Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 404

He said it and kept slapping her face.

Bai Zhi Rui was dizzy and called for help. Everyone was watching yet no one dared enough to come forward to help.

She knew that everyone was happy with this kind of entertainment, how can they want to end it?

Moreover, who dared enough to stop Ding Zhen Ye?

Except Song Ting Yu and Ding Chen, those people, but how possible they will try to help her?

Bai Zhi Rui now was really miserable. Her hair was in a mess. She dressed up so beautifully today, but now it’s all ruined. Her face was swollen and wet because of tear. Her lips were paled.

Ding Chen was engrossing in it, she covered her lips: “Bai Zhi Rui’s make up should not be water-proof, how can it all ruined?”

Despite her low voice, everyone can hear her because she was in the crowd. Even Bai Zhi Rui and Ding Zhen Ye can hear her voice.

Bai Zhi Rui didn’t really mind her.

Don’t you think that Ding Zhen Ye is a gentleman like he acted in front of everyone, actually his heart is a perverted, his attitude is also very twisted.

He likes to have a lot of women. On the bed he likes to do tormenting things!

Bai Zhi Rui always be tormented by him!

Bai Zhi Rui felt she was so suffering so she felt unease that she tried to have an affair outside her marriage. To be her comfort.

But now her affair was discovered. She knows that she couldn’t have her position and money anymore. Ding Zhen Ye of course will take all of it from her.

Now she doesn’t have any way out.

She was kicked and punched by him. She didn’t just stay quiet. She took opportunity when he was unfocus and she pushed him away. She stood up and pointed at him. She scolded him: “Ding Zhen Ye, what is your right to talk about me? You also have a pile of women outside. You said that you love me, spoil me. You change women all the time, have you really regard me as your wife? I’m just one of your pet. You are a madness. You are old and you don’t have any strength. Every time before we have s*x you always have some drugs first. Then you will think yourselves to be great!”

“I have had enough of you. Ding Zhen Ye, have you regarded me as woman? Don’t you say it in a good word? I tell you, Ding Zhen Ye, I did all of these because you forced me to do it! Also, I take your money? I’ve been worked extremely hard to serve you for these long. How can you not reward me? I take the money to have an affair, so what? You can have an affair, why I cannot?”

Bai Zhi Rui’s words made everyone started to discuss again.

Ding Zhen Ye’s face completely darken now. He thought that in this situation, Bai Zhi Rui will allow him to do anything he wants. She wouldn’t dare to utter any words, yet unexpectedly she stood up and scolded him!

Ding Zhen Ye wouldn’t take this kind of insult!

His eyes showed a terrifying expression.

He just wanted to kill this woman!

“You are a bitch! Watch how I will kill you later on!”

He suddenly threw himself at her, Bai Zhi Rui was afraid and took steps back to avoid him.

But behind her back was table so she couldn’t retreat. Ding Zhen Ye had came over!

Bai Zhi Rui felt hard to breath. She punched his chest and wanted to run away.

He gripped her neck.

Bai Zhi Rui couldn’t breath.

“It will kill her..” There’s a little voice said.

This was Tian Hai’s group banquet party. Ding Zhen Ye is also Ding Chen’s uncle. If this result in someone’s death, it will be a big news. Upon seeing this, Ding Chen wanted to let her bodyguard to intervene, but suddenly there’s a noise.

Ding Zhen Ye’s forehead was bleeding.

Bai Zhi Rui smashed a bottle of beer at his forehead. She just reached whatever near her on the table. She just wanted to run away from this man so she just took whatever she could reach.

Ding Zhen Ye fell on the ground and someone said: “Killer!”

This time Bai Zhi Rui regained herself and looked at the bottle on her grip. It was bloodied. She was afraid and just retreated few steps and said: “I kill a person, I kill a person..”

She said it then ran away.

Ding Zhen Ye’s bodyguards didn’t expect this to happened because Ding Zhen Ye before didn’t allow them to intervene. They also didn’t think that he will be in danger so they just watched him.

Now Ding Zhen Ye felld own to the ground, all of them moved forward: “Mr Ding.”

Song Ting Yu came toward Ding Zhen Ye’s side and knelt down. He tried to check his breath and looked at his bodyguard: “Call an ambulance.”

The bodyguards nodded and called 120. The ambulance came quickly and brought Ding Zhen Ye away.

This banquet ended to be a farce.

Ding Chen knew that Ding Zhen Ye should be okay, how can he be dead just being knocked out by a bottle?

He wouldn’t die so easily, he must be only fainted!

After Ding Zhen Ye was brought away, Ding Chen shook her head and felt pity: “How can it end this way? I thought it will be longer.”

Song Ting Yu glanced at her: “Don’t forget this is Tian Hai’s group party. By playing this, you’ve made Bai Zhi Rui and Ding Zhen Ye to be the main actor.”

Ding Chen shrugged and smiled. She hugged Lin Cheng Huan: “At first I already planned for them to be the main leads of this party.”

“It’s okay. Wait until he wakes up, there should be the continuity of this event.”

Lin Cheng Huan looked at the excited woman beside him:”Ding Zhen Ye knows that this is your doing.”

Ding Chen nodded and didn’t really care: “So what? His wife has an affair. I just be kind and tell him. If not that time maybe Bai Zhi Rui will transfer all his asset to her possession and he know nothing about it….” She said and felt a bit distressed: “You said that I am wrong? Actually I should let Bai Zhi Rui stay by him side to make him to make great commotion for him. I think it’s better that time he will lose everything. It’s better!”


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