Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 398

“It’s very hard to say. If he is illogical, he can go.”

“Then what should we do?” Su Ran frowned. “How can he finish Gu Dong Cheng with just a knife?”

“It’s okay, I already let someone to watch him. They will let us now if something happened. Tian Mi should be able to persuade him….”

Tian Mi nodded: “In the past you also had thought to kill him right like Tang Zi Chu?”

“Yes, that time I felt the same as him. I just thought by killing him, it’s all will be solved…..” Song Ting Yu said it, “but when I calmed down, I think that killing him is to easy for him….”

“He should try the torments he had given us, he should feel the pain…”

Su Ran was silent for a while: “Grandma’s case how is it? Is there any progress?” She knew that recently Song Ting Yu tried to investigate his grandma’s case.

“There’s no progress. We couldn’t find an evidence whether Gu Dong Cheng came or not. That year Grandma stayed at the most top level. The CCTV was purposely ruined by everyone. Supposedly after Gu Dong Cheng did something, he asked everyone to destroy the evidence so we couldn’t find any….”

“What about the young nurse that year?” Su Ran remembered that at the most beginning, there’s a young nurse acted as the witness.

“She is also not really an eyewitness. She just knew that I stayed in the hospital room and knew that I had fight with Pa….”

“Then what about Pa? Couldn’t he prove your innocence?”

Song Ting Yu shook his head: “He left first then I just left after him….”

Now the case is dead end. There’s no progress. That year this case had insufficient evidence so Song Ting Yu is released.

Yet now he wanted to reinvestigate it, but he couldn’t find any evidence to prove Gu Dong Cheng appeared at Madame Song’s sickroom.

Tian Mi was really afraid that Tang Zi Chu will go and look for Gu Dong Cheng so she looked for excuse: “Tonight it’s really late. You can just sleep here, no need to go home.”

Tang Zi Chu nodded. Tian Mi pointed at the room upstairs: “There’s a guest room upstairs. Follow me.”

They both went upstairs and got inside the guest room. Tian Mi opened the wardrobe and took out a new blanket and pillow, she placed it on the bed. There’s also spare toiletries so she also took it out for him: “Okay, you can shower first and sleep. I will also sleep.”

She said it. When she was about to leave, Tang Zi Chu hugged her from behind.

She was startled and wanted to push him away. But he was too strong and didn’t want to let go.

“What is it?”

“Tian Mi, you don’t want me anymore?”

“Now do I deserved you?” Tian Mi said quietly.

“Why you don’t deserve me?” Tang Zi Chu immediately said loudly: “In my heart you are the best. I always feel afraid that you don’t want me anymore so no matter what, please don’t push me away. Let me bear this together with you, okay?”

Tian Mi lowered her head and just sobbed.

At last, she finally nodded.

Tang Zi Chu smiled and hugged her again. He kissed her forehead cautiously.

“It’s late. Go sleep.”

Tang Zi Chu let her go: “Goodnight.”


Tian Mi left the room and helped him close the door. She went back to her room and took shower. After that she brought her blanket and pillow downstairs. She placed it on the sofa and laid down.

She thought that she needed to sleep on the sofa so if Tang Zi Chu left at the midnight, she will know it.

Probably because she was too tired these days so very quickly she fell asleep. She didn’t know that Tang Zi Chu couldn’t fall asleep. After a while, he went downstairs and went to the living room. He carried her up to her room.

He watched her and said: “I will not go. Sleep well.”

He had calmed down and also understood that he doesn’t want Tian Mi to be worry. Of course he also didn’t want to make things easy for Gu Dong Cheng.

If he died easily, it’s too happy for him.

He covered Tian Mi and switched off the light.

The next morning when Tian Mi woke up, she noticed that she was inside the room. She was surprised and lifted up her blanket quickly.

She worried that Tang Zi Chu will go out again so she didn’t even wear her slipper and just go down. Yet she smelled a sweet smell.

The table was full of breakfast dishes. Tang Zi Chu was preparing breakfast.

“You are awake? I went outside to buy some breakfast. Brush your teeth and wash your face and let’s eat.”

“You went out?”

Tang Zi Chu nodded: “but I didn’t look for him, I just bought us breakfast.”

He knew that Tian Mi was worried. She was afraid.

Tian Mi went upstairs and changed her clothes. She also brushed her teeth and washed her face.

She sat down in front of Tang Zi Chu. Tang Zi Chu bought soya milk, steamed stuffed bun, and millet gruel. He said to her: “Eat it all. Yesterday I asked Su Ran. I know that the doctor said that you are not in a good health so don’t you starve yourselves again. Eat more…..”

Tian Mi nodded and started to think.

She wanted recover fast then aborted the kid.

Tang Zi Chu watched her: “In the future I will study well about cooking. Then we don’t need to have take away anymore. I also don’t need to cook only noodle for you.”

“I’m waiting for it to happen. Wait until my Ma go home and I will ask her to teach you.”

Tang Zi Chu smiled: “Okay.”

They didn’t discuss what happened last night, it’s already in the apst.

Tang Zi Chu didn’t expect Tian Mi to do anything. He respected her.

Yet he knows that she wouldn’t give birth to this kid.

Because of Tian Mi’s poor health, Su Ran asked her to take days off and rrest.

Ding Chen also knows about Tian Mi’s condition so this afternoon, she drove to Su Ran’s office and together they went to Tian Mi’s house.

Recently Tian Mi’s mood was getting better. She started to accept the fact.

When Ding Chen and Su Ran left, it’s already in the evening. Ding Chen said: “Sis-in-law, let’s have dinner together.”

Su Ran teased her: “Tonight you don’t have dinner with Cheng Huan?”

“Nan Chu said that he wants to take me home to have dinner in Lin house, I will not go. It’s too awkward.”

Su Ran is used to Ding Chen’s nickname for Lin Cheng Huan.

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