Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 412

Song Ting Yu raised his eyebrows: “Is that your bed? It’s mine. You are just my girlfriend. The things inside the room is mine, it’s not yours.”

“Okay….”Su Ran was mad: “Then tonight I will go back to my Ma’s place to sleep, okay?”

“I’m just joking with you, what are you angry about?” Song Ting Yu immediately tried to calm her down. He picked a slice of beef to her bowl: “Come, eat more. Don’t be angry. If you come home today, your mom should think that you are fighting with me, that time she will be worry. It’s not good.”

“You are not fighting with me. You are discriminating me.”

“How can it be!” Song Ting Yu looked serious: “For learning difficulties, I always sympathize with it, I don’t discriminate it!”

After Su Ran finished her bath, she passed by Song Ting Yu’s side. He just let him be hyperactive.

He put down her book and came over the bed. He sat down beside her and moved closer: “Wife.”

Su Ran was still angry about his “discrimination”, now she was unwilling to look at him. She said: “Go away, who is your wife.”

“Who’s answering, she is my wife.”

Su Ran: “……”

She pulled her blanket: “How can we sleep so early? Before we sleep, we need to do some healthy activity right?”

Su Ran knew clearly what he meant.

Now she was unwilling to talk to him. She just wrapped herself in the blanket and ignored him.

Probably because this man is a barbarian, he hadn’t evolved so he just started to snatch her blanket away when he noticed that she was ignoring him. He just snatched it and threw it away.

Su Ran was angry and bit her lips. She kicked him: “Song Ting Yu, you are crazy!”

Song Ting Yu caught her ankle just in time and let her unable to move: “Recently do you frequently be together with Lu Zhan’s wife? Without any reason, just say “go away”, without any reason, just say me “crazy”? If you are not pregnant, do you believe that I will let you unable to get off the bed for a day?’

Su Ran pounded him with a pillow: “Song Ting Yu, you are a bastard. You are a perverted man!”

Song Ting Yu didn’t snatch her pillow. He just pressed her down and didn’t exert to much strength. He sticked his nose close to her delicate nose tip: “You still angry about that? Okay, I’m wrong. I admit my wrong, forgive me okay?”

Su Ran snorted coldly and just ignored him. She understood it clearly that this moment he admitted his wrong not because he felt it was wrong but he felt if he didn’t, she will not let him toucher. He admitted his wrong for satisfying himself!

“Don’t disturb my time to sleep!”

Su Ran said it and turned her body.

Song Ting Yu hugged her and pressed her shoulder: “Don’t sleep like that, it’s not good for the kid.”

Su Ran was angry that she forgot. She turned her body hurriedly. This man was waiting for her so the time she turned, he hugged her waist and kissed her red lips.

Su Ran’s response was extremely quick. She pushed his chest, but he still kissed him.

Song Ting Yu was happy.

Su Ran glared at him: “Song Ting Yu, I know you cannot control yourself.”

Song Ting Yu smiled: “My wife really understands me well.”

“I’m just your girlfriend.”

“Then tomorrow let’s register our marriage. Look at your belly it’s getting bigger. I should give you a status? After that let’s go for honeymoon?”

Su Ran waved her hands: “No need. Recently you are so busy, wait until you are free then we can go.”

“Then are you agreeing to register our marriage again?”

Su Ran nodded.

Song Ting Yu smiled: “So it turns out you are making a fuss for letting me register our marriage. You should tell me earlier, why should you use this kind of method?”

Su Ran: “…….”

A lot of people choose a good day to register their marriage. But Su Ran and Song Ting Yu didn’t. Song Ting Yu was impatient.

As long as they went to administration office that will be a good day.

The next day, they brought all the data and went to the administration office!

They once again registered their marriage. Song Ting Yu was emotional even though it was not his first time. But it was completely different feeling.

That year he was forced to register marriage with Su Ran. His face was cold and full of anger. He even didn’t look at her and just left when he was done.

Not far away, he heard one of the lady worker asked Su Ran: “Little lady, is it really your husband? Are you forced to get married? Do you have any sorrow? If you have any, you can tell us.”

But now it’s different. He was emotional and happy. The time he got it, he flipped and pointed at the photo: “I’m not really satisfied with this photo.”

In the car, Su Ran looked at it: “okay, it’s very good.”

“My smile is unnatural.”

Su Ran looked at it and his face: “Are you nervous? So your smile was a bit stiff?”

At first she just joked around, but Song Ting Yu nodded: “Yes.”

Su Ran: “….. What are you nervous about?”

They should be regarded as old couple…..

Song Ting Yu thought about it: “That time I was so nervous, I finally could marry you again.”

Su Ran sighed and shook her head. Even though they hadn’t registered their marriage before, but they has been together. This is just book.

“At night I will ask them out for dinner.”

“Okay.” Su Ran was also thinking about Tian Mi.

She nodded and sent message: “I and Song Ting Yu has registered our marriage, let’s have dinner at night.”

After a while, she got a lot of replies. Tian Mi also replied her.


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