Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 397

He drove his car to Song company’s basement. He looked around and noticed Gu Dong Cheng’s car.

He hadn’t left the company.

Tang Zi Chu’s car hid behind the car and he waited for him. He used his rear-viewed mirror to watch his car.

Tian Mi didn’t allow him to find Gu Dong Cheng because she was afraid that he will act careless.

Yet how can he accept this?

All the things Gu Dong Cheng did to Tian Mi, it’s too easy to just kill him…….

But he didn’t want to let this go…….

How can this shameless man, Gu Dong Cheng, live in this world?

If he doesn’t kill him, he will keep on torturing Tian Mi!

This moment he was holding a fruit knife from Tian Mi’s house. Later on when Gu Dong Cheng passed by, he will just kill him.

Tang Zi Chu was standing behind Gu Dong Cheng’s car and waited for him.

Now it’s late night. Even though Gu Dong Cheng worked over time, but he should come home soon. He will come out soon!

Tang Zi Chu held his breath and waited. Suddenly his fruit knife was seized by someone. He instinctively tried to struggle, but the fruit knife grazed that snatcher’s man.

Tang Zi Chu recognized the man in front of him: “Chief Song!”

Song Ting Yu covered his injured palm and looked at him: “What are you doing here?”


“You are waiting for him and you want to kill him?”

“Gu Dong Cheng is unworthy to live in this world.”

Song Ting Yu said coldly: “But it also not your turn to use this way to finish his life. Is his life worthy to exchange with your life? Put the knife down and leave with me.”

Tang Zi Chu just stood there and unmoved.

Song Ting Yu turned his head to see him: “Why is it? You are not willing? You are not accepting it?”

“Gu Dong Cheng should die tonight!”

“You think that using a fruit knife you can kill her? Follow me out!”

Tang Zi Chu was still unwilling to move. Song Ting Yu looked to the side. Suddenly two men appeared and took the knife from his grip by force. Then they forcefully stuff him inside the car.

“Chief Song, don’t mind me….!” Tang Zi Chu didn’t want to leave. He didn’t want to give up halfway.

The bodyguards passed a handkerchief to Song Ting Yu. Hearing Tang Zi Chu’s words, Song Ting Yu raised his head and looked at him: “Tian MI is waiting for you at home.”

Tang Zi Chu was stiffen: “She knows that I look for Gu Dong Cheng?”

Song Ting Yu nodded.

Finally Tang Zi Chu didn’t struggle again. Very quickly the car stopped in front of Tian Mi’s house. Song Ting Yu got off the car. He pulled Tang Zi Chu out and pressed the bell.

Su Ran opened the door. In a glance, she noticed Song Ting Yu’s palm was bloodied.

“Why are your hand hurt?”

“It’s okay.”Song Ting Yu smiled at her.

Su Ran asked one of the bodyguard to help buy some medicines back. She pulled him inside and treated.

The wound was quite deep and she could see the flesh.

Tang Zi Chu followed them and noticed Tian Mi was sitting down on the sofa. He pursed his lips and said nothing.

Tian Mi watched him for a while. Her eyes were swollen and red. Suddenly she stood up and moved closer to him. She slapped him once.

Song Ting Yu and Su Ran were surprised. They looked at them.

Tian Mi stood in front of him: “You promised me to not look fo Gu Dong Cheng.”

Tang Zi Chu kept on being silent.

He promised her, but he really didn’t want her to be hurt anymore.

Finishing him, then it’s all will be done. Tian Mi’s life can be peaceful again.

Tian Mi clutched his collar and looked at his eyes: “Speak out. Why don’t you say anything?”

Tang Zi Chu finally said: “What should I say?”

“You said that you will not act carelessly, you will not find Gu Dong Cheng!”

Tang Zi Chu was silent.

Tian Mi glared at hiM: “You still want to find him? Is it meant that if they didn’t find you, you will act carelessly?”

“I don’t think that is careless!”

“Tang Zi Chu!” Tian Mi yelled: “Have you ever think that if you kill Gu Dong Cheng, then what about me? Do you want me to have guilt toward you forever?”

Tang Zi Chu didn’t think about it: “Tian Mi…”

Tian Mi wiped her tears and let go: “If you act recklessly anymore, I will not mind you anymore. If you do anything carelessly, then it means that you are forcing me to return my life to you!”

Tian Mi’s words intimidated Tang Zi Chu. After a while, he said: “Sorry, I will not do it again!”

Tian Mi didn’t say anything and just nodded.

Su Ran was treating Song Ting Yu’s wound. She looked eyes to eyes to him and smiled. Tang Zi Chu promises to not act carelessly, they can relieve for now.

Actually Song Ting Yu could understand Tang Zi Chu’s thought and method because in the beginning he felt the same thing when Gu Dong Cheng tried humiliate Su Ran. He also wanted to kill him.

That time if Su Ran didn’t appear on time, he will kill him definitely.

After all that time he felt heartbreak for her.

Tang Zi Chu also isn’t someone that is emotional. But what happened to Tian Mi was unbearable for him so he had that kind of thought……

If Song Ting Yu arrived there too late, supposedly something bad will happen.

Su Ran was done with treating Song Ting Yu, she stood up: “Tian Mi, Zi Chu, we both will go back first. Wei Xi is alone at home. I am afraid that he will wake up. Zi Chu, listen to Tian Mi. Don’t find Gu Dong Cheng again….”


Tang Zi Chu nodded.

Su Ran held Song Ting Yu’s arm and left. Before they left, Song Ting Yu asked one of the bodyguard to leave and watch Tang Zi Chu. He asked him to call him if something happened.

Because Song Ting Yu’s palm was injured so Su Ran was the one that drove: “Tang Zi Chu shouldn’t look again for Gu Dong Cheng.”

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