Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 414

“Grandma became an evildoer. That girl now is in the hospital. If she has no money to do surgery, she will not live pass this year. But for who Grandma did those things?”

“Gu Dong Cheng, you have a step-sister.”

“Nonsense!” Song Ting Yu didn’t finish his words and just being cut off.

Song Ting Yu was calm and passed him the clear plastic with the hair. He put it down on the table: “Whether I am talking nonsense or not, you can check it first. This is the girl’s hair. You will know when you do DNA test right?”

“Oh right, that year actually Auntie and Gu Cheng Hai also didn’t choose to commit suicide. Properly said, it should be auntie had an early plan to die together with him.”

Song Ting Yu just put the hair on the table and left.

Gu Dong Cheng looked at it and clenched his finger. He took the plastic. At first he just wanted to throw it away.

He felt it was absurd, why should he believe Song Ting Yu’s words?

Shouldn’t he be the one that clearly understand about his father?

Who is Song Ting Yu? He said that his father had an affair.

In his impression, his parents love each other. If it’s not because of Gu family’s critical condition and Song elders’ persistent of not helping, they would not be in despair and kill them selves?

Song Ting Yu came over to say that his father had an affair and his mother, was the one that prepared the suicide.

How can it be?

His father wouldn’t betray his mother!

Song Ting Yu should be a liar!

He kept on talking to himself to convince himself.

This moment he kept watching that clear plastic.

He wanted to throw it but finally she didn’t move.

So he just put it inside his pocket and left.

That night Gu Dong Cheng couldn’t sleep. He kept on thinking about that.

Several days before her mother’s suicide, her mental was very distracted. She frequently hid inside her room and cried. Moreover she was worried and threw things away. She said that Gu Cheng Hai is not a man…..

That time he thought it was because of Gu family’s critical condition so she felt the pressure.

But now he suddenly remembered that it seemed those days Gu Cheng Hai was not at home.

Gu Cheng Hai was not by his mother’s side…….

He felt there was something strange……

He didn’t want to trust Song Ting Yu but he wanted to verify it to broke Song Ting Yu’s words.

The next morning he got up. He took the clear plastic and directly went to the DNA checking agency.

After several days, he got a message to let him take the result.

After he got it, he opened it impatiently and flipped to the end page.

His face changed. Then he crumpled it.

He suddenly felt jittery and didn’t know what should he do……

The DNA shows that he and that Chen Mei’s daughter is related.

Yet he still didn’t believe it. Former days, Gu Cheng Hai treated his mother well, unexpectedly he could have a woman outside. Moreover, he planned to have a divorce to be with that woman……

In his memory, Gu Cheng Hai was not that kind of man.

Gu Cheng Hai. How can he betray his mother and be with another woman?

He leant on the chair and took a deep breath. He felt the pain and closed his eyes. Then he took out his phone and called Gao Sheng: “Help me to investigate the girl called Chen Wan who stayed in An City first hospital. Which room does she stay?”

He hung up and took a bottle of water. He drank it.

This moment his heart and body was full of anger and rage.

What happened to him?

Everything that he thought was true, now was being attacked.

Jiang Rou from his memory, was a soft and tender girl, but the truth she is selfish and greedy one.

His parents that he thought, love each other. Now turns out, he had an affair and a twenty-two years old daughter!

He thought that his parent committed suicide for the bankruptcy of Gu family but Song Ting Yu told him that his parent death is because his father’s betrayal to his mother that his mother chose to end both their life!

Why all of things progress outside of his expectation?

Gu Dong Cheng felt so heartbroken.

On one side he tried to convince himself that it was Song Ting Yu’s trick, but on the other side, his heart believed that truth……

If Chen Wan’s not his step-sister, then where did Song Ting Yu find those hair?

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  1. Heartbroken? .,….. he should have investigate his life history properly before nursing hatred and anger that leads to him becoming a devil incarnate. He ruined his life and all his love one’s.
    Thanks for the update dear, looking forward to more……..

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