Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 410

That time their car had some problem, the braking system was out of order and directly bumped into a truck. They both died on the spot.

That time everyone thought they committed suicide because Gu family couldn’t be helped anymore so at last they chose to suicide. Actually it was his auntie who wants to die together with Gu Cheng Hai.

“Your auntie did something at the braking system that the accident happened on the way to the administration office. So the truth is not like everyone thought that they committed suicide. I know the truth, both of Song elders also know about it……”

Song Ting Yu’s face changed: “My grandpa and grandma know about this?”

Chen Mei nodded: “After Gu Cheng Hai is dead, she came to find me and want me to abort my kid. She said that she wishes Gu Dong Cheng will not know about this matter in the future. She wants him to have a good memory about his parents. If I give birth to this kid, sooner or later Gu Dong Cheng will know so she wants to put an end to it….”

“For Gu Dong Cheng, she is really ruthless. Toward me, she is ruthless. I am not willing. She almost forced person to take me to the hospital to have abortion. At last I was afraid and I swallowed a drug in front of her. She gave me money to leave and not appear again for a life time.” Chen Mei’s eyes showed hatred: “It’s possibly because my daughter’s vitality is more tenacious so she didn’t die. I was afraid that Song family will find out so the next day I left An City. These year I’ve never returned. I just raised my daughter alone. But my daughter is weak, your grandmother’s money is useless. I spent all the money for her. For taking care of her I even cannot work anymore. The reason of her illness unexpectedly because that year I swallowed that drug!”

“I actually have no money, I heard that Madame Song is dead so I bring my daughter back to An City. All along she is Gu Dong Cheng’s step-sister. I want to see whether he will help her. Let her live. She is just a twenty two years old girl….” Chen Mei sobbed: “My daughter become like this, it’s because of your grandma’s action. If she didn’t force me to abort it, I will not swallow that drug. She is so ruthless because of Gdc. Unexpectedly she didn’t let go a kid!”

Song Ting Yu noticed the anger in her voice……

Yes, his grandma for Gu Dong Cheng is really too ruthless…

She can do anything…….

She is afraid that he will get hurt so she thinks of a way to prevent it.

She doesn’t want him to know the reason of his parents death. She wants him to know that his parents love each other and they love him so much so she hides it from him……

Even though he was twenty years old that time, she still controlled everything for him.

But Gu Dong Cheng doesn’t know what had she done for him.

Gu Dong Cheng hates her for everything that at last he is also the one that end her life….

Noticing Song Ting Yu was silent all the time, Chen Mei hesitated and said: “Mr Song….”

Song Ting Yu suddenly said: “Stop the car.”

The car stopped and he looked at her: “You can get off here.”

“Then the money..”

“I will let someone send it to you tomorrow.”

“Thank you Mr Song.”

Song Ting Yu glanced at her and said to her: “Don’t tell Gu Dong Cheng first.”

“I know.”

Su Ran knew that Song Ting Yu today went to see that Chen Mei so the time she noticed he was home. She undid her apron and came out from the kitchen. She said to him slowly: “Is there any clue after you met Chen Mei?”

Song Ting Yu was changing into his slipper and put his car key on the shelf. He directly sat down on the sofa and didn’t say anything. He undid his tie and leant on the sofa. He closed his eyes.

Su Ran felt something was wrong and came to his side: “What is it?”

Song Ting Yu hugged her and let her lean on his shoulder.

“Today Chen Mei’s words were emotionally stirring me.”

Su Ran put down her chin on his shoulder and looked at him. She smiled: “What is it?”

“Chen Mei said that Grandma is too ruthless. For Gu Dong Cheng, she can do anything…”

Although Su Ran didn’t know clearly what happened but when she thought about Jiang Rou, she agreed that Madame Song had done a lot for Gu Dong Cheng.

So what did Madame Song do to Chen Mei?”

“I also think that even though she did a whole lot for him, Gu Dong Cheng doesn’t know about it. He hates her for so many years. At last she was killed by him…”

Su Ran hugged him tightly: “Who is Chen Mei?”

“You probably don’t know it. Gu Dong Cheng’s father, my uncle is Gu Cheng Hai. Chen Mei was Gu Cheng Hai’s mistress that year.

Su Ran was surprised and left his embrace. She looked at him: “Then, Chen Mei’s daughter is….”

Song Ting Yu nodded: “She is Gu Cheng Hai’s daughter. Gu Dong Cheng’s step-sister.”

Song Ting Yu retold the story to Su Ran. Su Ran’s face was full of astonishment. She didn’t expect to hear all of this.

Chen Mei came back to ask for some money from Gu Dong Cheng in order to treat her ill daughter. She ruined Madame Song’s tomb because she is mad to her because of her past action.

This moment Su Ran and Song Ting Yu were feeling uncomfortable.

Su Ran helped to massage Song Ting Yu’s forehead: “Don’t think too much. Let me cook some foods for you…”

Song Ting Yu pulled her hands when she was about to stand up. He hugged her waist and pasted his face to her belly: “I miss you.”

Su Ran patted his hand: “speak in low voice. Wei Xi is there.”

“He will not understand.”

“Don’t you look down on your gene. Although Wei Xi is young, but he understands a lot of things…”

Song Ting Yu smiled; “Em, my gene is really good….”

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  1. Ting Yu is a true rogue. He is always in the market for sweet time with Su Ran. Is the Chen Mei for real? Her story is conceivable . But did it really happen that way?


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