Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 395

Tang Zi Chu didn’t expect that Song Ting Yu will ask that kind of question, he was startled by it and nodded: “Really.”

“No matter what happened you will love her?”

“Of course.” Tang Zi Chu distinctly felt something was wrong. It’s weird that Song Ting Yu can say something like that to her. Moreover, now Tian Mi’s attitudes and responses toward him were strange. It let him be curious: “Chief Song, do you know anything?”

Song Ting Yu didn’t continue: “I give you a half day off. You can do whatever you want to do.”

“Thank you, Chief Song.”

Tang Zi Chu said it and left quickly. He went back to tidy up his staff and took his car key to go.

Today was not weekend. Tian Mi should be in dancing studio.

These days she always said short sentences and she will find a way to hung up.

Tang Zi Chu wanted to personally find her and ask whether Gu Dong Cheng is blackmailing her?

So she will hide and avoid him because she is afraid that he will be hurt ?!

In the past, he had said that he is not afraid of him, yet he doesn’t want Tian Mi to feel difficult. He knows that Gu Dong Cheng is an abnormal so he agrees to reduce their meeting frequency.

That time they were still in good relationship that they called each other and chatted. She was happy. But this period of time she was not.

Tang Zi Chu should know the reason behind this.

He wanted to know as he couldn’t accept that Tian Mi was hiding from him.

For preventing Tian Mi to hide from him, so this time he didn’t tell her that he was looking for her. He just drove straight to her office.

Yet when he was there, everyone said that she didn’t come work today.

Su Ran this time went to have a pregnancy check-up. Then where’s Tian Mi? What’s she doing?

Tang Zi Chu was worried that she was unwell so he drove to her house.

After retiring, both Tian Mi’s parents felt so bored so two weeks ago, they already went abroad to travel. This time they will travel for a month. Before they went away, they asked Tang Zi Chu to visit Tian Mi frequently.

There’s no one in the house. Tang Zi Chu was worried about her condition, worried that there’s no one to take care of her.

This time he arrived at the house, he met Su Ran.

Su Ran looked at Tang Zi Chu and said confusedly: “Zi Chu, why are you here?”

“I come to see her. Why are you guys together?” He remembered that Su Ran supposed to have a pregnancy check up. Song Ting Yu also asked for a half day off for accompanying her.

“After the check up. I asked Tian Mi out to stroll around.” Su Ran just looked for a convenient excuse.

Tang Zi Chu nodded. Tian Mi didn’t say anything and didn’t even look at him.

He felt something wrong with her.

This time Su Ran said: “Then I will go first.”

“Ran Ran….” Tian Mi called her. Now she didn’t to face Tang Zi Chu.

Su Ran knew her meaning but sometimes they should solve it. It’s not a good way or solution for Tian Mi to keep on avoiding him…..

Moreover, Tang Zi Chu felt something was off that he came to look for her.

The more she avoided him, then Tang Zi Chu will feel strange about it!

Su Ran took a taxi home.

Tang Zi Chu came over and stopped in front of her: “Recently you are avoiding me?”


“Don’t lie to me. I know everything. You are avoiding me, is it because of Gu Dong Cheng? What did he say? We can meet rarely because I don’t want to make things difficult for you. But could you not hang up my call?” Tang Zi Chu asked cautiously.

“Is there anything more? If there’s nothing….”

She hadn’t finished it and Tang Zi Chu just cut her off: “Look at you, I even haven’t say anything more than two sentences, and you are rushing to kick me out, is it not the act of avoiding me?”

He said it then extended his hand to feel her temperature: “You are not looking good, are you okay? Have you eaten something? Let’s get in, let me cook noddle for you?”

This time Tang Zi Chu didn’t give her any chance to protest. He took the key from her and opened the door. He just got inside.

Tian Mi got in. He already changed his shoes and got in the kitchen: “Sit down first. I will cook quickly.”

Tian Mi didn’t sit down on the sofa. She just stood in front of the kitchen door and watched him.

“There’s still dumplings inside the refrigerator? What do you want noodle or dumpling?” Tang Zi Chu asked.


“Okay, I will boil it.” Tang Zi Chu smiled.

“Do you want anything else?” Tang Zi Chu asked again.

Tian Mi stood there and shook her head: “It’s enough.”

“Then just wait for me outside. Sit down. It will be done soon.”


Tian Mi was just about to turn her body and yet she suddenly heard a sound. She noticed that the knife fell down to the ground. His finger was bleeding.

“How can you be so careless?” Tian Mi was busy and got inside. She checked his fingers.

When she wanted to go and take a medicine box, she didn’t expect Tang Zi Chu to hug her.

She was startled: “What are you doing?”

“Tian Mi, you are worrying about me, right.”

“You still talk of this in this time.” She pushed him and held his hand out of the kitchen to the living room: “Sit down here first, wait for me.”

She said it and looked for her mother’s medicine kit. She thought that Tang Zi Chu also is not an expert in kitchen. Yet during her parent’s travel, from time to time he always comes to cook for even it’s only simple noodle or dumpling. He used Baidu to search about the recipe.

She rubbed her nose and finally found the first aid kit. She noticed there’s no band-aid.

At first she wanted to buy but suddenly she remembered she had several band-aids in her bag.

She thought about it and came to the living room. She found her bag and threw all of things outof her bag.

When she found it, she raised her head.

Tang Zi Chu took her check-up result from the doctor this morning and looked at it.

Tang Zi Chu was stiffen and looked at her. He asked: “You are pregnant?”


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