Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 426

Su Ran nodded: “Chen Chen is too great. In the future, she will definitely be happy with Lin Cheng Huan, but Tian Mi now is too…”

Now she was too worried about Tian Mi.

She was still pregnant. Sooner or later it will be known. Her mother wanted her to recover then abort the kid. But if Gu Dong Cheng found out about it, it will be so troublesome.

Tian Mi and Tang Zi Chu already experienced a lot of things. Su Ran really hoped that they will not be in trouble anymore.

Su Ran notices that Tian Mi has feelings toward Tang Zi Chu, she wishes they could live happily together.

Song Ting Yu stroked Su Ran’s head: “In the past I told you that Grandma had a safety box placed abroad. There’s a lot of things put inside. I found a lot evidences about Jiang Rou and Song Zhen Hai’s relation inside it. Two days ago, I asked someone to bring it home. I searched inside the box and noticed Grandma’s diary. In the past, she loved to write diary. But because she was too old and her eyes were not good, so she stopped.”

“What’s inside?”

“That year Gu family’s downfall, Gu Dong Cheng thinks that grandma and grandpa just watched without lifting a finger to help, they just be impervious to their suffering and let Gu family fell apart, right?”

“Right. He thinks that way. I’ve heard it so many times from him.”

“Gu Dong Cheng thinks that Song family snatched away Gu family’s project, but when I read Grandma’s diary, Grandma wrote that the project was unreliable so she stopped it. Originally Gu family was already in abyss of suffering, if they accepted the project, it would be even worst. But Gu Cheng Hai was too willful so Grandma used the last way…”

“Grandma took over the project, but wouldn’t it make Song family also suffer a damage?”

“It’s not bad. Song family’s foundation was good. Although there’s a problem for short period but it could be solved quickly. It’s not a great attack for Song family but if it’s Gu family, it will be a big trouble. However, Grandma and Grandpa’s sacrifice wasn’t welcome by Gu Cheng Hai…” Song Ting Yu said, “He indeed is related with Gu Dong Cheng. He was full of himself and his own thinking. He stubbornly insisted that he is the right one.”

“Do you find any evidence?”

“Em, I will. I am investigating it.”

Suddenly the door was knocked.

Su Ran opened the door and noticed it was Auntie Fang: “Mrs, Mister, there’s a guest downstair. He said he is Mr Gao.”

Gao Sheng?

Su Ran and Song Ting Yu looked at each other. Why would Gao Sheng look for them? It’s also late at night….

“Let’s go down.” Song Ting Yu stood up and passed by Su Ran: “Are you going down? It’s better for you to stay and have a shower so you can rest early.”

Su Ran also wanted to know what had happened: “let me follow you.”

Because Su Ran was pregnant now so Auntie Fang stayed in the house. She went to the kitchen and prepared drinks for them. Gao Sheng waited in the living room.

Gao Sheng stood up from the sofa when he heard Song Ting Yu and Su Ran came down: “Mr Song, Mrs Song, I’m sorry to come by this late at night.”

Song Ting Yu and Su Ran sat on the opposite side of him: “What happened?”

When Gao Sheng was about to say something, Auntie Fang came out and served them drinks.

Song Ting Yu glanced at her: “Auntie Fang, you can go rest first. We can take care of ourselves.”


Auntie Fang left and Song Ting Yu said: “What happened? Is it Gu Dong Cheng who let you come here?”

“No, I come by because of my own will. I just want to tell you that I already severe my relation with Gu Dong Cheng. I hate myself to be unable to destroy him….”

Su Ran was startled for a while because she could notice hatred expression from Gao Sheng. It’s not an act, it’s a true. She looked at Song Ting Yu again.

She didn’t say anything.

Song Ting Yu was silent for a while: “Is Gu Dong Cheng hurt your sister? Is it because you release Father Tian’s location?”

Actually it’s not hard to guess because Gu Dong Cheng is ruthless and cunning man. He wouldn’t easily let Gao Sheng off by releasing Father Tian. Gao Sheng is really cared for his sister.

Gao Huan is his weak spot. That time for Su Ran, Song Ting Yu also had caught Gao Huan.

Gao Sheng was loyal to Gu Dong Cheng. These years he always stayed beside Gu Dong Cheng.

Gao Sheng nodded and thought about his miserable sister in the hospital: “Yesterday morning, Gu Dong Cheng without any notice let someone caught my sister and raped him. The time I found her, she was about to commit suicide. If I was too late by a matter of second, I will just see her corpse….”

“I brought Huan Huan to the hospital. The doctor said that she was mentally unstable for now. She tried to commit suicide for several times. I didn’t dare to leave her until today. Her mood started to be better. Now I asked a nurse to come to take care of her and came by to see you guys.”

His clothes was covered with trace of red blood. Supposedly it was his sister’s blood.

Su Ran pursed her lips: “Gu Dong Cheng is a crazy guy!”

“I think he will be crazy soon….” Gao Sheng said: “Now he becomes even more violent. He couldn’t control himself….”

Song Ting Yu said: “So Gao Sheng, what do you want by looking for me this late of night?”


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