family. She was thinking for her own relatives.

Su Ran patted his shoulder: “Don’t be sad. Now there’s finally a closure for this case. Gu Dong Cheng did a lot of awful things, he needs to be punished. At last Tian Mi can get rid off him, she wouldn’t be hurt anymore.

Song Ting Yu kissed Su Ran’s temple: “Em.”

Gu Dong Cheng had a meal in the restaurant. He didn’t have any appetite, he just kept on drinking.

Suddenly someone appeared in front of him. He raised his head and smiled: “Recently Chief Song seems to have a new hobby. You turn to be fond of appearing in my face. What is it, isn’t you hate me, why you like to come and meet me?”

Song Ting Yu sat down in front of him: “I come to tell you something.”

“You want to tell me that you’ve found Gao Huan? Gao Sheng will immediately report me to the police?”

Song Ting Yu shook his head and smiled: “I come to tell you, the truth that you don’t know.”

Song Ting Yu placed a folder on the table: “This is the result that I found when I investigated the project of Gu family. You think that Song family snatched the project so Gu family had no chance to recover. You will know the time you see it, the reason why grandma and grandpa snatched it.”

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