Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 406

So she just arranged the lesson for Song Wei Xi as a table and gave it to Su Ran.

Su Ran looked at it and felt satisfied.

Tonight that teacher should come over and teach him, but now it was ten o’clock. She should be done with the lesson.

The time they got inside the house, there’s no one. The teacher should go home now and Song Wei Xi had asleep.

Song Ting Yu held several boxes of takeaway: “Everyone is asleep by now. Why did you have a lot of takeout.”

“I will eat all by myself, okay?”

Song Ting Yu frowned: “You can finish it all? based on your appetite?”

Su Ran’s appetite is not really big. Although recently she is pregnant, she eats a lot. But she didn’t eat too much.

“Why, is it strange?”

Su Ran said and started to open the box and eat it.

She passed one to Song Ting Yu and left three for her. Song Ting Yu frowned: “Later on don’t ask me to help you eat it.”

Su Ran smiled: “look at me.”

She held her spoon and ate it. Song Ting Yu wanted to take shower first before he ate so he went upstairs first.

When he came down, he noticed that there were two empty bowls on the table!

Su Ran had finished two bowls of porridge. Now she was eating the third one!

Song Ting Yu was surprised and set aside two empty bowls: “You finished these two?!”

This is not Su Ran’s kind of appetite!

“Em.” Su Ran sat down on the carpet: “I said it before, I’m very hungry.”

Song Ting Yu sat down beside her and put his bowl in front of her:”You eat mine too.”

Su Ran finished her last bowl and shook her head: “No, I’m full.”

“Really full?”

“Em, really.”

Song Ting Yu examined her: “Why in the past you couldn’t eat a lot. What happened? Is it because….” He touched her bump: “Is it twins?”

“……” Su Ran patted his hand: “Are you stupid? If it’s twins how can we not find it out during the check up?”

“That’s right.” Song Ting Yu said; “but why are you eat a lot now?”

“How can I know. Maybe I’m just hungry.”

Su Ran didn’t mind him again: “Hurry up eat it. I will take a shower first.” She planned to take shower, then watched TV. She was too full to sleep directly.

When she was about to go upstair, her phone rang. She answered it.

Ding Chen said: “Sis-in-law, are you asleep?”

“No, what is it?” She noticed Ding Chen’s voice was so excited.

“Bai Zhi Rui was caught by Ding Zhen Ye. She was coming home to tidy up her things. But Ding Zhen Ye’s people blocked her out of the door…”

“Where is she now?”

Ding Chen shook her head: “I also don’t know. My people just watched they brought Bai Zhi Rui away. I don’t know where will they take her to. Supposedly they are waiting for Ding Zhen Ye’s instruction. Maybe she will be brought back to Singapore. As for the tormenting, I am not really sure. Anyway, her days will not be easy. I take revenge for myself and you guys!”

“Thank you.” Su Ran smiled.

“No worries. Dealing with that kind of person. We shouldn’t be lenient. Brother Ting Yu taught me.” Ding Chen said: “Okay, Sis-in-law. Nan Zhu is calling me to sleep.”

“……. Then go hurry. Don’t let him wait too long.”

Ding Chen laughed quietly: “Before I noticed he has finished his shower. He is waiting for me on the bed.”

Bai Zhi Rui was brought to Singapore the next day. Ding Zhen Ye also went back to Singapore.

As for what really happened to Bai Zhi Rui, no one really knows.

Today is a weekend. Song Ting Yu wanted to take opportunity of sunny day to take Su Ran and Song Wei Xi out to have fun. Yet when they were ready and wanted to go out. Uncle Wang came over to find them.

Su Ran noticed that Uncle Wang was worried and hurried. She asked Auntie Fang for a glass of water: “Uncle Wang, what happened? Let’s have a sit.”

“Master, Mistress…” Uncle Wang didn’t drink it. He waved his hand: “This morning I visited Madame, her tombstone was smashed.”

This news made Su Ran and Song Ting Yu looked at each other.

“What happened?”

“I am not really sure. I just noticed the tombstone also being smeared with red painting. They tried to find out from the CCTV, but there’s nothing.

Because the cemetery is big so only the outside had a cctv.

“I will look at it.” Song Ting Yu frowned.

Su Ran asked Auntie Fang to take care of Song Wei Xi. She stroked his head: “Wei Xi, Papa Mama will go out for awhile. Next time we will take you to theme park okay.”

Song Wei Xi just listened to it and nodded.

Su Ran immediately said to Song Ting Yu: “let me follow you.”

“Em.” Song Ting Yu held her hand and looked at Uncle Wang: “Uncle Wang, let’s go together.”


They went to the cemetery.

Song Ting Yu parked the car and went to the front of Madame Song’s tombstone.

It was in a mess.

Su Ran frowned and tried to wipe the red mark. But it was useless.

“Was it happened last night?”

“Should be.”

“They used red paint, shouldn’t the guard notice something strange?”

“They didn’t notice it.”

Uncle Wang was furious: “Who was it?”


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