Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 430

Gao Sheng hung up and Lu Zhan frowned: “What does Song Ting Yu want to do? Aren’t you Gu Dong Cheng’s assistant?”

Gao Sheng stayed in Lu Zhan’s office for a period of time. Song Ting Yu called him back. Gao Sheng answered it and slowly left the room.

Lu Zhan lent him a coat. Gao Sheng wore it and directly went to the parking area. Song Ting Yu was waiting for him there.

Gao Sheng looked for Song Ting Yu’s car and got inside. He took off his coat: “Mr Song, I fail.”

Actually Song Ting Yu didn’t really know what he did before: “What did you do?”

Song Ting Yu asked him and drove his car out the parking area. They were leaving the hospital area.

“Last night I knelt down outside the door for a whole night. This morning the time he let me inside. I secretly installed a recording app in my phone but maybe because I was too careless. Gu Dong Cheng’s bodyguard noticed it so Gu Dong Cheng knew it. After that he snatched my phone and wanted me to cut my tongue to prevent me to go to police.”

“Afterwards Gu Dong Cheng’s doctor in charge suddenly came to visit so I could run away. Mr Song, now I run away, I am worried about my little sister will be in trouble, what should I do? With me running away, will Gu Dong Cheng vent his anger to my sister?” He was silent and suddenly yelled: “Stop the car!”

“What is it?” Song Ting Yu frowned.

“Mr Song, I think about it. For my sister’s safety, I should go back. I should come Gu Dong Cheng. I will let him do whatever he wants to me, then let him to let go of my sister.” Gao Sheng wanted to open the car’s door.

Song Ting Yu locked the door so Gao Sheng couldn’t leave.

“Don’t be too naive. Today you’ve ran away once. According to his temper, you think he will let you to? That time he maybe will kill both of you.”

Gao Sheng was worried so he thought it too rushingly. Actually he understands Gu Dong Cheng too well, he knows that Song Ting Yu’s words are true.

“Now what should I do? I couldn’t just watch my sister be harmed by Gu Dong Cheng right?”

Song Ting Yu glanced at him: “Okay, don’t be too sad. I believe that he will not do anything yet. Temporarily Gu Dong Cheng will not hurt your sister. He is also afraid that with your raging temper, you will do anything. Now you need to hide. Don’t let Gu Dong Cheng find you.”

“Is it enough?”

“Em, don’t worry.” Song Ting Yu nodded: “Oh right, Lin Tian You and Gu Dong Cheng, they both work together to do a lot of bad things right?”

Gao Sheng nodded: “Yet Gu Dong Cheng is very careful. He is prepared very well and cautious. So he will not leave any trail.”

“But now Lin Tian You is caught. Wouldn’t Gu Dong Cheng be afraid that Lin Tian You will involve him?”

“It seems Gu Dong Cheng has asked someone to watch after Lin Tian you. Now Lin Tian You is caught because of financial crime. He shouldn’t be stupid enough to let himself to be charged with other crimes, right? Wouldn’t it be like a stupid act of dying? Except if the police can track something following clues. Yet I don’t think Lin Tian You will easily involve Gu Dong Cheng?” Gao Sheng said.

“Try it..” Song Ting Yu looked at Gao Sheng. “Lin Tian You’s case temporarily will be okay. According to my thinking, tomorrow he will come out. Although it’s unclear, but he doesn’t need to stay there.”

“Mr Song, what do you want me to do?”

“Lin Tian You should not know that you already betray Gu Dong Cheng right? You can do that…” Song Ting Yu said lowly and instructed him.

“Okay, I will do it tomorrow.”

“You should seize the moment. Just do it tonight.” Song Ting Yu smiled.


“Em.” Song Ting Yu nodded, “Later on you can get off there and take taxi to Zhang An Nan’s house.”


The next morning, Lin Tian You was waiting for his lawyer. Finally he can leave this hell. This life time, he never lived in a disgusting place as this.

His days here are like years.

Luckily his father loves him so much, so he does his best to release him.

Yet Lin Tian You waited for a long time.

Finally someone came inside: “Lin Tian You, someone is looking for you.”

Lin Tian You came out and met his lawyer. It’s not only his lawyer but also his father.

“Pa, why are you here?”

“You a you this time you are really unlucky….” Father Lin sighed.

“What happened? Shouldn’t I come out now? I was just too careless. Next time I will be careful, this will not happen again.”

“Now it’s getting more and more complicated, how can this be simple? You think you just violate financial rule?”

“What’s other violation I made?”

“Several years ago, you bribed Cheng Huan’s assistant, Zhang An Nan, then did you kill him?”

“How do you know?”

“Don’t ask me how do I know. You just need to answer me, yes or no.”

Lin Tian You just nodded: “Yes, what happened?”

“At first, Zhang An Nan’s family member just regarded him to be missing because they couldn’t find his corpse. But last night, one of his family member made fuss at police station. He said that he is dead. Moreover, they said that it’s your doing.”

Lin Tian You’s face changed: “Who said it?”

Father Lin didn’t answer his question, he just continued: “The family member last night just said out loud in front of police station that you killed Zhang An Nan. You shouldn’t be released. Zhang’s family members are also very smart, they called the media to publish the moment. It’s became the headline news. I’m afraid that police will not ignore this…”

“So it has successfully make trouble? All people know about this? Who did betray me?”

“Yes.” The lawyer finally spoke up: “At first you can go out today. But with this situation so Mr Lin now temporarily cannot go out. You need to stay here


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