Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 403

Bai Zhi Rui also noticed that. They looked at the back and when she looked at the photos, her face was paled up in a sudden. Her eyes were big and retreated a few steps back.

Ding Zhen Ye also turned his head and his face changed. He looked ruthlessly at Bai Zhi Rui.

Bai Zhi Rui waved her hand and took steps back: “Not me, it’s unrelated to me, it’s really unrelated to me…”

Someone said: “But the photos are clear. It’s you..”

“Right, Mrs Ding. Everyone is not blind. We can recognize it’s you, what’s the point of denying it?”

Hearing everyone’s comments made Bai Zhi Rui’s face be even more pale. She was trembling and shaking. She didn’t dare to look at Ding Zhen Ye’s face. She knows that he will definitely kill her!

Yet after all Ding Zhen Ye is an experienced one. Though he was so angry but he still wanted to keep his face so he tried to calm down his anger and said: “Everyone is not wrong. It’s really my wife, Bai Zhi Rui, but you guys must not know that the man is Bai Zhi Rui’s friend. Zhi Rui always regards him as his brother so it’s not like you guys think…”

He said it then looked at his assistant. He expressed his command for his assistant to handle the screen and put down the photos.

First he wanted to shift everyone’s attention!

Ding Chen of course noticed it, she smiled coldly.

Due to Ding Chen’s good preparation, she also prepared someone to make things hotter.

Now that person hid among the people and said: “Mr Ding, you really love to joke. They both were feeding each other with their mouths. This action is too intimate, is it what brother and sister can do? Also there’s also a photo of Mrs Ding came out from the hotel with that man, how can you deny it? Is it because you can endure it or because you have a good temper? How can you be so calm when you are being cuckold?”

Ding Zhen Ye was angry but he needed to think clearly to know who behind this.

Even thought Ding Chen purposely arranged this but her affair is a fact.

Now his heart was full of emotion, he felt that he will explode soon.

Ding Chen snorted: “You really can endure it. I want to see your good self-control!”

Song Ting Yu raised his eyebrows: “Do you have anything else?”

Ding Chen smiled: “I have a lot. Let’s wait.”

She pointed at the stage. The screen showed another photo.

Bai Zhi Rui was trembling, she almost fell to the ground.

Ding Zhen Ye smiled coldly and didn’t want to care about Bai Zhi Rui first. He said to everyone: “Okay, this is our private matter. I thank everyone’s care and sorry to let you guys to watch this joke. I will handle my wife.”

When he said it, Bai Zhi Rui flee in defeat, yet her eyes were looking at the screen again. Ding Zhen Ye noticed that something was wrong again. He turned his head again to the screen.

Now the screen was playing a video.

It’s the video of their act of feeding each other. Now Ding Zhen Ye was throughly speechless.

The banquet turned in to chaos.

Bai Zhi Rui were kissing and rubbing each other bodies in the video…….

Bai Zhi Rui noticed that Ding Zhen Ye was on the edge. He was holding her hand tight.

Bai Zhi Rui shook her head and cried. Frequently Ding Zhen Ye admired her beautiful face, but now he was disgusted by it.

Bai Zhi Rui knew that Ding Zhen Ye cannot bear it anymore.

She was so afraid that she kept on patting his hand away, she wanted him to let her go. She ran away.

Yet Ding Zhen Ye chased after her and pulled her back. He threw her on the ground.

Bai Zhi Rui was miserable now. She tried to run away, but she fell down again.

Ding Zhen Ye knelt down. His face looked terrifying. He slapped her face: “Bitch. You eat mine, you wear mine, now you dare to use my money to raise another man?! You have that kind of courage?! Do you believe that I can make your life unbearable!”

He said it then slapped her again.

Bai Zhi Rui was drizzled by it. The time she responded her face was swollen and red. She was in pain then she held Ding Zhen Ye’s hand: “Zhen Ye, no, no. I am not doing it in purpose. It’s not like what you think. Believe me. I will not betray you. Really.”

“In this situation, you want to deceive me again? The photos are there, the video. Dammit, you think that you can justify it? I am really stupid to like you? My love makes you dare to have an affair? You dare to cuckold me! This lifetime I, Ding Zhen Ye, most hateful is being deceived! You dare to do this me, watch how I make your life in suffer.”


One Reply to “Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 403”

  1. When she let her greed consume her, she became overconfident .She thought that Ding Zheng Ye was so into her that he would always trust her. The “she” snake bit the “he” snake. Let’s see who gets eaten alive

    Wow! this is what I call entertainment😆


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