Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 405

Lin Cheng Huan was somewhat helpless: “Okay, let’s not make trouble again. Let’s go. It’s not early anymore. Everyone is going home too. We also go home now.”

Ding Chen nodded and held Lin Cheng Huan’s hand.

Su Ran also felt so tired. The entertainment had ended, they should go home now.

Song Ting Yu hugged her shoulder: “Let’s go home too.”

“But tonight I haven’t eaten anything. I just watched the entertainment. I want to have some food.”

Song Ting Yu pinched her cheek: “Let’s have a take away.”

Song Ting Yu drove the car and took Su Ran to have a take away then drove them back.

The time the car almost arrived home, suddenly there’s someone came to the front of their car.

Song Ting Yu pressed the braked. Su Ran’s body moved forward but she was okay because she put on the seatbelt.

Song Ting Yu asked her worriedly: “Are you okay?”

Su Ran shook her head. She recognized that person. She pointed to the front: “It’s Bai Zhi Rui.”

Song Ting Yu also can see her. He unbuckled his seatbelt and got off. Su Ran also followed him to get off. He stopped her: “Don’t you get off. Just sit down inside the car. Let me see what happened, okay?”

Su Ran nodded. She understood that Song Ting Yu was protecting her.

Song Ting Yu got off and looked at the miserable Bai Zhi Rui stood in front of his car. His face was cold and he said: “You want to die?”

Suddenly she just ran in front of his car, it’s possible that he will knock her down.

Bai Zhi Rui still wore the same evening dress as before. Her white dress was dirty now and crumpled.

Her makeup was ruined completely. She didn’t have time to arrange it.

It’s just Song Ting Yu didn’t really understand why did she came here. Shouldn’t she come to the hospital to look at Ding Zhen Ye’s condition now? After all, she was the one that hit him with the bottle.

Bai Zhi Rui wiped her eyes and looked at the man in front of her. Her voice was full of hatred: “Today is it your doing?”

Song Ting Yu didn’t answer but just asked: “Is it important? You did it by your own. Since you did by your own, is it really important who published it?”

“Song Ting Yu, you are so ruthless! You did that to me!” Bai Zhi Rui pointed at him: “Do you know that you have ruined my everything? You don’t want me, I also can take it. Now with great difficulty I can marry Ding Zhen Ye. But you ruined my life. I just secretly went to the hospital. I know that he is okay. But when he is awake, he should make me suffer. Now I don’t have any money, no status, no position. These all, it’s because of you. Are you happy?”

Song Ting Yu was very calm: “It’s the truth. Bai Zhi Rui, your matter is unrelated to me. I am not interested in your life. You can just live your life happily. But you don’t know what is called “content with one’s place”. What is it? You want a happy life. You also never thought what had you done in the past? You tried to trick me again. This is just a little teaching for you…..”

Song Ting Yu hadn’t finished his words and Bai Zhi Rui just laughed loudly: “Little teaching? This also called little teaching? Song Ting Yu you should know that those photos and video had ruined my everything? I don’t have anything, what should I do in the future?”

“It’s unrelated to me.” Song Ting Yu remembered that Su Ran was hungry. He frowned: “I don’t have time or energy to waste for you! Move away! If not don’t blame me to be modest.”

“Song Ting Yu, you…..!”

Song Ting Yu looked at his watch: “Ding Zhen Ye also not suffers a great injury. There’s should be time. He will wake up soon and ask someone to find you. Now you are wasting your time to question me. Why don’t you come home and tidy up your things. Leave as soon as possible of not Ding Zhen Ye will find you. I’m afraid that you will be in a terrible condition!”

Hearing his words, Bai Zhi Rui’s face paled up. Yet she knew that Song Ting Yu’s words was true.

Song Ting Yu said it and didn’t care about her anymore. He got inside his car and pressed the horn.

Bai Zhi Rui bit her lips and moved away.

Su Ran sat down inside the car and looked at Bai Zhi Rui.

“What did you say to her? How can she leave obediently?”

Song Ting Yu pressed the remote control and opened the door. He parked his car.

“I didn’t really say anything. But I just told her the act. She is afraid the time Ding Zhen Ye wakes up, she will be in trouble. So should she leave quickly?”

Su Ran was silent and said: “Could she run away?”

“Supposedly not.” Song Ting Yu shook his head: “Ding Zhen Ye’s people should look for her now. She couldn’t run away. According to her temper, supposedly she will come home and take her things. She will walk into a trap?”

“You told her to go home?”

Song Ting Yu smiled: “What is the relation between me and her?”

Su Ran didn’t mind about it anymore.

She also didn’t feel pity for her because she looked for it.

If she could be contented with her place before and didn’t do anything, she will not be like this. She dared to provoke Ding Chen then she should get the consequences.

“If Bai Zhi Rui knows Ding Chen’s personality, supposedly that time she will not dare.”

Song Ting Yu smiled and didn’t say anything. He put his car inside the garage.

Song Wei Xi’s teacher will come during the day and at night. Su Ran knew that she is a student, she should be busy with her study too so she gave her a lot of freedoms of time. Su Ran didn’t intervene with Song Wei Xi’s lesson and just let the teacher to arrange it by herself.


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