Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 419

Tian Mi shook her head: “I’m okay. Pa Ma, why are you back now?”

“At first we just want to surprise you so we decided to come back earlier. We took a morning flight and arrived home at seven o’clock in the morning. But we noticed that you were not home. We found it strange and we tried to call your phone. It was off. Afterwards, Xiao Tang came and tried to find you. He was worried because he couldn’t reach you. Then all of us thought that you should be in some troubles. You were taken away. Except Gu Dong Cheng, who will be able to do that?”

“So you came here to find me?”

Father Tian answered: “Xiao Tang called several bodyguards of Tian Hai company. He determined to bring you home.”

Mother Tian’s eyes were red: “You are a stupid kid. How can you not tell us what happened to you? You also not tell us that you are pregnant, you are ….”

Mother Tian was heartbroken.

She recalled two months ago. The day Tian Mi came home and slept for a whole day. They thought that she was unwell. They didn’t expect her to being raped by Gu Dong Cheng!

“Pa, Ma, I’m sorry….”

“What are you sorry for? You are a stupid kid.” Father Tian sighed: “On the way before Xiao Tang had told us everything. If this didn’t happen, you would keep it to yourself? For how long will it be?”

Tian Mi told them honestly: “Anyway I will abort this kid. You guys will not know if I abort it.”

“Now, Gu Dong Cheng also knows about this..” Father Tian sighed.

“Tomorrow I want to abort this!” Tian Mi couldn’t wait any longer. She wanted to abort it immediately. She couldn’t think what will Gu Dong Cheng did to her.

“Mi Mi, Xiao Tang had told us about your current condition. You need to follow the doctor. We wouldn’t force you to keep it as Gu Dong Cheng needs to be responsible for what he did, what’s the point giving birth a kid for him. It’s irresponsible to for the kid.”

Father Tian didn’t want Tian Mi to give birth to Gu Dong Cheng’s kid but he didn’t want Tian Mi to be harmed.

Mother Tian also said: “Let’s go see the doctor tomorrow. If it is possible, then we could have the operation as soon as possible.”

When they arrived home, Father Tian pondered and said: “Mi Mi, tidy up your things and go stay at Xiao Tang’s house. I am worried that Gu Dong Cheng will do something if you stay here. Go stay at Xiao Tang’s house so we could be relieved. He could protect you.”

Tang Zi Chu also suggested it, he didn’t expect that Father Tian could say it before him: “Tian Mi…..”

Tian Mi shook her head: “I will not.”

“Mi Mi……” Father Tian asked: “Why?”

“I want to stay at home.” Tian Mi sat down on the sofa and insisted.

Mother Tian also urged her: “Mi Mi, don’t be stubborn. It’s safer to stay at Xiao Tang’s house. I think that Gu Dong Cheng is really crazy guy. He will do anything to keep you. Listen to us, please.”

“Ma, I say I will not go. I will be careful.”


“Uncle, auntie.” Tang Zi Chu finally spoke up: “Just let her stay here. I will call someone to watch over her. It will be okay.”

“Okay, but…” Father Tian sighed and sat down on the sofa.

Tang Zi Chu looked at Tian Mi: “I will go to work first. Call me if something happens.”

Actually he knows that Tian Mi will not go to his house because she doesn’t want make things hard for him. He isn’t afraid of Gu Dong Cheng, but he didn’t want her to think too much.

Tian Mi nodded: “Let me send you out.”

She followed him out to the door: “Drive safely.”

Tang Zi Chu looked at her and didn’t leave immediately. He clutched her hand: “Did Gu Dong Cheng do anything to you? Tian Mi don’t lie to me.”

Tian Mi looked at both of their hands and shook her head: “Nothing for real. Don’t worry. He knows that I’m pregnant. He will not do anything.”

Tang Zi Chu thought about it. Gu Dong Cheng really wants a kid. He will not harm the kid inside Tian Mi’s womb. He will think of the way to let the kid live and be born.

“Go and have a rest.” Tang Zi Chu knew that she should rest.

Tian Mi watched him leave and got inside the house. She ate her mother’s cooking and went upstairs to her room.

If it’s not because of her parents and Tang Zi Chu, now she should still be with Gu Dong Cheng.

Gu Dong Cheng knows that she is pregnant. If she didn’t abort it quickly, then in the future, Gu Dong Cheng will not give her a chance.

She didn’t want to involve with him.

Even she will die, she will not be afraid.

She stayed in the room for a moment but she didn’t sleep. Until it was the afternoon, she looked that her mother and father were having a nap. She took her car and went to the hospital.

She went to the doctor’s office and said directly. The doctor was startled: “Ms Tian, why should you be so worried? Couldn’t you wait any longer? Your health…”

Tian Mi just cut her off: “Doctor, I don’t mind the consequence. Anyway, I want to have the abortion surgery immediately.”

“Ms Tian, have you thought of the consequence?”

“I have. You said that I will have difficulty in conceiving in the future right?”

“Yes, so you…”

“I still want to do it.”


“Yes, now. Arrange it please.”

The doctor noticed Tian Mi was full of determination so she didn’t say anything more. She just shook her head and sighed: “okay, please wait. I will let someone to arrange it.”

Tian Mi sat there and waited. She especially turned off her phone to have the surgery peacefully.

After a while, the doctor was still not coming inside. When she was about to stand up and go outside to ask what happened. She heard the door as opened.


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