Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 436

Madame Song?

Song Ting Yu narrowed his eyes.

Lawyer Li felt unease to stay there any longer so he stood up: “Alright, Mr Song. I’ve said what should I pass on. I will leave now.”

“Wait.” Song Ting Yu stopped him: “You are saying the truth?”


Song Ting Yu waved his hand and let Tang Zi Chu to send Lawyer Li off. He returned back to his office room.

“Chief Song, what does Song Zhen Hai have related to Madame Song?”

“Let’s see.” Song Ting Yu said calmly.

Song Ting Yu and Tang Zi Chu went to the detention center. Song Zhen Hai was brought outside and noticed them. He smiled: “You finally come here.”

Song Ting Yu examined him: “What is it?”

“I heard that I will be facing the death penalty.” Song Zhen Hai didn’t answer Song Ting Yu’s question: “Ting Yu, do you have any way to help me? I will not let you regret it. As long as you help me, I will pay you back.”

“Why should I help and trust you?” Song Ting Yu laughed coldly: “Just based on your words? You think I will help you? Don’t you know what have you done?”

“Song Ting Yu, at first I looked for Gu Dong Cheng but he was unwilling to come so I just can find you. Gu Dong Cheng had utilized me and he didn’t want to mind me anymore….”

Gu Dong Cheng already knows about Song Zhen Hai and Jiang Rou’s affair. How can he be willing to meet and help Song Zhen Hai again?

Song Ting Yu looked at him: “Song Zhen Hai, today I come here not because I want to hear your stories with Gu Dong Cheng. I am not interested with your stories and matters. If you have something to say, just say it directly. You think you still in the position or have a choice? Song Zhen Hai, I am not afraid to tell you. I will not help you with anything. You have no way to change your punishment. If you give out everything that can harm Gu Dong Cheng, wouldn’t you be able to fall together with Gu Dong Cheng?”

Song Zheng Hai’s face paled up: “You are not willing to help me?”

Song Ting Yu shook his head: “That year what you did to my family. I think I don’t need to mention it, you should know it clearly? What is your right to ask my help? You think I will help you?”

“But I have something you need the most….”

Song Ting Yu just cut him off calmly: “Then think about it do you have any choice. If you keep that things forever then Gu Dong Cheng will be so pleased. If you give it out, then hen will fall down. So choose.”

“Honestly, today your downfall, isn’t it Gu Dong Cheng’s action?” Song Ting Yu looked at him: “Song Zhen Hai, don’t forget you are also part of Song family!”

Song Zhen Hai’s body turned stiffed then nodded: “Right, I also part of Song family….”

“So can you speak now?”

“I know that year Madame Song was killed by Gu Dong Cheng.”

Song Ting Yu pursed his lips and didn’t say anything. He waited for his explanation.

“Actually for that case, there’s an eyewitness…”

“You saw it?” Song Ting Yu asked.

Song Zhen Hai shook his head: “Not me. There’s a young nurse who took care of Madame Song. The one testified against you. She said that before she got inside Madame Song’s sickroom, she heard some noises. After you and Song Ming Xuan left, that nurse stayed in the room. Afterwards, Madame Song said that she wants to take a rest and asked her to leave. Gu Dong Cheng just got inside at that time. The young nurse returned to her office but she noticed that she forgot her tray so she wanted to return. She bumped into Gu Dong Cheng. Madame Song and Gu Dong Cheng were fighting and arguing. Afterwards, Gu Dong Cheng pushed Madame Song toward the table. Her head bumped to the corner and die….”

Song Ting Yu looked at Song Zhen Hai: “How can you know about it clearly?”

“I and that young nurse had some relations…” Song Zhen Hai said: “That year Gu Dong Cheng noticed that I was in relation with that young nurse so he secretly arranged for her to take care of Madame Song to make things easy for him.”

“Then what happened? Where’s the young nurse now?”

“She is dead. She is dead.” Song Zhen Hai sighed: “Last year. At first she was a good one and lively, but after Madame Song’s case, she turned very absent-minded. She kept on having nightmare. That time I didn’t care too much and just received the news that she is dead. I found it strange so I came to visit her house. I found a diary from her cupboard. She noted in detail about Madame Song’s murder. She wrote that she took some photos during the crime. That time she was so surprised and afraid that Gu Dong Cheng will kill her too so she didn’t dare to come inside.

“I found the photos in her computer. Gu Dong Cheng doesn’t know about this. He asked her to testify. She felt guilty so she chose to commit suicide by jumping from high building.

“Where’re the photos now?”

“In my house. In my computer.”

“That time why didn’t you give the photos to Gu Dong Cheng?”

Song ZHen Hai said: “I want to leave a way out for me. I didn’t expect that way also couldn’t help me.”

Song Ting Yu stood up and said: “Thank you.”

He always looks for evidences for Madame Song’s case. All people thought that there’s no eyewitness, no evidence. He didn’t expect that he could get it from Song Zhen Hai.

No matter what, Song Ting Yu feels grateful.

In the end finally, Gu Dong Cheng will be punished for what he did. They found important evidences for Madame Song’s case. Gao Sheng also will testify againt him.

His downfall wouldn’t be better than Song Zhen Hai.

They left the detention room and got inside the car. Tang Zi Chu asked: “Chief Song, should we go to Song Zhen Hai’s house now?”


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