Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 431

“What?! Let me stay here again?!”

“Just bare with it. It’s too troublesome right now. The police doesn’t allow you to come out.” Father Lin said.

Lin Tian You really didn’t want to stay here any longer: “When can I come out?”

“Tian You, you are not impetuous person, how can you not be patience? Since Cheng Huan and Ding Chen’s engagement, why do you change to be more “shortsighted” person? You are here this time, it’s because you are too anxious!”

Lin Tian You bit his lips. He knows that Father Lin actually partially fond after him. He hopes that he could inherit all Lin family’s assets so he keeps on helping him. But after Lin Cheng Huan and Ding Chen’s engagement, that Ding Cheng started to suppress him anywhere!

Lin Tian You nodded: “I understand, Pa. I will change. But how can without any reason Zhang family made a fuss and called the reporter, who did it?”

“I asked someone to investigate it.” Father Lin pondered for a while: “Is Gao Sheng Gu Dong Cheng’s people?”

Lin Tian You nodded: “This is Gao Sheng’s act.”

“I couldn’t determine it yet. But last night indeed he went to Zhang house.”

“He–” Lin Tian You laughed coldly: “at first Zhang An Nan’s matter can be handled well. Why should they expose it. How can without reason Gao Sheng came to Zhang house? I don’t believe that this is unrelated to Gu Dong Cheng? Gu Dong Cheng should be want to throw stones at me who is down!”

“Anyway, you need to stay here first. Don’t think too much. Temporarily you cannot go out. Now Zhang family has no evidence, but Zhang An Nan’s mother come to the police and cry there for a whole day. You know public opinion is a great way to attract attention. The police will reinvestigate the case, it will be troublesome if they find an evidence that pointed at you.”

“Gu Dong Cheng unexpectedly dares enough to attack me. Okay, then he is heartless, I will accept any injustice. If there’s an evidence, I will let him fall down too with me.”

“Nonsense.” Father Lin cut him off: “I will leave first, you need to mind yourself.”

“How can I mind myself here? After I come out, I am afraid there’s no position left for me right?”

Father Lin’s body stiffen but he didn’t say anything further and just left.

After Father Lin left, Lin Cheng Huan and Ding Chen came by.

Lin Tian You didn’t want to meet them. He also didn’t want to waste any time with them: “Why are you here?”

“We come to visit you.” Ding Chen smiled brightly: “We come to see you dispirited state.”

Lin Tian You smiled coldly: “Ding Chen, don’t be too arrogant. Those are mine, sooner or later it will return to me.”

“You are too good at joking, what are yours? You are just a bastard kid, what’s your right to say something like that? You are having wishful thinking, you want to control Lin family. Let me tell you as soon as possible wake up from your dream. If not Cheng Huan will not take into consideration his bit of blood relationship with you. He will be ruthless too.” Ding Chen continued to provoke him.

“He is underserved of my pity.” Lin Cheng Huan said.

Lin Tian You was angry. He understood that both of them came to humiliate him.

“Go away, right now go away!” Lin Tian You pointed at the door.

Ding Chen held Lin Cheng Huan’s arm and waved her hand: “You want to go away, then you can go away by yourselves. I and Cheng Huan prefer to stay here and see you go away.”

“You guys….!” Lin Tian You was furious.

Both Lin Cheng Huan and Ding Chen looked very happy.

Lin Tian You’s downfall, shouldn’t they enjoy it while it lasts?

Ding Chen recalled the time Lin Cheng Huan’s both legs almost being paralyzed because of Lin Tian You’s action so she tried so hard to attack him ruthlessly.

At last Lin Tian You left.

Ding Chen smiled and watched him. She hugged Lin Cheng Huan’s arm: “Nan Zhu, let’s go. There’s some smells here.”

“Didn’t you say that you want to stay here.”

“It’s just because I want to see him leave. It’s a pity.”

“Let’s go.” Lin Cheng Huan stroked her head and held her hand.

Ding Chen remembered something: “Nan Zhu, why does your father love Lin Tian You more? It’s clear that you are the most honorable heir, he unexpectedly fond of a bastard kid. Is he crazy? Although my Papa had a lot of women, but he is clear that no matter beautiful girlfriends he has, they are like pets. How can it be compared to his own daughter? Although he doesn’t love my Ma, but he treated her well. He only thought the one that is right to give birth to his kid is My Ma. My Ma didn’t have a good health, after me, she couldn’t conceive again but my Pa didn’t look for other women to give birth. When we compare both my pa and your pa, it’s clear your father is not in the right mind. He unexpectedly has other kid, ckck….”

Ding Cheng is unsatisfied with Father Lin’s love.

Lin Cheng Huan laughed bitterly: “He loves Lin Tian You’s mother. Of course he also loves their kid.”

“It’s okay. Who cherish his liking? You should be enough with my love.” Ding Chen hugged him and said it with her childish voice.

Lin Cheng Huan smiled; “Right, I am enough with your love.”

“Then in the future, will you follow your father’s path?”

Lin Cheng Huan shook his head: “It’s too troublesome to have a lot of woman, I am enough with you.”

Ding Chen smiled even brighter. At last, she tip-toed and pulled Lin Cheng Huan’s neck closer. She kissed him.

Lin Cheng Huan immediately felt embarrassed: “Chen Chen, this is police station.”

“So?” Ding Chen continued: “Who says that we cannot kiss here? Moreover there’s no one here.”

“Okay, let’s go.” Lin Cheng Huan held her hand and walked hurriedly because he also couldn’t think what will Ding Cheng do next.

Lin Cheng Huan is not that shameless guy………..


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