Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 429

Gu Dong Cheng shrugged his shoulder: “Gao Sheng, you have no other choices.”

Gao Sheng knew that he has no other choice. He didn’t have any right to discuss conditions with Gu Dong Cheng.

He took the knife and closed his eyes. When he was about to put it on his neck, Gu Dong Cheng said: “What are you doing?”

Gao Sheng opened his eyes and Gu Dong Cheng was pointing at his knife: “Why do I want your life? Your life is too inexpensive, it’s unworthy. What can I do with it? I just want you to be unable to open your mouth? Okay?”

Gu Dong Cheng pointed at the bathroom: “You can do it there. When you are done just flush it. Oh right, clean up the blood. This is hospital, I don’t want to make any trouble.

At this time, there’s a sound. Everyone inside the room was in alert. Gu Dong Cheng looked at his bodyguards and signaled one of them to open the door.

The bodyguard opened the door. It was Gu Dong Cheng’s doctor in charge, the hospital’s vice-president.

“Mr Gu, I come to check you.”

Gu Dong Cheng looked at him: “When did you come?”

“Just before.” The vice-president of hospital was startled: “Mr Gu, what is it?”

“Did you hear anything?”

“Mr Gu, I just heard some noises from inside. I thought something bad happened. Now I come by to look at you. There’s a lot of people here, are you discussing about work? I’ve told you so many times, you need a good rest. Don’t think too much and be too stress. How can you not listen to a doctor’s advice?” The old doctor showed his helplessness.

Gu Dong Cheng was silent and said: “I’m sorry. I couldn’t be unoccupied.”

The vice-president looked at the three other people inside the room: “You guys can wait outside. Don’t stay here, let the patient have a good rest please.”

Two bodyguards glanced at Gu Dong Cheng. Gu Dong Cheng waved his hand so they left. Gao Sheng also followed them to leave. The door was closed and suddenly there’s a lot of noise outside.

The vice-president was startled when he heard it: “What happened?”

“It’s nothing. Just do your job.”

The vice-president nodded and didn’t say anythign motre.


Gao Sheng is very quick. The time the door was closed, he immediately ran away from those two bodyguards.

This is his only chance to run away so he needs to seize it.

He used his power to run away but those two bodyguards kept on chasing after him. At last, Gao Sheng noticed an employee were pushing a cart. He pushed the cart to stop those two bodyguards.

Gao Sheng looked around and pondered. He then pushed one of the doctor’s office door and came inside.

“Doctor Lu.” Gao Sheng called.

Lu Zhan was reading a medical record and was startled when he noticed Gao Sheng: “Why are you here?”

Because last time Lu Zhan was Gu Dong Cheng’s doctor in charge. Gao Sheng had interacted with Lu Zhan when he asked about Gu Dong Cheng’s condition. Gao Sheng knew his office. When he ran way before, he thought to go to Lu Zhan’s office because it was close. He wanted to hide inside Lu Zhan’s office for a while.

Lu Zhan is Song Ting Yu’s friend. Gao Sheng thinks it will be safe to hide in his place.

“Doctor Lu, there’s someone chasing me. Let me hide here for a while.” Gao Sheng was losing his breath.

“Are you be chased before debt? They chase after you to the hospital?” Lu Zhan smiled.

“Mr Lu, now I have no time to joke around with you. I will be in trouble if I am too late.”

“Why should I let you hide here?” Lu Zhan folded his hands and leant on his chair.

“Because you are Song Ting Yu’s friend.”

Lu Zhan was unhappy: “Why should you say that? I’m not happy with it. I am not a friend with Song Ting Yu. How can I have that kind of friend?”

Gao Sheng heard steps outside. Gu Dong Cheng’s bodyguards still chased after him. Gao Sheng hid under Lu Zhan’s spacious table.

Lu Zhan was suprised: “Wow, you will hide here?”

Why this seemed to be too vulgar? is he thinking too much?

He was about to talk further, but there’s a knock outside the door. Lu Zhan sat up and said: “Come inside.”

The two bodyguards came inside. Lu Zhan glanced at them: “What is it? Are you unwell? Come and sit down.”

“Doctor, we are not here for your check up.”


“We are looking for someone?”

Lu Zhan put down his pen and looked at them. He smiled brightly: “How can you come to find people here? What do you think my office is? Is it a market?”

One of the bodyguard ignored him and looked around the room.

Lu Zhan laughed and pointed at the door: “It’s best that you guys go away. If not I will call the security guard.”

“You…!” One of the bodyguard glared at Lu Zhan. Just in time, the other one pulled him.

“I’m sorry. We will leave now.”

Both of the bodyguards thought that the doctor will not be dared enough to hide anyone. They thought Gao Sheng wasn’t in the room.

“Help me close the door.”

The door was closed. Gao Sheng still hid under the table. He waited for a while because he was worried that they will come back. Yet Lu Zhan kicked him: “Why are you still there, how long do you want to stay there?”

Gao Sheng rubbed his nose: “I don’t expect you to be this kind of Doctor Lu.”

Lu Zhan pointed at himself and smiled coldly: “What about me? What kind of Doctor Lu I am?”

“I thought Doctor Lu was a gentle and kind doctor.”

Lu Zhan: “…. Now you think that I am not.”

Gao Sheng smiled: “Doctor Lu before you kicked me.”


Gao Sheng smiled and pointed at Lu Zhan’s phone on the table: “Doctor Lu, can I borrow your phone?”


Gao Sheng was worried and just ignored his rejection. He took it and dialed Song Ting Yu’s number: “Mr Song, now I am at the hospital. Gu Dong Cheng almost sliced out my tongue…. Now I am at Mr Lu’s office room…..”


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