Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 421

Gu Dong Cheng regained himself and started to want to control the steering wheel.

This moment Tian Mi had released the steering wheel and smiled: “What’s the point of controlling the steering wheel, if there’s a problem with the brake?”

Gu Dong Cheng tried to move the steering wheel. The car just moved straight toward the van.

Then there’s a loud bumping sound. That moment, Tian Mi didn’t feel anything, she just felt sorry for her parents. She felt that she had disappointed Tang Zi Chu’s love for her. But she couldn’t endure this anymore……

Her body started to be in pain, then she lost her consciousness.

Gu Dong Cheng tried hard to sit up and wanted to pull her, but he was so powerless.

He couldn’t do anything and finally he also lost his consciousness.

Su Ran received a call from Mother Tian, she was at home with Song Wei Xi. The time she got a call, she asked Auntie Fang to take care of Song Wei Xi. Then she rushed to the hospital.

She was the third one to arrive. Mother Tian and Tang Zi Chu already waited outside the operation room.

Mother Tian took her handkerchief and watched the door closely. She was crying.

“How’s her condition now?” Su Ran looked at Tang Zi Chu.

“It’s not clear yet.” Tang Zi Chu said with his hoarse voice.

This happened probably because of Tian Mi felt so pressured because of Gu Dong Cheng’s threat that she could do something as dangerous as this. She wanted to die together with Gu Dong Cheng!

Su Ran sat beside Mother Tian and patted her shoulder: “Auntie, don’t cry. Tian Mi will be okay.”

Mother Tian said with sobs: “That kid is too stupid, how can she want to die together with Gu Dong Cheng? She is too stupid. If something bad happened to her, what should we do? I and Old Tian only have one kid…”

Su Ran felt sorry for her and rubbed her hand: “She will be fine.”

Very quickly, everyone else came to the hospital, including Song Ting Yu, Lin Cheng Huan, and Ding Chen.

Tian Mi was in the operation room for quite some time, then the door was opened. Mother Tian came forward and asked the doctor: “Doctor, how’s my daughter?”

The doctor looked at her: “She is not really in critical condition. It’s just her legs and arms have some injury. She already finished her surgery so you guys can be relieved.”

Hearing the doctor’s examination, everyone was so relieved.

Tian Mi was sent to the patient room.

Mother Tian watched her only daughter and thought about something: “Oh right, how’s the kid inside her womb?”

The doctor didn’t tell them before.

When Mother Tian wanted to ask about it, the doctor came over and checked her body.

Mother Tian asked: “Doctor, the kid….”

“Ms Tian is lucky, the kid is okay..”

Mother Tian’s face was paled. This moment she really hoped the kid is gone. After all, Tian Mi doesn’t want this kid.

Tian Mi woke up at the midnight. Mother Tian stayed inside the room all the time.

“Mi Mi, how are you now?”

Tian Mi looked at the ceiling and took a deep breath…..

She knew that she is alive and not yet die…..

Actually there’s nothing wrong with the brake. She didn’t do anything to it, but she just wanted to die together with him.

With Gu Dong Cheng’s death, everyone can enjoy their live…..

Tian Mi clutched her mother’s hand: “What about Gu Dong Cheng? Is he dead?”

Because Gu Dong Cheng also stayed in the same hospital so even though Mother Tian didn’t care about him, but she can get the news. Gu Dong Cheng is okay.

She thought it is quite lucky because if something happened to Gu Dong Cheng and Tian Mi lives, she would be caught for a premeditated murder.

Mother Tian patted her hand: “He is not dead, he is still alive….”

Tian Mi was disappointed: “How can he is not dead….

Mother Tian looked at her face: “Mi Mi, how can you be this stupid? You think by dying together with him, you can solve everything? Is he worthy? You are too much. In the future, don’t do this again. If you are in trouble, what should I and your pa do? We only have you.”

“But I couldn’t think of another way….”

“There will be. There will be…. don’t do this again.” Mother Tian said.

Tian Mi didn’t say anything. She was silent for a while. Then she thought about something, she pressed her belly. Mother Tian knew her intention and pulled her hands: “He is gone….”

This was a way Mother Tian thought can solve the way. Tian Mi is her daughter. If Tian Mi knew that the kid is still alive, supposedly she will ask the doctor to abort it immediately. Mother Tian had asked the doctor before because of her accident, it will be too harmful to do the abortion immediately.

The doctor advised Mother Tian to urge Tian Mi to wait until she recovered well. So for preventing Tian Mi to do something stupid, Mother Tian decided to lie. She didn’t want her daughter to do something stupid again.


Mother Tian nodded: “For real.”

Tian Mi let go of her hand and laid down on the bed. She looked at the ceiling: “But what about Papa?”

“Okay. You just had your surgery. Don’t think too much. You need to have a good rest. Tonight Mama will stay here with you. Oh right, what do you want to eat? Xiao Tang went back to buy something to eat, he will come back soon….”

Tian Mi shook her head: “I don’t want to eat anything.”

The door was knocked by someone. It was Tang Zi Chu. He got inside with a plastic bag full of take out box.

This late at night, a lot of restaurants had closed. He should be running around to find a bowl of porridge for her.


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  1. Didn’t this mess get started because someone thought it was better to lie than tell the truth.How can anyone move on with the future embraced by lies. As soon as Papa Gu wakes up and asks the doctor the truth will be out. will he think of his mother’s death and let Tian Mi go? With his baby? To another man?

    Thank you for this update


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