Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 411

“…….” Su Ran pushed his hand away: “okay, let me go. You accompany Wei Xi here. I will get in and cook.”

“Auntie Fang, couldn’t do it?”

“Auntie Fang has some family matters today, I let her go home first.” Su Ran said.

Song Ting Yu looked around the house. Song Ming Xuan has recovered and he went to Jing Shan today. Supposedly he went to visit He Jin.

Song Wei Xi was doing his homework. Song Ting Yu moved closer to look at his work. He was doing his mathematic homework: “Son, this is grade three mathematic problems, you even don’t go to grade one, you can do this?”

Song Wei Xi glanced at him and took the other paper that he did before and passed it to him.

Song Ting Yu checked it all, unexpectedly there was no mistake at all. It’s all right!

Song Wei Xi knew that he had checked it and raised his head to see him. His eyes…. it’s hard to describe….

It seemed to say: “Don’t look down at me…”

Song Ting Yu looked at Song Wei Xi: “Wei Xi, you are this smart because you inherit my gene, understand? If you inherited your mother’s brain, you shouldn’t be able to solve third grade mathematic or even kindergarten one because your mother’s mathematic ability is lacking.”

Song Wei Xi frowned. Song Ting Yu knew he understood him so he raised his eyebrows: “You don’t believe me? Then let us try?”

“Su Ran.” Song Ting Yu yelled.

Su Ran came out from the kitchen and looked at both of them:”What happened?”

“Let me ask you a mathematic question.”

Su Ran was startled and looked unease: “I have no time now. I’m cooking.”

“You can do it and answer me.”

Noticing that Song Wei Xi was looking at her, she felt that she shouldn’t disappoint him by her poor performance so she just tried to be brave: “What is it?”

“27+325-34 =?”

Too difficult….

Su Ran was in daze. Her mind was blanked and almost used her hands to count.

Song Ting Yu leant on the sofa and waited for her answer. Song Wei Xi was also watching her.

“27, 325, 34….”

“Wait, let me find a calculator.”

Song Ting Yu said coldly: “Count it by yourself.”

Su Ran wanted to find her phone.

Song Ting Yu noticed her attempt and took her phone. He smiled elegantly: “Your phone is here. You should stand over there and count. If you couldn’t do it, then four of us will starve tonight.”

Su Ran blushed; “Song Ting Yu, you are bullying me too ruthless.”

“Then you can see it like that.” Song Ting Yu didn’t deny it and admitted it: “Hurry up, it’s already pass five minutes, how much is it?”

“Wait.” Su Ran yelled: “Don’t disturb me.”

She counted and finally said the answer: “386.”

Then she said: “I will get inside and cook again.” She just ran away as fast as she can inside the kitchen and locked the door.

Both father and son looked at each other, Song Ting Yu said: “Do you believe me now? Before your mother used ten minutes to count it. You can use ten minutes to do one third of the third grade mathematic paper right?”

Song Wei Xi nodded.

“Hurry up thank Papa. Thank me to have that great gene.”

Song Wei Xi: “……”

In the kitchen, Su Ran secretly felt that the answer was wrong, but she didn’t want to care about it……..

She finally done with her cooking and called Song Ting Yu to help to serve it out. She held Song Wei Xi’s hand to wash hand before eating. When she wiped his hands, he pulled her corner of lower hem of shirt and said to her ear: “318.”

This moment Su Ran’s mind was blank and her heart was full of happiness. She just knew that finally Song Wei Xi is talking again to her.

He talks….

“Wei Xi, did you just say something to me? Say it one more time okay?”

Song Wei Xi didn’t say it again.

Su Ran held his hand back to the dining room: “Ting Yu, before Wei Xi talked to me.”

Song Ting Yu was ladled out the soup from three of them: “Was he telling you the answer?”

Su Ran recalled it then wasn’t really sure: “Seems to.”

“Did he say 318?”

Su Ran said: “yes.”

“……How do you know?”

“Your math ability is really too lacking. Wei Xi also couldn’t endure it. How can you use ten minutes to solve that problem and be wrong. You are wrong. No wonder Song Wei Xi couldn’t hold himself to correct you.”

Su Ran: “……….”

“Wei Xi, did you really say 318 to me?”

Song Wei Xi nodded and started to drink his soup silently.

Su Ran immediately dejected. Song Ting Yu pulled her to sit down and passed a bowl of soup to her: “In the future you should buy pork brain and make soups with it. You should have more nutritious meal.”

He said it and pinched her face.

Su Ran patted his hand away: “Song Ting Yu, are you done?”

At first she was full of pent-up anger. This both father and son know that her math is lacking. They had deceived her!

She is just not good in math!

Song Ting Yu finally stopped and moved closer to her: “Not done. Tonight I will let you rub it to you.”

Su Ran glared at him: “Dream on!”

“What is it? Are you angry?”


“There’s no use to be angry. You are stupid.”

“Song- Ting – Yu!”

“Song Wei Xi can do third grade mathematic and it’s all right. You just used ten minutes to solve the simplest question and be wrong.” Song Ting Yu said: “You are not ashamed? That time you also taught him about mathematic problem? How can you teach him? You used your phone?”

Su Ran couldn’t hold herself anymore: “If you dare to say anything more, then later at night no need to sleep in my bed.”

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